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Kid Reign & Poetry: Starting with the Monorhyme

I like literature. Poetry opens my mind. Lyrics are a rhythm for me to move along to during the day. I'm a lyricist for Gudda Boi Classics.

A Black and White Warbler in Purple Plains

A Black and White Warbler

I saw its border

With flight, they saw the purple

In plains

They were a burglar.

A robe that's violet

Among nails; violent.

Lightning strikes

At night.

Wise sold a robe

To the globe

A robe their passionate about

That robe is stolen without.

It pierced their soul

Their self control

Remained stern

Now healed of burns

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Monorhyme: A Black and White Warbler



Don't be easily convinced

Read into it finch.

That's a bird in a tree

call it absurd what you see.

I have to understand.

With wisdom is a plan.

My dough, roller, milk and pan.

After my biscuit I will rest.

I may dream about a chest.

7 days of treasure.

On the 7th I found pleasure.

I ran to 3rd base.

One to go, won't debased.

I saved up me my courage.

After sunshine was no worry.

The poet frees my mind.

The port receives my grind.

The admirer receives my shine

A Monorhyme


More Monorhymes

Speed up it's chilly

R&B won't attract Billy?

Slow jams with wrap a million

Slithering machine; a chameleon.

Buffalo Bills get busy.

Did you ever dance to get silly.

In 2009, I heard A Milli

It inspired to go sale one million.

Are you getting what you deserve.

Punctuation on papers served.

Coffee self served

At a job in the suburbs.

Keep working the flow

You will flow to the glow.

You will be satisfied.

Don't quit completely when your tired.

A Monorhyme


Do you have more Monorhymes?

Do you have more Monorhymes?

Seek your mind

Seek your heart

Manifest your art

I'm not writing arabic.

Do you understand arabic?

Do you watch Netflix?

At a fly, would you flick?

They would not hurt a fly

They are polite.

They won't speak up

When their beat up

When they are cheated

They're self defeated

They won't speak up

When their beat up

A Monorhyme


A Short Story: A Game of Proof

This guy named A wanted a 1. That 1 equaled up to 1 monorhyme. A felt like his A wasn't enough. He wanted to make a name for himself by proving that he could earn one new letter to his name each time he wrote a Monorhyme.

A earned 1 m to his name when he wrote this Monorhyme.

I can because I know how

I can teach what I know now.

Am now earned an M to his A after his first Monorhyme. After 5 more Monorhymes he earned an a, z, I, n, g. What is Am's name now?

I'm Jolly by Kid Reign featuring Da Baker (Gudda Boi Classics Records)

The Ghetto by Da Baker (Gudda Boi Classics Records)

Remember what a Monorhyme is

A Monorhyme (AAAA) is an identical rhyme on every line known as a stanza in poetry.

Did you master the Monorhyme?

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. What is a Monorhyme?
    • AAAA
    • BCFD
  2. I included how many birds?
    • 1
    • 2
  3. I included what Birds?
    • Black and White Warbler and a Finch
    • Warbler
    • Finch
    • Black bird
  4. What is Am's name now?
    • Zinghjk
    • Darlington
    • Amazing
    • Singalong

Answer Key

  1. AAAA
  2. 2
  3. Black and White Warbler and a Finch
  4. Amazing

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