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Karina Chapter Two

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A writer who writes through her imagination and inspiration.

We were all born a mushroom?

Have you ever wonder who are you actually are?

Have you ever wonder who are you actually are?

I'm Karina

I'm Karina. I'm 22 years old. I was born in 2000. I have parents but they are all men. Matt and Boggs.

I'm a creature that was born from a mushroom. My parents took me and fed my mother with a giant purple mushroom. Then she was pregnant with me.

All the women in the city are desperate to be a mother so they ate the mushroom frequently. At last, all Vanilla Villa City people were fed with the giant purple mushroom, not knowing of its poisonous era.

The air is so poisonous that it affects the people mind. Some attribute it to the frequent consumtion of a mushroom.

Nobody knows where did the mushroom originated. The mushroom gradually dissappears because people ate it everyday for 22 years.

Everybody becomes so filled with greed, craving for power, selfishness.

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