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Karina Chapter One

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A writer who writes through her imagination and inspiration.

The One Thing That I've Always Wanted

The enchantress

The enchantress

Dumb And Dumber

“What? I must be the crazy one in here. Was it just a dream? I dreamt of a monster with tentacles. The tentacles are stabbing him. Thank God, it’s just a dream. “- Karina.

“Karina, dear, please come down. Breakfast is ready!”-Dumbest.

Dumbest Bellow along with her husband Drumbeats Bellow, own the Vanilla And Chocolate Corporation. They are the wealthiest people could ever live in the Vanilla Villa City.

They produce many different kind of food including vanilla mixed with chocolate shoes. As the advertising goes “Drumbeats bids the best bid”, they sell many edibles.

Karina, the girl with a purple hair is the daughter of the Vanilla And Chocolate Corporation.

She was born in the year 2000. She likes to sing and dance greatly.

“It’s fine mom. I’m going out for a walk. I’ll be home at night”-Karina.

“Well then be safe dear. Call me!”-Dumbest.

She is walking along the 100th street of Villa Vanilla Street in Vanilla Villa City. As she is just passing by the conjunction, she sees a man is arguing to a woman.

“You’re the one who’s not listening to me at all! Shut your mouth and start to obey right now!”-Dumb.

“You always have everything! Why can’t I have just this one thing”-Dumber.

“Are you crazy? You’re the one that need to shut your mouth.”-Dumb.

Why are they fighting so bitterly? Is it something that has to do with the food that they’re eating? -Karina’s thought.

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“Come one Dumber. We’re late to go to work!”-Dumb.

“If that’s the case, then we should take the train”-Dumber.

“No, you idiot! we must take a cab to go to the Vanilla And Chocolate Corporation. The Bellows are going to be mad that we’re late!”-Dumb.

What? Both of them are idiot. They could just take the bicycle. They’ll be there in 45 minutes. If they take the cab, the cab is in traffic. They won’t make it in time -Karina’s thought.

“Hello! “-Karina says hello to both of them.

“We don’t need any”-Dumber.

Both of them stop talking. It’s like they are being enchanted by the enchantress.

“I think you two should take the bicycle. If you take the cab, you’ll definitely be late as there is a traffic jam in the city”-Karina.

“Anything you say. Miss, may I know your name please?”-Dumb.

“My name is Karina Bellow.”-Karina.

“Karina! What a lovely name just like the person!”-Dumber.

Something is wrong. Their eyes dilate. It’s almost as if they’re under a spell. Something is weird about this – Karina’s thought.

Suddenly her purple hair starts to sprinkle some dust. Purple dust are everywhere.

“I better get going”-Karina.

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