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Kane and Abel

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The book is a story about two people with different destinies. They have nothing in common except that they were born at the same time (April 18, 1906) and have a determination to achieve success in life. William Lowell Kane was a strong and wealthy man while Abel Rosnovski (originally Wladek Koskiewicz) was a native of Poland who struggled from birth and grew up with the poor. The lives of these two people have gone through many ups and downs, events to finally realize each other's existence.

“Kane and Abel” transforms through Archer's pen

Jeffrey Archer captivated the reader, “Kane and Abel'' with a true life-record story, narrated by a brilliantly transformed narrator. He recounted events sequentially, each page showing the story of two strangers. Life events follow each other almost in a continuous flow, causing the reader to encounter a different kind of magic - the urge of curiosity, wanting to know more, wanting to follow, it is a feeling whose mind was soberly awake in joy.

Every step of the two people's lives - when they grew up, when they were old, when they were sad, when they were happy, the writer gave them matching sentences, sometimes containing a witty smile, sometimes a voice. sigh or bitter tears. Archer amazed readers with his understanding of psychological processes.

In “Kane and Abel” there are many loves, but no love is the same, although the “processes” appear to be similar. The writer carefully chooses details and words to create a love of all shapes and sizes: from the love of the nobility to the love of immigrants, from the innocent love of a young couple to the one with profiteering and orgy – something closer to “sex” than “love. For readers from other cultures where love is strictly conceived, “Kane and Abel” opens up a new and rich horizon. Like Haruki Murakami's "Norwegian Wood", the book prompts the readers to feel and think about the humanity of sex, primordial love.

The way Archer tells business stories and stories of getting rich in the lives of the two main characters also brings a lot of excitement to the reader. From young William's matchstick trades and "ghost stock" investments to navigating the bank through the economic crisis, to Abel's process of recovering from 12 loss-making hotels into a brand With 70 hotels around the world, readers anxiously follow every step of these two people with extraordinary will and energy. The tension is sometimes suffocating due to the methods described by the author. Reading "Kane and Abel", the readers understand a little more about the entrepreneurs, thereby respecting and admiring them. Sometimes they succeed, sometimes they fail, the only thing that doesn't change about them is never losing faith in themselves and never allowing themselves to be satisfied.

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It can be said that the biggest factor that governs the novel style is the parallel structure. Its name says it all: “Kane and Abel“ – banker and hotelier, one American and one Polish.

Kane and Abel , Circle of Destiny

The lives of the two main characters in "Kane and Abel" go hand in hand, but they don't know it. From the day they were both born, one in Boston and the other in Slonim. When their life paths intersect, their fates depend on each other, then they become enemies, each just wants the other to die without knowing that they owe it to their salvation each other's life.

When William died, it could be said that he understood it all, thanks to the silver bracelet. But did Abel know that the bandaged colonel he tried to save during the war was William? "Different understanding" - an element of dramatic art where each character knows these facts and not others - is successfully used by Archer to create interesting doubts not only for the character but also for readers. No matter what, when the story of two lives ended, the two people also recognized each other, understood each other. The last glance they met briefly in the cold winter night, though neither of them said a word, believed that it was the look of forgiveness and understanding.

Two children pulled them together. Two arrogant old men both hide from everyone, only to find themselves so alike before the cold, before time, before the end of life, as if only they can share it with each other . This is a dramatic ending that Archer chose to end "Kane and Abel", two parallel fates.

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