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Kamala Harris Celebrates Heroes With Her Memoir in Delightful Picture Book for Young Readers

Cindy Hewitt is a retired teacher with a passion for children's literature. Read-aloud stories add quality to a child's life experiences.

Delightful Memoir of Kamala Harris for Young Readers

Delightful memoir of our recently elected Vice-President for young readers

Delightful memoir of our recently elected Vice-President for young readers

Delightful Memoir of Vice-President Kamala Harris for Young Readers

Black history is an ongoing topic for all ages and books for young readers that celebrate African-Americans who have made special or unique contributions to our country are important tools to teach young children about black history.

Kamala Harris is a notable African-American that young children will certainly be aware of now as she was recently elected as our new Vice-President. Her memoir, written in a delightful picture book with photos of her life, will be a special addition to your child's library. Teachers who teach young children will want to add this book to their classroom library.

Kamala believes that heroes are all around in our lives. Her memoir title Superheroes Are Everywhere celebrates the people in her life as a child and into her teenage years that she thought of as heroes. Kamala's mom was a special hero to her. She writes that her mom encouraged her to try hard and to believe that she could do anything in the world. Kamala's sister was a hero that she could always count on. She and her sister had many exciting adventures. Her dad encouraged her to be brave. She includes a page that celebrates her Indian grandfather and her grandparents in Jamaica as heroes in her life. Teachers, neighbors, and best friends were also heroes in Kamala's life. She concludes with some names that she looked up to as she pursued her career as an attorney. She writes that she discovered that there were some amazing kids who were heroes making the world a better place after she became a senator.

A timeline of her life is included along with photos of her childhood and later career. Vice-President Harris encourages young readers to find and celebrate the heroes in their life.

Mechal Renee Roe contributed her talents as an illustrator for Harris's memoir. Superheroes Are Everywhere was published by Philomel Books, a division of Penguin Random House. It is recommended for ages 5-8 and has an ISBN of 978-1-984-83749-3.

Photos of Harris's Life and Colorful Illustrations Contribute to this Memoir

Photos of Kamala's life

Photos of Kamala's life

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Timeline of Harris's life included

Timeline of Harris's life included

Bring Our New Vice-President's Delightful Memoir for Young readers Into The Classroom

Picture books were always my go-to tool for young children in my classroom for teaching a variety of subjects. Black history is always celebrated in February in many classrooms. There is a wealth of picture books for teaching black history to young children and now Vice-President Kamala Harris's memoir can be added to a classroom library for young children.

*Read Superheroes Are Everywhere in a story time session. Bring a collection of news articles and pictures of the inauguration to share with the children.

*Engage the children in a discussion about each page as Kamala shares that her mom, dad, grandparents, best friends, and neighbors were all heroes during her childhood. She invites the children to share their heroes with a question at the end of each page.

*She includes "A Hero's Code" at the end of her memoir. Engage the children in a discussion of the ideas that this code incorporates. Teachers can write as the children dictate their ideas about the code.

*Offer an activity for the children to draw pictures of their own heroes.

*Give children the opportunity to collect current news about events that Vice-President Harris will participate in during this administration.

*Call attention to the African-Americans who Harris looked up to as she became a lawyer. Bring in a collection of picture books about these people.

*Who are the heroes in the town that your students look up to? Create a chart for the classroom about heroes in your town or state.

*Invite speakers from your school or town who the children consider to be heroes. It would be a good idea to include some African-American citizens of your town or school to speak to the students.

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