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Just Me and My Angel and Love Lives Here

Just me and my angel and love lives here no worries we got each other.

Just me and my angel and love lives here


The love I have for you is beautiful the love I have for you is warm the love I have for you is greater than the world and everything in it you are my life you are my world my best friend that I know will be there for me through the thick and thin blood is thicker than water and that explains what you mean to me I remember when I got you when you were a baby and I held you in my arms with nothing but love we have each other's back in your also my protector I can count on you to fight with me not to run out and leave me you know when I'm happy you know when I'm sad that's how connected we are we can feel each other's vibes positive and negative energies if I lost you I would feel lost and I know if you couldn't find me you would be lost when I come home from work you jump right into my arms and the love is there also with the excitement and with me feeling the same way because you were the only thing that I was thinking about all day angel I love you my best friend I wrote this for you.

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