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Just Imagine What If ?

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Reverse Incarnation: Just a fictional idea or is there perhaps a chance it has happened?


Let us imagine all of the what if's that might occur, If we were given a chance to be young again.

Just imagine with me

for a few moments

a what if, that we've all

at one time or another

talked about.

Let's take it beyond

the realm of fantasy

and make it a reality.

What If you were

being pulled into the

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shroud of death's grip

at the end of your

four score and seven

or so.

What if it did not end there

but you suddenly found

yourself waking up in

the flesh of a 10 year old.

Skin that you had been

most comfortable with

over 67 years ago.

In a familiar bed that

you had spent seven

years in. In a room full of

your childhood mementos

that were at that precise

time brand new and

left exactly where you had

placed them.

Fond items that years

ago had been sent off

to a local landfill or sold

in a garage sale after

you went off to college.

What if it was seven a.m.

and you had to get ready

again for school? Sixth

grade classes awaiting

your arrival for another

educational day in

your new young life.

Your Mom's patient

voice calling you

to get up and get ready

and the smell of bacon

and eggs and toast

wafting into your room.

Not reincarnation where

you come back as a baby,

a lizard or a cow, but

more of a reverse incarnation

where you come back

to a point in time when you

were still growing up.

Now imagine that as you

climbed out of our bed

you realized that you could

remember everything you

learned and did in your

previous life before your

sad departure. Imagine

that you had been returned

as a post adult in a child's


All of your wrinkles, saggy skin

and grey hair gone plus your

body filled with an

adolescents energy and

strength. Just imagine what

a tremendous new life

you could have by working

off of all off the knowledge

of your past life.

Of course you might want

to keep that history secret

lest your parents freak out

or the kids at school look

at you like you are a freak.

but wow, what fantastic new

days you would enjoy.

All of the lessons at school

would be a bit boring

but you would ace all of the

tests with straight A's

unlike you C's and B's and

a few F's in your previous

childhood. If you played

sports you would excel

with all of your adult wisdom

and all of the practice makes

perfect skills from your sport

successes years before.

You would know just

what to wear and how to fit

in to all of the cruel cliques

that used to ignore you.

You would not be shy or

awkward in any

of your social graces

because you had learned

how to outgrow all that.

It would seem to others

as if you had blossomed

suddenly Into a far more

interesting and cool person.

You would have the

abilities to create

things that had not yet

been invented.

All of the tedious

tasks that a child must

muddle through to you

would be a breeze.

You most likely would

wind up as the most

Popular guy at your school

and among your friends. Your

parents would be so proud

of the changes that you

had made in your life

so quickly. All the mistakes

and stupid things you did

in your other child world

would not happen. Instead

you would get everything

right all of the time.

As you grew you would

be ready to accomplish

all the things you struggled

with. Driving a car, no problem..

Wooing a girl and asking

her out on a date, Easy, peasy

as pie.Dancing would be a

natural gift rather then you

looking like a spastic,

toothpick in heat.

Jobs of any kind would

be second nature to you

because you did so many

jobs for so many years before.

You could be a true master

at sexual encounters earning

a reputation as a skilled lover

that many women would be

eager to meet. You would avoid

all of the vices of your past

life especially the one that

helped kill you last time.

You might even extend your

new life with your knowledge

of healthy eating and

exercise and lifestyle.

You could most certainly be rich

with your vast knowledge

of sports scores that had yet

to be put in the books

and stock market buys

that you knew would succeed

In enlarging your bank accounts.

You might become a hero

simply because you had to

perform a Heimlich on a

choking person long before

it was even thought of.

Your method would be written

up with your name in place

of Heimlich. Just imagine

that. If you really were a

humane person you could stop

the occurences of tragedies.

But you would want ot be

very careful with this because

of what it might do to the

balance of time. Plus many

law enforcement people

would start to wonder how

you knew about such crimes

or accidents before they

even happened. I think I would

just chance it and save as

many folks as I could by just

telling all those who question

me that I am psychic. You

could at least coax your

siblings, friends and parents

from doing anything like

they did in your last life

that caused them harm or

death. They may not believe

you or have faith in what you

think they shoud do at first,

but after a few mishaps or

a death they would all

start paying attention

to your strange predictions.

You could be a rock star if you

wanted to, by writing and

singing, if you do sing, songs

that had not been written yet

that went platininum.

Of course

this would be a whole

new form of plagerism,

but who would know

except you. You could

present stories that

had not yet been written

into best sellers or offer

ideas on scripts for movies

that had earned oscars

in your past life just on

your knowledge of what

you had read or saw

at the cinema.

Your marriage could be

flawless and always happy

because you would avoid

all of the things you did

previously to drive your

wife crazy.

The world would be

your oyster to suckle as you

pleased. There are so many

other ways you could

benefit, far too many to

list here. But I was hoping to

simply stir your imagination

with this magical reverse

incarnation article that I

have posted here. I do believe

that when we die and if we

earn a heavenly place to dwell

in, we will all become young again,

like children in adult bodies.

We will laugh and play and

be filled with incredible

energy like we never knew

on earth. And we will never age

again. It is such a godawful

process. So perhaps this might

be the only form of Reverse

incarnation and perhaps I will

be allowed to be a part of such

a conception when I exit

from my aging shell. I will

certainly let you, my readers know

on the flipside when you arrive

to your own heavenly rewards

that I was in someway at least

partially right in this article

I wrote. But for now thanks for

just imagining with me all

of the what if's in my theory

of reverse incarnation.

And by way have as great a

life as you can now, because

death does not offer the kind

of fiction like I have penned here.

"But a boy can dream.....can't he?"

© 2022 Matthew Frederick Blowers III

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