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A Prom Night Mystery - Saving an Old Friend, From a Bad Habit, When He Was Most Vulnerable.

Christofer spent 10 years in family counseling. Later he obtained a Psy. D.. His focuses: Health, History, Astrology, Politics and Fables

“I Kind of Feel Obligated to go to the Prom with Beau Percival.”

Caroline Gets her Driver’s License. Bad Boy Beau invites her to Prom Night. Julie, her best friend warns her away from accepting. “Beau is cocky rich."

The day she gets her Driver’s License, she shows it at Dinner. Her Mother grinned. “Remember, this is a responsibility you will have for the rest of your life.”

“I could just go in the Ford. I was going to take Julie, but she said no, because she felt sick.”

"I’ve been writing papers for him and making extra money. I kind of feel obligated to go. His Dad is helping him with getting into an Ivy League Law School next year. He says he only drinks zero percent beer. Alright Momma, Julie said she does not think I should go out with him. But.”

Mom relented. “OK, go ahead, and get home at a decent hour. Your Dad said OK, that Beau Percival was taking you. Dad was certain of his sentiments about a brand new Driver, in his daughter, on a night like this. He said, "Percival's Dad is a lawyer. She should be safe, right?”

Later, Dad showed up for a coffee and desert, after handling a cell phone call; listening in. “Is his son a spoiled rebel, like Percival was when we were young? Percival wasn’t much in high school, but he did like the women! That bothers me. You watch him tonight.” Neither Mom nor Dad were terribly pleased.

“Zero Percent Beer, and No Tickets in a Year.”

“Caroline explained. He says he drinks Zero Percent Beer. I’ve been making money helping him with his writing. He says he hasn’t gotten a ticket in a year.”

“How much money have you been making off this rich boy? Is this legit?” He did not really want to talk about this new news tonight.

“Look, I’m done with that. I kind of feel obligated, because of the business end. We are not romantic or anything. He’s going to show up in his classic, fully restored Pontiac GTO and we’re goin’ to the Prom!” She wrinkled her nose and kissed him on the cheek. "I'm not going to be driving that tonight. But don't you worry, I've been drivin' standard shift for years on Uncle Thaddeus' farm." She folded her arms with a certain will and a confident look her father knew well.

“You’re too smart for words, you got your beauty from your Mom…but always stay edgy like your Dad.” He got a little misty and kissed her.

Sweet Caroline - Good Times Never Seemed So Good.


“You Have to Wonder About Beau Percival .”

Julie showed up with a tear in her eyes. She was driving her old Ford Torino.

Julie said hello to Caroline’s parents, but Julie led Caroline back for a seat in the truck. Caroline was outgoing and full of zest, what her Dad called “Edgy”. Julie was quiet and a little timid. However, they were fast friends, and had been so for years. Caroline was inherently protective, but she was about to hear something she did not know about.

Caroline you know I am against you going out tonight with Beau. I told you he was aggressive and uncaring. “You called him an ass.” Caroline contributed quickly.

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This is a secret. But I want you to know this. I am not going to take up time and cry. So, just know this is the total truth. Because I am worried for you.”

Beer and Cherry Coke Chasers – “I Have an Idea!”

Caroline leaned forward and held Julie’s hand. “Go.” Caroline felt an urgency in Julie’s Voice. Beau, on a night like this is already high on Vodka. Of course, he'll say he's not. He talks about zero percent beer. He loves talking about that. His special treat is what he calls his Cherry Coke. Its in a cooler. He forced a drink of the zero percent on me. He feels good and innocent. Well, I hated the taste and rejected it. “I just don’t like beer. So, he pours me a big drink of his Cherry Coke. It tasted extra sweet and funny, but I drank two of them, and then a third..”

“Oh God.” Caroline was clenching her teeth.

“He pushed himself on me. I’m won't skip the stuff that’s gonna make you mad. I thought I was in love with him. I thought we had a future. I thought we were in love. But I got pregnant. I got an abortion as fast as I could. It set me back, but I’m getting better. The point is---you have to wonder about him. I know you have this writing job, and he’s been halfway polite. But watch out for that Cherry Coke!”

They both cried quietly. Recovering quickly, Caroline wiped her friends tears and held her face. “I have an idea.”

"Pretend We're Charlie's Angels"

I just got my Driver's License, so we play this straight. Beau doesn't know I have been driving standard on my Uncle's Farm since I was 12.

We'll be out on Highway 50. Parked under a lonely highway overhead light I'll be drinking the nonalcoholic Beer. And he'll be sucking down his "Cherry Coke's" that I'm supposed to be innocently drinking, but not innocent or stupid. She knew she offended Julie. "Sorry Julie. You're smarter than that now."

Guys try to hold that first urination. Cause they know once they go they have to keep on going. Anyway, I'll tell him to go. He'll go under a bunch of trees, and I'll jump into the Driver's Seat. Peel out. Do a Figure Eight in the gravel and dust until he runs out zippin' up."

Julie was getting the picture. I pull up in my Torino, because I have been following from a ways off. I stop to pick you up. And I listen:

Caroline yells into the air like Sally Fields at a union hall.

"Percival, I been driving standard since I was 12. I don't like the way your GTO downshifts into second. Everybody knows about your Cherry Coke. And don't be one of those high school graduates that .hangs around lookin at the new freshman and sophomore girls! Now, Mr. Percival, I am going to park that handsome sexy fully- restored GTO back in them there trees, out of sight, while you get in the back of Julie's Torino. And we will drive you home!"

Julie and Caroline slap hands and laugh. And that's the plan. And that's the way it happened.

© 2020 Christofer French

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