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Jokes on Marriage Especially in Asia

Something that makes for fun or laughter, especially a funny punch line story is called a joke

Joke :

Said or did something to provoke laughter. Specifically: A short oral narrative with a narrative twist. A joke is a short, humorous piece of oral literature in which the fun ends with the last sentence, called a punchline.

Statement of the Problem due to jokes

Most of the time, jokes are considered personal attacks on one's personal life or personal status. It's just a lack of knowledge of humor and humor and a lack of sense of humor. Some egotistical people call a joke an insult and react to it as if someone had set it on fire. This research has been taken to analyze the jokes of married life because the jokes on marriage are annoying most women because we have all seen the problems of our society like women March etc. Women have started thinking that They are getting lost because of them. On her married life and her husband's restrictions. The purpose of this research is to find the main idea of ​​the comedian and author on whom he wants to impose his joke.

Questions about Article

  • ⦁ How to understand a joke?
  • ⦁ How a Marriage Joke disturbs the life of a wife or a husband?
  • ⦁ What type of Problems are faced by men and women after getting married?
  • ⦁ Why humor is important in understanding jokes?
  • ⦁ How comedy and humor are created by the writer in-jokes?
  • ⦁ How visual jokes make people laugh without saying anything?

Analysis of the Joke

Phonological and Syntactic Level :

This joke doesn’t say anything. It is just a comparison of two pictures. First Picture shows the first year of married life. In this picture, we can see that the Husband and Wife are sleeping on the bed together and both of them are happy. It shows that every couple lives happily after marriage.
But the whole story Swaps after taking a look at the second picture. It shows that both are sleeping but not on the same Bed. The wife is sleeping on the bed and the Husband is sleeping on the floor. The wife seems careless while sleeping and looks fat. Where Husband on the other hand looks depressed and angry because he can’t sleep on the floor.

Socio-Linguistic Level:

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This joke is a visual joke without using any language or expressions it creates humor. It is not true by the way Wives are not cruel but some Husbands are. It is only to make the audience laugh and to tease wives and females. It is used to show the current situations of Married men in Pakistan. But it doesn’t portray the true reality of our society. There are still many cases of Male dominance in our country but it also doesn’t neglect the joke, some men are also having a situation like it. But this joke is just to make the audience laugh and doesn’t aim to portray any society.


Analysis of the Joke

Phonological Level:

This Joke is about Cheating.
In this, an unmarried friend says that Scholars said; “a man should not visit one’s who have cheated him already”.
On this Married friend says; “then what should I do bro, it is compulsory for me to visit my In-Laws”.
These words are stressed in the joke and they play a vital role in the joke to create humor in it. The first two words show the status of both persons interacting with each other. The word “scholars” is stressed because it is used as a reference in this. The word Cheat is the main theme of the joke this is why it is stressed and it is the reason for interaction between the two friends. And the last word “Susral (In-Laws)” is stressed because it is claimed to cheat the married person.

Syntactic Level:

These words are important because the whole discourse revolves around these words. Married and Unmarried is the status of the people portrayed in the discourse. The humor is constructed in this discourse using indirect comedy. The married person replies innocently to the unmarried person that “how can I stay away from the one’s who have cheated me already, it is compulsory for me to visit my In-Laws”. The syntax used in this discourse is simple and humoristic.

Socio-Linguistic Level:

In this joke, an unmarried friend was advising his friend not to visit those who have already cheated on him. He was not talking about some specific person or family. But the Married friend replied that what can I do, I have to visit my In-Laws. He in this meant that he was cheated by his In-Laws.
It doesn’t mean that his In-Laws really cheated on him. In Pakistan, most of the jokes are made on Marriages and Married Relations. In all jokes, the Wife is the Satanic Character that plays the role of a punisher. And the husband is always punished in the jokes.
When he says that he has to visit his In-Laws, it clearly says that he was cheated by his In-Laws because they didn’t tell him about the true nature of their daughter before they got married. He came to know that she is a really bad punisher after their marriage. It creates humor and makes the audience laugh.

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