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Joe Biden, new spokesman for adult diapers, sales up


Pooping in a diaper is now politically correct.

The former vice president Joe Biden after having a few Oopsie Poopsie accidents, has now been given the role of spokesman for adult diapers.

Recently Joe Biden had taken a trip to meet up with Pope Francis in Rome. During his visit he happen to have an accident and had to get himself self cleaned up.

"I learned that accidents can happen anywhere." He said after about 2 minutes of gobbledygook mumbles and blank stares.

This statement will now be the new slogan for one of the leading brands of adult diapers.

After his colonoscopy he has been dedicated to wearing adult diapers anywhere he goes. He has two people on hand to help wipe and change him whenever he has an accident.

Joe Biden pooping freely knowing that he's protected by his diaper

With a safety underpants diaper you can go anytime!

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