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Jodah Chapter One

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A writer who writes through her imagination and inspiration.

The Sheep Costume

“Mag, this is not the right time”- Freya.

“I want to be a sheep in this story”-Magnolia.

“Well, honey. We have to wait until daddy gets home. Only daddy has the money to buy the costume”-Freya

“Then, when will daddy go here?”-Magnolia.

“I’ll call him. Don’t worry. He’ll be back home at night”-Freya.

Later that night, John finally goes back home at 11.56pm.

Freya, his wife is angry at him for not coming home earlier.

“Do you have any idea how long we have waited for you?”- Freya.

“Honey, I’m sorry. I’m busy working”-John.

“Well, at least you should come home for dinner. Where have you been?”-Freya.

“I told you. I’m working late at night”-John.

“Late at night? Your daughter is even wondering if she has a daddy! You were rarely present in her life. “- Freya.

“Look honey! It’s not that hard. I’m working and you have to understand what I have gone through in order to make ends meet! You have no idea what it feels like to be an underdog!”- John.

“See! What are you even doing here then? At least meet your daughter upstairs”-Freya.

John then goes upstairs to meet with his 7-year-old daughter.

She is asleep. He carefully caresses her forehead as he doesn’t want to wake her up.

“Hey sweetie pie. My honey bun. “- John.

Suddenly, sensing that her favorite person is there, Magnolia wakes up in the middle of the night.

“Daddy! You’re here”- Magnolia.

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“Oh my honey bun. I’m sorry I’m late.”-John.

“Daddy, I will be participating in a show. Will you be there?”- Magnolia.

“I’m not sure because daddy has got works to do but you know I will always love you no matter where I am don’t you?”- John.

“It’s okay daddy. I get it. Daddy, can you buy me a costume? “- Magnolia.

“What costume?”- John.

“For the show! I want to be a sheep daddy”-Magnolia.

“Well, how much is the costume?” – John.

“Well, I don’t know. I just want to be a sheep”- Magnolia.

“Okay honey. Well I have to go to rest now. I love you”- John.

“Goodnight daddy”- Magnolia.

The next morning, john wakes up early at 6 am to go to his work place.

He bids his wife a goodbye but his wife insists that he must wait for the breakfast box.

“Here John. I put eggs and rice in it. Have a lovely day”- Freya.

“You too Honey! “- John.

John kisses his wife on her forehead before heading to his work place.

On the way to his workplace, he finds the shop. He remembers about his daughter’s wish so he goes into the shop to find the sheep costume.

As he enters the room, all the workers are not happy because he has an unpleasant smell.

His clothes are shabby and torn. There are stitches everywhere.

“Hello sir! What can I do for you?”- worker.

“Hello Miss. I am looking for a sheep costume please”- John.

“Oh yes. We have a pair of costume.”- worker.

There are two sheep costumes. The other is for adult and is priced at 350 dollars and the other is for kids and is priced at 200 dollars.

He is shocked by the price tag as he only has 40 dollars in his pocket.

“So which one would you pick sir?”- worker.

“Well, my daughter wants a sheep costume so I want the smaller one”- John.

“Very well”- worker.

“But I only have 40 dollars in my pocket”- John.
“That is too bad sir. I can’t give you this costume for 40 dollars”-worker.

“Then can you please save this costume for me. I can work. I’ll get 50 dollars in a month. So I have to work for 4 months”- John.

“4 months? That’s too long sir. Somebody might buy it before you do”- worker.

John then thinks so hard. He wants to make this work. It’s for his beloved daughter.

“Okay! Then I’ll find another way to make money. I’ll buy this. Just wait for me”- John.

John enthusiastically walks out of the room and he wants to make another way of making money.

He arrives at the coal mines. He works really hard but the thought of the costume being bought by another person terrifies him.

On his way home at 11.30pm, he sees a sign board.

It says ‘Welcome to Vanilla Villa City where your unfulfilled dreams and desires come true’.

John is intrigued by the sign so he wants to give it a try.

He wonders around the sign board but he finds nothing special in particular.

Then he sees a lady near the sign board. The lady is getting closer to him as she walks.

It’s dark at night and John doesn’t have enough money to buy a flashlight so he just uses his dim lamp oil.

“Are you interested in this sign board sir?”- a mysterious lady.

“Yes I am. Do you know where is the city stated in this sign board?”- John.

“As a matter of fact, I do!”- a mysterious lady.

“Great! Where do I sign in?”-John.

“Right here”- a mysterious lady.

The lady hands out a long piece of paper. There are many words in that paper.

“You can sign in right here. If you sign it, you’ll have the chance to make your desires and dreams come true”- a mysterious lady.

There is a special place for a signature on that piece of paper.

John is desperate to make his daughter, Magnolia happy so he signs the piece of paper without even reading it.

“Very well then. Lie down and close your eyes. I will guide you to Vanilla Villa City. Once you open your eyes, you are already in Vanilla Villa City but fair warning, if you open your eyes before you feel the light is shining on your eyes, you won’t get into the city”- a mysterious lady.

John then do exactly as he were told.

This is great! It feels nice when I lie down.

It feels like I’m is transferring through the universe.

The multiverse!

A parallel line where all universe exists at once. That is awesome! - John’s thought.

The light is shining on his eyes!

Ouch! This light is too bright for me! – John’s thought.

He slowly opens his eyes.

The light of the city is magnificent. It is very bright.

The weather is not too cold and not too hot. Just right.

The magnificent view of the Vanilla Villa City amazes him.

“Hey yo! Jodah”- someone beside him.

He turns around to meet the person. It’s a man.

“Hey yo! My name is Sally. “- Sally.

“That’s very nice but my name is not Jodah.”- John.

“Huh? Yes, you are! Your name is Jodah Amah”- Sally.

“No I am not! My name is John Hansen”- John.

“It says so right there on your shirt”- Sally.

John turns his head to look on his shirt and there is a name on it. He is shocked.

“This can’t be right! Is this some kind of a joke? If this is a joke, then you better stop it. I’m going home “- John.

“No man. This is not a joke”- Sally.

“Look! My wife and my daughter are waiting for me. I want to go home”– John.

“That’s the problem. You can’t get out of this place”- Sally.

“What is this place exactly”- John.

“Vanilla Villa City”- Sally.

“I know that dummy. This place is a scam! I’m out of here!”- John.

“Well, Jodah. Just in case you haven’t notice”- Sally.

“What?”- John.

“We’re in prison”- Sally.

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