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It's National Take a Flea to Lunch Week

Kenneth, loves satire and writings to spotlight others, but he also has an "addiction" so to speak, to dramatic and abstract/prose poetry.

The "star" of this hub.

The "star" of this hub.

There it Was

standing on the very page where I had been looking. Quite frankly, I thought that that this insect was laughing at me for being so clumsy in searching for either him or her in their sex. Sex with a flea! What an adult film. Howard Stern would love to get a bite out of this one.

Would you enjoy a short biography? Our buddy, the Flea ,has a common name includes 2,300 species of small insects that survive as external parasites of mammals and birds. Since fleas are so annoying and needless, I did not see a point in over-killing the flea since I really do not like them. Actually, my hand before God. I loathe these creations that God made when He was making things. I am not so dumb as to question his handiwork because that is His business, but I do have a burning question: what purpose does a flea serve?

I suppose in hind sight that without fleas, there would be a lot of spiders starving themselves to death. I never thought I would see the day of Anorexia nervosa in spiders, if this were to happen. So my next question would be: and what does the flea eat in order to survive? Okay I will take a shot at it. Mites. Which are a smaller, almost microscopic in size parasites, but oh, so powerful. Did you know that a gang of these little yahoo's can take down a herd of prize-winning dogs? Small makes a difference in mites.

This says it all about fleas.

This says it all about fleas.

Back to The Flea

and those preceding paragraphs should have been the start and ending of all about fleas, but not so. I wanted to do (as I always to do) add more spice to the stew and make it a little more delicious. Thought that I would use a bit of "cooking" verbiage to salute the cooks reading this hub.ss

Here is another bit of information that you should be interested in that talks about the various terms terms that have the definition of the noun, flea or fleas.
⦁ Flea market-- a gathering where if you want it, you will find it at a flea market.
⦁ Flea-bit -- what a person calls a dog owner's dog wanting a cheap price.
⦁ Phlebitis -- has nothing to do with fleas, but the suffix is prounced "flea."
⦁ A flea in someone's ear -- some news being shared by an important person.
⦁ "Flea," -- bass player for the rock band, Red Hot Chili Peppers.
⦁ Flea circus -- wish I had one so I could make a lot of scratch and then head to Destin.
⦁ "a dog with different fleas," -- line said by "Gordon Gekkio," a ruthless stocks and finance guru in the hit film, Wall Street which co-starred Charlie Sheen.
⦁ If you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas -- self-explained.
and this one which is aimed at all underdogs in life:
⦁ May a thousand camels give the one who ruined your day get all of their fleas, but the recipient of the fleas have arms too short to scratch.
List of Fleas With Famous Names:
⦁ Frank -- this would be my all-time favorite flea name. Example: ME: "Hi, Frank Flea!" "Hi," replies "Frank Flea." See how fluent this works?
⦁ Fancy -- the female counterpart of Frank. And is not to be confused with the Country Music song by Reba McIntyre, "Fancy."
⦁ Homer -- a sports nut way down south.
⦁ Larry - a wonderful next door neighbor.
⦁ Arnold -- a tough Marine drill instructor. (no relation to "Arnold Ziffel," the famous pig on CBS' Green Acres sitcom.
⦁ Bart -- and uptown flea who has only lived in the hair of classy dogs and cats.
⦁ Q-Ball -- you can make anything out of this one you want.
I hope that you had a great CHRISTmas and now will be blessed with a Safe and Happy 2021.

Writer's Summary
I wrote this one on Dec. 19, six days from CHRIStmas. I know that this hub is far from blue-ribbon, editor's choice material, but please allow me to share this information with you: beware of people who are afflicted with boredom mixed with apathy. Thank you, Kenneth.

December 19 2020__________________________________________

A lovely hairdo for a stylish flea.

A lovely hairdo for a stylish flea.

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Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on January 05, 2021:

Your title alone caught my attention. I get a kick out of how you use "boredom mixed with apathy" to come up with these witty pieces. You could probably solve the world's problems if you were not so bored. Haha!

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