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It’s My 13th Anniversary on Hubpages

After 22 years as an RN, I now write about medical issues and new medical advances. Diet, exercise, treatment, and lifestyle are important.


Fun Facts

I just arrived at my 13th anniversary on Hubpages. I guess time flies when you are having fun! As I wrote last year I still continue to write, mostly medical articles since I was an RN, and I like to help people be more aware of symptoms of various medical problems.

Many people have shared their medical problems with me, and I appreciate all their support and friendship. I usually write one or two articles a week, as medical articles require research and are time consuming.

I won Best All-Around Hubbe last year, which was such an honor.


More Thoughts

I have met so many wonderful people over these years, and I have seen many changes on Hubpages. The reason I have been on this site for so many years is because of the other authors. I have thought about walking away, but I just can’t seem to do it.

However, I made more income from my writing a few years back than I do now, although I probably don’t write quite as often. Of course, I miss the comments, and I don’t like how the advertisements break up our paragraphs of text.


Hubpage Email

The email thanked me for my “creativity and unique perspective these past 13 years”. I’m blushing now!

In the email I received from Hubpages there was some interesting information to share, which might help someone who is new.

They included a fun fact, which is that lace is the classic gift for a 13th anniversary. Furthermore, they suggested it is time for new curtains or cheerful doilies for my home.

Roy Rogers - Happy Anniversary

Email Information

They also suggested I take a look at their Learning Center, which has an article about Stellar Articles. It states the article should be 1000 words with a “concise and descriptive title”. This article is certainly less than 1,000 words. Several other attributes of a good article are discussed.

The next site they suggest is a successful, search-friendly title. This very article states that a good title is very important, and they suggest doing a keyword search, and they give several other suggestions as well.

The last site they list (Start your next article now!), which is the blank page to start writing your next article.

I guess writing an article is what is next on my agenda.

Recalling a Memory

One thing my sister and I complained about was not having a cat or dog. Both of my parents worked, and they felt we couldn’t train a pet. Once we got a kitten, but a few days later they said the cat had to go. My mother had several African violet plants, and the kitten tore them up. The day the kitten was leaving was upsetting for us. My sister pretended to be sick, and she stayed home from school with many tears.

For my 16th birthday I was allowed to have a slumber party. I invited all my friends. They knew I wanted a pet so badly, so they chipped their money together. They got me a canary, along with bird seed and the cage. I was allowed to have the bird. I was so surprised!

For my 16th birthday I was allowed to have a slumber party. I invited all my friends. They knew I wanted a pet so badly, so they chipped their money together. They got me a canary, along with bird seed and the cage. I was allowed to have a bird. I was so surprised.

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Please, Can We Have a Pet

My sister and I begged for a sweet pet

We didn’t get one, we were upset

Both parents working, they said no

We didn’t weep, we took it like a pro

Finally one day we got a pretty cat

A week later my parents wanted to chat

The little cat tore up my mother’s plants

We knew we had trouble with a glance

They said our cat just had to go

Heartbreaking news, we said no

Our parents rule, we thought too strict

Then my sister pretended to be sick

My sister cried a lot, but it didn’t help

Loving that cat, she couldn’t help herself

I told my friends how sad we both were

They cooked up a plan causing a stir

A birthday slumber party was the plan

I invited friends, the whole darn clan

They chipped in together for a gift

Getting a dog or cat was a myth

Arriving finally the pajama party

All were excited, all were hearty

A pretty canary who sang so sweet

Bird seed and cage made it complete

My sweet friends gave us our pet

The singing canary, we were all set

A dog or cat was not meant to be

We were still happy don’t you see


I appreciate each one of you that reads or comments on my articles. I hope my presence here still makes a difference. I will stay a while longer.

Rascal Flatts ~ My Wish For You

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2022 Pamela Oglesby

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