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It's Hard to Be a Tall Woman In a Small World

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Exit Row Seating

I know you've been there...especially the ladies.

You enter a public restroom and notice that the handicap stall is vacant. You look look right...not a handicapped soul in sight, so you scamper quickly into the luxurious accommodations to take care of business. You may feel slightly guilty, but since you'll only be a moment, there's no damage done...right? Why waste a perfectly good toilet?

Yeah...I use that logic as well.

Should I exit the stall and find a handicapped person squeezing their thighs together glaring at me, I'm sure I'd feel guilty. It's not like they have the luxury of choice that I have. In a way, I can understand their proprietary claim to the handicapped stall...I feel pretty much the same about the exit row of an airplane.

All air travelers know that next to business class, the exit row is the most luxurious seating on any flight. For a few lovely inches of additional leg room, you merely have to assure the flight crew that you can speak English, have read the instructions on how to open a door and are willing to assist with tossing your fellow travelers out of it at the appropriate time should it become necessary. In my opinion, this is definitely a fair exchange...however, I think there should be one more criteria.

If you've ever been to a carnival, you may have seen those height requirement signs that state "you must be this tall to be on this ride." Most adults never have to worry about them, but occasionally you'll see a thrill-seeking little boy standing on tip-toe with a hopeful look on his face...only to face certain rejection by the ride's operator. Nothing irks me more (at the moment) than to see a shorter person claiming an exit row seat on a plane. Shouldn't there be some sort of minimal height requirement for the roomiest seats?

Trust me, I understand the handicap bathroom stall mentality of Mr. 5'6" lounging comfortably in an exit row seat, his laptop open on the table and a cold beer in his hand. He probably has no clue as he adds insult to injury by reclining his seat that I'm folded up behind him with my knees beneath my chin engaged in a wrestling match for three inches of armrest space. Never mind arterial thrombosis...if we had to assume the crash position, I would be seriously screwed.

As I sat there in this contorted fashion, I began to feel sorry for myself. Why was I being so unfairly singled out and punished for simply being of greater than average height? With over four hours to kill in flight and minimal blood circulation going to my extremities, I had nothing to do but dwell on the unfortunate circumstances of my disregarded handicap...

Most states have laws prohibiting discrimination based on race, religion, age, gender and disability. A handful offer protection for gays and lesbians. But only Michigan includes weight and height in its anti-discrimination law.

By Ken Maguire, Associated Press Writer | May 17, 2007

Location, Location, Location

The severity of my handicap might not have been so apparent if I'd been born in the right place. In the United States, for example, the average height of an adult female human is 5'4.6" tall. However, in the Dinaric Alps of Southern Europe the average is 5'7.3" tall and the Dinkan female of the Sudan virtually towers in at around 5'11" tall. At 5'10" in height, I would be considered a lot closer to normal in the mountainous regions of Croatia and gloriously below average hanging out at a Dinkan Tupperware party. I suppose it could have been worse though. If I'd been born in the Philippines where native women are nearly Lilliputian at 4'11" life could have been even more miserable.

You aren't convinced that being above average in height is truly a handicap? Fine. Allow me to educate you then...


With garments manufactured in America, the worst thing that I occasionally had to suffer through was the dreaded "highwater" pants. While this was a definite fashion faux pas in my school years, I managed to survive with only minor emotional scarring. These days, with the ever increasing influx of clothing manufactured in countries such as India and China, shopping for clothes is an exercise in futility. With an average height scraping the 5' on earth could these people have a concept of proper fit? They simply have no comprehension of true height or proportion. Their women are delicately boned...fragile, porcelain dolls, in comparison to the western world. Like the Incredible Hulk, once I've squeezed myself into the garment, I merely have to shrug my shoulders or flex an arm to restore circulation before seams begin to pop and fabric starts to tear. This does nothing to help me in my struggle to maintain a feminine image...

Fashion trends are the bane of the tall person. Whoever came up with the 1980s style of adding shoulder pads to EVERY blouse, dress and jacket, should be beaten viciously. Because of what I began to call "the linebacker effect," I finally invested in a seam ripper to remove them immediately upon purchase.

Eventually, disheartened as I was by the futility of maintaining a decent wardrobe, I resorted to what most tall women do. That's right, I began to borrow my boyfriend's clothing.

While most women look positively adorable and sexy wearing their boyfriend's over-sized shirt, I looked like the butch half of a lesbian couple. I didn't mind so much...the propositions I received were actually rather flattering...but more importantly, I was comfortable for the first time in my life! No more shoulder bind, no more long sleeves ending 5" above my wrist, no more cutesy shades of pastel blue or pink and we can just forget about the pantyhose where the crotch stubbornly refused to climb higher than mid-thigh. And...if you put a woman in man's pants...? Well, something magical happens in the ass area...and it makes up for the flannel shirts and Nirvana T-shirts.


One boyfriend sought to feminize me. At Christmas, there were assorted boxes from Victoria's Secret waiting for me to open. With trepidation, I did. The "tall" sized thigh high stockings clung desperately to my kneecap unable to bridge the overwhelming distance required to make proper use of the lacy garter belt attachment. The corset nearly asphyxiated me as it held me in its constrictive death grip. Fortunately, I had not yet resorted to wearing men's underwear, so all items were returned for something that had a more universal fit.

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Only once did my height work in my favor in regard to clothing. While shopping in a local department store, my eyes...and the eyes of a "shorty"... happened to fall upon the same beautiful peasant style skirt at the exact same time. The two of us raced to the rack, arriving in a dead heat. It could have been ugly...but fortunately there were several skirts available. I held mine up to my waist, satisfied to discover it fell about 4" above my ankle. I heard a snort of disgust from the nearby woman. I glanced up surreptitiously to discover the source of her displeasure. To my utter delight, she stood there with the skirt held up to her own waist...the hem dragging on the carpeted floor...glaring at me, before she shoved it back onto the rack and stalked off without her prize.

"Never marry a woman with big feet"

- Senegalese Proverb



Shoes were also a shopping nightmare. In my twenties, it was fun to sport three inch heels when going out. In heavily crowded bars, I was able to breathe the rarified air above everyone else...and I rather enjoyed the looks of semi-awe as men would crane their necks back to address me. Unfortunately, feet are an appendage that continue to grow throughout your life and as I edged out of the size 10 range and into the size 11 or rather the "why don't you just wear skis?" size...those cute adorable shoes went bye bye. You doubt by word? Walk into a Payless store some day and try to locate women's size 11 shoes. They'll be wedged in a small section, next to men's shoes and will consist of "practical" looking footwear. White nursing shoes, those tassel topped shiny black loafers and chunky hiking boots are the typical offering. It was a given that I would eventually start shopping the men's section. They were about as attractive as the choices I'd already been given...and they also fit better. Of course, once again, my heterosexuality was in question thanks to Robin William's line about women in comfortable shoes.


I Am Not A Boy

Growing up, I was treated differently from my more dainty siblings. My father would size us up and inevitably conclude that two out of three were far too delicate for what he had in mind. "Laurie..."he would say, "I need you to help me chop and stack firewood." My sisters would scamper off to do their hair, play with make-up and perhaps give each other a pedicure, while I would slap my feet into a pair of sturdy boots and slip into a flannel shirt to play "boy" for the day.

In grocery stores, little old people give me adoring gazes as they point to their heart's desire resting on a shelf just out of reach. "Do you mind?" they will ask in voices that make you think of grandma and apple pie. How can I refuse? At least my cheeks are out of pinching range when they exclaim afterward, "My! You are a tall one aren't you?" Because of my height, I simply look capable...of opening my own doors, my own stubborn jars and lifting heavy objects that most people would never expect the average woman to do. It can be downright annoying.


It's a Small World After All

The world is not a friendly place for tall people. Countertops are built so low that eventually you acquire a Quasimodo posture. Showerheads usually have to be replaced with handheld sprayers if you ever want to actually rinse the shampoo from the top of your head. Bathtubs, however, are the worst. I usually have a choice to make. Do I want to have my legs in the water and expose my upper body to the cold air...or immerse my upper body and stick my legs out in an ungainly awkward position braced against the wall? My husband still thinks I married him for his body when in fact I married him for his bathtub. It's simply monstrous and for the first time, I can actually have most of my body in the water at the same time.

Tall Women & Not So Tall Men

Of course, height poses a big problem when it comes to the opposite sex. Never mind the old line that "there's no difference in height while lying down." Before you even have a chance of getting into that prone position, a man has to measure up while standing. In high school, it wasn't so bad really. Boys were expected to be shorter until they suddenly hit their growth spurt and no longer danced at boob level...err...naturally. For the more impatient girls, hanging out with the boy's basketball team was a sure fire way to appear more feminine. I was positive giddy when one player picked me up and twirled me around one afternoon in a fit of exuberance. So? This is what it felt like to be a girl? I decided there and then, I would never settle for anything other than a tall man.

Understand, I have nothing truly against short men. I feel the same way about them that I do about homosexual men. I shake my head sadly as I think, "what a shame..." considering the lost potential. Before you go lighting the torches and storming the castle, you need to realize this is MY issue. It's not that I don't think shorter men are not masculine enough for my is simply that I feel less feminine around them. Like the majority of women, I'm not immune to the charm of being swept off my feet, being cuddled in a man's lap or twirled around a dance floor. However, having a man of more diminutive form stagger across the floor, gasping for breath struggling to carry me is not very appealing and seriously threatens my feminine image. I suppose we could reverse positions...but I've seen firsthand how that can damage the tender male ego and refuse to go through that again.

You're Staying Home Tonight

Sure, I know there are examples of successful relationships involving taller women and shorter men. But they are examples for a reason...pointed out to everyone because they are not considered normal. Comments such as, "he must be a very secure man" are uttered. The fact that the woman has pretty much reconciled herself to never wearing fashionable high heels in his presence ever again is overlooked.

My youngest sister, Toni eventually attained the height of 5'9" tall. In her company, I felt a bit less like a freak. There was also the added bonus of being able to share clothes...which greatly expanded my wardrobe. Unlike myself, Toni seemed to be attracted specifically to men that were 5'6" and shorter. As we perused the photo album, enjoying yet another shot of a past boyfriend where Toni stood beside him playing the leaning tower of Pisa to accommodate his stature, I asked her why. She simply shrugged and said she wasn't sure...perhaps it was just her natural instinct to nurture and shorter men brought out that feeling in her.

Tall Women Are A Knock Out

Eventually she married Dennis...a man 3" shorter than herself. During the ceremony, Dennis had us all giggling with his antics. With a mischievous grin, he began bouncing up and down on his toes to meet his lovely new bride's disapproving glare. At the reception, somebody had placed a booster seat on the groom's chair...I have no idea who would have done that...really....

The first time I met my husband, he stood on the step above me, declaring I wasn't THAT tall. Although occasionally I'll wistfully eye a pair of sexy, strappy little high heels, I don't mind that he freaks out and points out something attractive in a flat heel. In return, he turns a blind eye when I occasionally raid his closet or swipe a t-shirt from his bureau.

There are moments when I forget and playfully smack him in the shoulder, only to hear him complain that I don't know my own strength. Times when I'm angry and draw myself up to my full height to make it difficult for him to kiss me...or hold what he wants just out of reach...but other than that, we're a pretty normal couple. He may not be able to sweep me off my feet physically...but mentally and emotionally he manages to leave me breathless.

And besides all that...there is still the bathtub to be taken into consideration.


spryte (author) from Arizona, USA on September 12, 2016:

Well hi Frank & Girweh and thank you for your comments.

I think it's wonderful that we live in a world where we can be so different and with a bit of luck and persistence, find the person that makes us happy.

Don't be too hard on those 20ish tall girls Frank. If we want respect for our own preferences then it follows that we should respect the preferences of others whether we deem them to be fair or not.

As for you Girweh... :) You make me smile. I hope that you find the woman of your dreams and let her carry you away.

Giwreh on July 19, 2016:

:-) ... The closing phrase : (Copy) : "He may not be able to sweep me off my feet physically...but mentally and emotionally he manages to leave me breathless."

Well, believe me, I desired soooo much that my (wishfull) girlfriend could sweep me off the floor physically !!! I live to find THAT girl/woman, who not just can do it, but desires and enjoys full hearted, doing it !

The eternal mistake so very often posted by woman, when it's about the topic "she taller (and/or stronger) then him", is that there are more guys out there who actually WANT a 'reverse size/strenght attraction' relationship !! Not just accept. WANT !!!! We do exist, more than woman tend to recognise, and most of those men are ending up partly unhappy (for lifetime ?) with a shorter and/or weaker woman... that they did NOT fancy out of their honest feelings, but just accepted because there were a few other qualities in the woman which made the relationship worthfull. But STILL carrying the silent pain not have met really what they longed for...

It's so bizarre, that most women seem to (artificially) refuse to see & accept that men who specifically and 100% honnestly LOVE taller & stronger woman, DO exist ...

Carmine on June 26, 2012:

Hey Chris,

So I guess this means I'll have better luck with gay men who live at home with their mothers? Too funny! One thing I've discovered in life is that foreign women and any of those not brainwashed by the prehistoric ideology of American culture, don't really care about height. It's predominantly in America where you find articles and blogs like this all over the web from people who choose to perpetuate what they conceive are negatives associated with being tall or short. Some try to come across as playful and funny without comprehending who they might be hurting or disrespecting. When people call them up for it they get defensive or encourage the person to find humour in the subject which is pretty absurb to. What one person sees as funny just might be offensive to the next person. Maybe Spryte's trying to be funny, bringing to light her "tall" situation, without understand the sensitive issue of height to both men and women, especially shorter guys. Ask anyone on this continent which group of people have benefitted the most with respect to advancement in society and social utility? Taller people, unquestioned. Women not excluded. Everyone knows short people get the short end of the stick in nearly all facets of life.

spryte (author) from Arizona, USA on June 22, 2012:

LOL! OMG...I have my hand clamped over my mouth trying desperately not to squeal with laughter. :) Thank you, Chris...I really, really needed that today. *hugs*

Christoph Reilly from St. Louis on June 22, 2012:

I think what Spryte is saying, Carmine, is even though women may be passing you up now because you're "not the right color or size or fit" or whatever, eventually you'll get snatched up by a nice young man who still lives with his mother.

spryte (author) from Arizona, USA on June 22, 2012:

A Parable for Carmine

Once upon a time, two women went shopping.  In their journey, stalking and hunting the elusive sale, they stumbled across a rare find.  A sale, set apart from the other racks...a small island of discounted goodies...and not a soul in sight.

Greedily they fell upon the rack, holding up one garment after the other...pressing each against their bodies, testing it, judging how it fit and whether or not the expense (even though on sale for 50% off) was worth it.

"Damn!" said the first, "I really like this dress, but I'm not fond of the color."

"It's a shame," agreed her friend, "I like this one too....but it isn't in my size."  

"Oh look," said the first, "somebody put a man's powder teal polo shirt in the rack by mistake!"

Happily, this parable ends on a good note as the women, after much rummaging amongst the offerings, found exactly what pleased them and brought them home.

Ahhh...but is it the garments that you feel a kinship with?  Well fortunately for them, most women cannot resist the siren call of a good sale and before too long they were all snatched up and taken home by those who would appreciate them...especially the young man who, while shopping for a birthday gift for his  mother, made the delightful and unexpected discovery of a powder teal polo shirt...on sale!

The End

Carmine on June 22, 2012:

Hey Spryte, Spryte, Spryte! Your welcome.

You don't walk in my shoes and I don't walk in yours. Lets agree that you will never experience what I've experienced and I'll never truly understand the plights of tall women in this "small world." My truths come from reality though Spryte. Just like the subway incident which you hastily judged me on yet you weren't even there. If there's one thing that is constant from you and other tall ladies on this continent is that your femininity is largely defined by the height of the man on your arm. You may strongly disagree with me but your self-sufficiency in relation to feeling naturally feminine is lacking. It's American culture. Man must always be taller than his woman. You save face by saying that you have nothing against the shorter guys of the world but really, I think you do. Polite hypocrisy is what I call it. Kinda like polite racism. You know who I'm talking about. People who deny they have a racist bone in their body yet they have issues with other ethnic groups and attribute these problems as self-inclined. Don't even go down the path of stating that short guys and average height guys have masculinity issues with taller women because the ones I know will gladly date taller women. I will say it is true that some guys need to feel like "the man" so they don't go for the taller girls. Most of these guys are tall who need a shorter woman to feel masculine.

I'm glad that there are some tall and short women who don't need society to tell them who they should like and who they should date. Women like these exercise great confidence, dare to be a little different, challenge ridiculous norms and let their inner self explore what might just be an amazing experience with the shorter guy. Shorter guy's height is not his problem but it's yours because of the way society paints the picture of the short guy. You yourself said that you'd never settle for any man shorter. All based on him being able to pick you up and twist you around like a little girl. Just admit that being seen with a shorter guy and shorter women to a certain degree takes away from your femininity OK. Again, not his problem right? Not his fault that he ruins the fairytale essence of the tall knight in shining armour with his shorter princess bride in arm, no matter how tall the couple is. Short men are called Napoleanic because taller people feel threatened when we strive for excellence and greatness in life with the same dilligence as tall people. On the other hand we're judged as inferior wimps if we do nothing to combat the discrimination. It's like walking on a knife edge with much trepidation on either side. This is something you will never, ever understand as a tall woman while boldly concluding the problem is within the shorter guy and his angry little self the moment he speaks out. I did that and you said I was a self-loathing angry little man.

All I'm going to say to you Spryte is is that I hope you had a safe trip that was well spent. Again, I'm still a nice guy that can offer well wishes to someone I only know through an internet blog. Good luck to ya.

spryte (author) from Arizona, USA on June 19, 2012:

Sorry Carmine, didn't see your most recent comment. HubPages tagged you as spam and it wasn't until my good friend, Chris commented that I actually saw your post and remedied the error.

*waves to Chris* We have a standing date if I'm ever in your area (or you are in mine!)

Carmine, Carmine, Carmine....I don't hate on short men. Lol! Really...some of the things you come up with are rather silly. :)

Christoph Reilly from St. Louis on June 19, 2012:

Reading you again was like enjoying a cocktail with an old friend. Ahh, Carmine. Trying to change the tall woman at a time.

Carmine Martin on May 29, 2012:

I'll make sure to assume every short guy who dresses well and keeps himself clean is gay Spryte. Makes good sense according to your assumptions.

If you can't see what's wrong about that, you're no better than the rest who politely discriminates and justify this hurtful ignorance as normal behaviour. I ain't seeking attention either, especially not from shallow, heightist, vapid women living in their own pretentious worlds.

Hey Spryte, I can laugh too you know and most of the time I'm a happy man. My good friends say I'm the funniest guy of the bunch. When I read stuff like what you've written here, whether you intend to be innocent or funny about it, it's not always cool. When someone calls you up about it, your solution is to tell that person to "lighten up" or find a "sense of humour" which is wrong. Take into consideration that something funny to one person might not be so funny to the next person.

You are right that I can't fully understand your handicaps in this world because I'm not a tall woman. I'm am a short man. I still think you will never understand what it means to be looked down upon with inferior eyes just for being short. Short men deal with this constantly. More than short women, but I understand where some short women come from because I've seen and heard the BS they've dealt with too. On the other hand, from all the ladies I know I'd consider tall, not one of them has complained about the difficulties of being tall. Only buying shoes and fitting into certain clothes. Never from a social or dating perspective. On the other hand, I've met quite a few other short people, women and men who echo the same feelings and experiences as me. A life constantly filled with injustice and ridicule.

With that being said, I do hope you have a safe flight and a good vacation. Take that however you want. From my end, wishing someone well in their travels is always meant with honest intentions. Just try your best not to hate on any shorter guys you might come across.

spryte (author) from Arizona, USA on May 28, 2012:

Carmine/Martin/and any other personalities:

Pointing out possibilities does not signify a stance on a particular subject...which means that you are desperately seeking attention by casting about for anything that could be argued. I'm fine with this as your comments and my replies, raise the rating of this particular hub, drawing in more traffic and thus earns me a pretty penny. Thank you.

As for the women that dissed you...I'm betting heavily that it was because they made a judgement of gayness rather than height upon you. While it may seem like simple fastidiousness upon your part, it could have been interpreted thusly and is more likely than your assumption. If you were gay, that would be your first rationale...but of course it wouldn't matter since women are unimportant. If you were fat...that would have been your conclusion. If you were bald...same thing. But the simple fact that you are short...AND highly sensitive about it to boot...made you leap to the conclusion that this was in fact the criteria they were judging you upon. But I don't think it was.

This is not about me and whatever opinion I hold about any alternate lifestyle...and notice because it is not, I'm ignoring your inflammatory's about you and how you see yourself. You are an angry man. What a shame...what a loss. It isn't your height, it's your anger that is your own undoing.

Despite my own handicaps in this world (which are so beyond your ability to comprehend) I am a happy woman. I can laugh at the things that set me apart and make me different. You can' lack that ability because of your own self-loathing and find that the only way you can live with your shortcomings, your failure to meet whatever standards you think the world expects of you is by blaming others for your misery. Unless you find a way past that, you'll always find a way to exclude yourself.

I'm planning a vacation soon and could use some more spending I look forward to your reply. :)

Martin on May 28, 2012:

Spryte, do you assume a guy who's well dressed from head to toe is gay, especially if he's shorter? Tell me. What exactly makes a well dressed man a gay man? For you to even mention that as a possible excuse by the women on the subway who gave me "quiet" attitude is kinda disturbing. Are you homophobic or do you have issues with gay people? It's just plain wrong actually! This means all shorter guys who take the time to be neat and clean in their way of dress are gay to you? WTF Spryte??? Big time WTF!!! Furthermore, it just goes to show that a lot of North American women have severely perverted, polluted, twisted and unforgiving minds in the presence of any shorter person. Males in particular who they feel threatened by. All because he's shorter than the average 6'0 guy and wants to look like a decent MAN if he's even allowed to call himself a man? I guess a tall guy to you who dresses the exact same is always going to be the prized heterosexual alpha male? C'mon Spryte that's just ignorant, shameful and hurtful. I guess you don't care who you hurt as long as there's a justified unscientific BS excuse that's makes hurting others legitimate. Didn't think you'd go that low Spryte, but then again women don't surprise me anymore. You're no better than the hords ow women who use the gay excuse against short guys who don't fit your convoluted image of masculinity. Than again, a short guy isn't masculine to you if he's well dressed. He's just gotta be gay in those clothes with that look right?

You know, reading your last post has only made me sad and a little more upset because it makes me think of my short dad who had to live with all the racist BS on top of the height crap too. Sexual orientation wasn't really on the radar in his time. It's bad enough that he endured a boatload of abuse just for being a good looking black man who took pride in keeping his clothes clean and tailored. Fast forward today and not much has changed except that heightism has replaced racism on a grandeur scale. Femininity is hypocrisy because the ideology applied to dating and relationships doesn't extend to short guys. It's all about one's sexual orientation by virtue of how that person dresses. Tall guys make you feel feminine. Short guys make you feel masculine.

BTW, I had no desire to address those women who quietly dissed me. No need to stoop to their level and get slapped with the Napoleon garbage stuff. Two wrongs don't necessarily make a right. Besides, I was on my way to work and feeling good. They tried to spoil my morning but failed in the process.

spryte (author) from Arizona, USA on May 25, 2012:

Lol! Okay…well maybe you are right about the humor thing after all…for you did make me laugh at your most recent post and bad arguments.

Where it fails is the argument that physical attraction is a logical thing when it isn’t. For example…I happen to be attracted to men that are taller than me, with dark hair, light colored eyes and big noses. Why? I have no idea. Especially the big nose thing…which is a bit disturbing, but fortunate for men that might think they would be rejected based upon an overly-large proboscis.

While it was unfortunate that you had to overhear this woman express her opinion of what you assume to be your stature, it happens to everyone and you are not exempt from being analyzed and/or found wanting in another person’s eyes. Personally, I bet she assumed from your meticulous attention to your dress that perhaps you are gay. If you were as confident as you pretend to be, you could have addressed that immediately and discovered the true meaning of her words…but alas, the moment has passed and this is why you are once again here.

As for the risk that the male population of North American could decamp in search of less selective woman on other continents…it’s a chance I am willing to take. Perhaps these women would be kind enough to toss us their leftovers and we’ll let basic human attraction sort out the rest.

Umm…as for the tossing a woman over your shoulder and carrying her like a princess idea….not a good idea. Not because of your height, but simply because most princesses do not consider this a regal enough mode of transportation. I usually prefer piggyback rides…

Carmine on May 24, 2012:

Hey Spryte, thanx for the response.

Actually no. My ego hasn't absorbed a beating recently, but I have swallowed a few harsh comments from both tall and short women not that long ago. It's amazing what you hear in public when you're not trying to pay attention. I did have an encounter just recently though. It's hard to ignore a woman who quietly says, "that guy is a waste, shame at such lost potential." Right out of nowhere. I knew she and her girlfriends were talking specifically about me because they got all quiet as soon as I passed them to get a seat. I was the only guy near them and they tried to whisper the hurtful stuff, thinking I was out of range. Women have a knack for the silent criticisms that they think won't be heard but they indeed are. I heard it on the street and in the subway, just for being me, taking the time to make sure my shoes were polished, my clothes tailored to my height and my face cleanly shaven. It's like they were saying I was trying too hard all because I wanted to look normal and feel good on my commute to work. Just like any other height guy.

Honestly, I'm not blaming my lack of height as the source of my failures to connect with a good woman. I've connected with some decent ladies despite a bad mini-run as of late. I have in fact stopped prioritizing women, relationships and dating. I took a step back from it all, re-examined myself and discovered that I'm not the only short guy who's had to face crap from taller women and some taller men as well. There are quality short guys I've worked with, trained with and partied with ranging in heights from 5'2 to 5'10. Almost all of them like me have had enough grief and BS thrown at us for being shorter than the desired 6'0. The solution? They've turned their attention to foreign women and are getting off the North American continent. The divorce rate is still sky high here, but it's tailing off slowly and securely because men are finding happiness elsewhere. I think it's a wake up call to the women on this continent that other ladies around the globe who aren't so anal about height are hooking up with good men of all heights.

One more thing. I don't have a lack of humour and I don't know why you keep treading on that. WTF??? You Spryte can't take it when someone calls you up so you play it off as a lack of humour on my part? If someone takes offense to something you've said or written, it's because of a lack of humour? That's pure bollocks Spryte! I'm one of the funniest guys I know and my friends tell me the same. I have no trouble making men and women laugh. I enjoy doing that. My sense of humour doesn't diminish either when a woman sees me in person for the first time with disappointment in her eyes realizing I'm short. What happens next is she passes judgement and can't accept that this little-guy-me made her laugh. It's like she's embarrassed to believe she was humoured by a little guy.

You've been socialized in this western culture's ideals of beauty and won't settle for anything less right? You need a tall man to feel feminine, girly, pretty and small, all at the same time right? It's hypocrisy. Really, it is. Women fight and continue to make noise about being respected and treated as equals to men. There's nothing equal in a partnership when all you desire is to be smaller, petite and somewhat submissive to a guy. Disturbing actually. Another thing, this little guy would have no trouble throwing you over my shoulder and carrying you like a princess. You wouldn't want that from me because I'm not tall enough and you'd be embarrassed thinking about the picture. Short guy doesn't fit the image of big strong alpha male and looks ridiculous with a tall, big woman in his arms right? FYI Spryte, this little guy can benchpress more than his his own weight, squat upwords of 500 lbs and is not too far removed from being in the best shape of his life.

BTW thanx for saying that you have nothing against short guys. It just reconfirms the truths that tall women are their own worst enemy when it comes to your own height. You follow Hollywood's rules of mate selection like sheep and try to save face by saying it's a guys attitude that's the problem when face with the Napoleon garbage that taller people throw at us.

Good luck to ya.

spryte (author) from Arizona, USA on May 24, 2012:

Carmine!! You are back! Amazing. Over a year since your last comment and still this piece irks the hell out of you. :) I'm only guessing here, but did your ego take a beating recently? Were you rejected again because of your height? Was she taller than you...maybe a bit overweight and you figured..."hey, a fat, tall chick can't be picky...I think I have a chance?" Were you really prettier than she was?

While I'm a bit puzzled as to why you are so personally offended at having been "rendered worthless" by me because either you are short or a homosexual, I can assure you that your rejection would be based on neither criteria as your apparent lack of sense of humor would immediately have me writing you off my potential suitor list.

What you really need to ask yourself is this Carmine..."Am I blaming my height or lack thereof on my failure to connect with a woman?" I think that your oversensitivity...especially given the fact that you are BACK after 14 months still beating the same damn probably what women sense and why they are rejecting you.

Sometimes growth is not measured in inches....and unfortunately, in your case I think you are stunted in more ways than just physical height. Please seek help...and I do wish you the best of luck.

Carmine on May 23, 2012:

Hello Spryte.

Just thought I'd chime in again and reiterate some truths based on experiences. It's been a while since I've been here. I can't and won't speak for all men but I know there are short and average height guys who have endured the same stuff.

Weight is a huge issue for lots of tall women in the dating world. Women who are tall, big and carry more than just a few unwanted extra pounds rarely date shorter guys even if he's marginally shorter than her. It's particularly embarrassing for her to be seen arm in arm anywhere in public with a smaller, light-weight, little guy. The greater the height difference, the more trepidatious it is for tall girl. Weight becomes non-existent when the man she's with is in fact taller and bigger. Weight also never matters if there's a mutual attraction between the tall girl and short guy. This actually goes for couples of all shapes and sizes. Tall women and short men can be attracted to each other despite being polarized by society's twisted norms. I've seen few couples where the woman is taller but it's not like they don't exist.

Secondly, I believe tall women aren't that fond of handsome faced short men. I've heard short and tall ladies utter nasty harsh words at the good looking, well dressed short guys. If he's got nicer features than her, she will feel grossly uncomfortable being the heavier, bigger and less attractive of the two. Women sporting confidence through the roof never care about a guy's height, weight or looks in relation to hers.

I personally like confident, character driven women who are mindful of other people's feelings. One more thing. I've been told more than once that I'm lost potential albeit not with those same words. Useless? Unworthy? A waste of a man? Should be a much taller guy with those looks? You betcha, I've heard em. Just not tall enough for tall women and too short for short women.

So Spryte, maybe you were joking, but when I read the words "lost potential" in the same sentence with short men and homosexual men, I can't ingore that. It's like you've already rendered me worthless as a man before giving me the chance to present myself.

Lia on April 24, 2012:

Well I'm 5'11 but I live in an area with 70% hispanic population. So trust me 5'11 can be hell. I'm also curcey. It's very hard and I feel your pain!!! I often ask my mom why thay didn't make sure this didn't happen to me. Do you feel the doctors should have stopped your growth?

helencarter on March 05, 2012:

Try being 6 foot 2 woman- and most definitely and hour glass-none of your model type figure. Now thats tall. you 5 foot 10 type who think you are tall really frustrate me-i'd love to be that short!

spryte (author) from Arizona, USA on July 18, 2011:

Julie - thanks for your comment and making me smile right back! You are truly effervescent!

Julie on July 18, 2011:

Hi there,

I've read your article and seen things from a whole different light! I'm 22, female and 5ft 10 (have been over 5ft since about the age of 9) and for a long time I hated my height. I didn't receive any male attention in primary school (the equivalent of elementary, but we leave at 10-11 years) while everyone else was running off playing kiss chase, people used me as a hub of laughter in secondary school, e.g. "you fancy her" "no I don't!!! Eww shut up!!" until I got to about 14 and changed my hair... This coincided with the boys suddenly growing and behold! They began to emerge from the woodwork and admit they'd liked me for years. *sigh*

I have began to love my height. I was lucky to have a mother who never allowed me to try to blend in, despite my moaning. For instance, because of her I have always been a lover of bright colours. I will walk into my office, filled with people in either grey and black formalwear, or casual jeans and jumpers, in a bright pink, green, black, orange striped dress and heels, or go out with my friends in a white mini dress and matching killer heels. I admit, the heels thing took a lot of psychological prep (I've only really started wearing them in the last year or so) and they are still quite a rarity, but the fact is, I have accepted that I am tall, and love fashion. I may as well own my height and defiantly wear heels to boot!

The only thing that has proved a bit awkward at times has been men. My fantasy would be to meet a guy who was 6ft 5, fall in love, get married, have a few tall babies and become little old versions of ourselves (i.e me shrinking to about 5ft 8, and him 6ft 3, so not that little really lol). However, one thing that helped me massively was the fact that the first boyfriend I ever had was about 5ft 7. I was 15, still of the impression that guys did not fancy me at all, when he came along and proved to me that I was, in fact, noticed in a positive, rather than an "omg, look at that freak" manner. This, I believe, conditioned me to not minding shorter guys. Had my first boyfriend been taller than me, that might have been the only type I would have gone for! My next serious boyfriend after that was about 5ft8, and I was with him for 3 years. Sure, I never wore heels around him, and sometimes I would feel awkward around his very short family (he lived in a very female household), but on the whole I was fine with it. I have dated tall, medium and short folk and recently, it dawned on me that my height and others isn't an issue any more for me. How freeing!!

I do still get the "wow you're tall!" comments, (my doctor is one to do this, which is funny considering he has known me since I was born...) as well as the "you should be a model" ones - meant as a compliment, but one that lacks imagination and doesn't consider for the idea that a tall slim person may want to do something else with their lives. The one thing I haven't ever dealt with is the big feet issue that often goes hand in hand with being tall - I'm a UK size 6, which is one size bigger than the national average for women. Thankful for small mercies, eh!!

Great post, loved it and it made me smile!

Sue on June 19, 2011:

I am 6'1" and a woman. I love being tall; you just have to be confident and own your height. If you are confident, you will be attractive. I have no problem with dating someone shorter; men do it all the time. Beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes; I think people can be attractive at any height. It's how you carry yourself and your character that matters most, not external features like height.

tada on March 26, 2011:

Funny story :p I am 17 and 5'8.5" and I really want to be taller! It would be cool and I wouldn't feel so short when I'm around my boyfriend who is about 6'1" I think about it every day and try to find out how I can make myself taller on the net.

spryte (author) from Arizona, USA on March 24, 2011:

Carmine, Carmine, Carmine...tsk! I know it's been three weeks since your response, but I've been rather busy with other things and dealing with your lack of humor has not been my top priority.

You need to lighten up. Seriously. But because you expended so much energy on your rebuttal, I'll answer your questions in the order that you have given them.

Do I find humor in a shorter person commenting on the size of my big feet? I find humor in any comment made about my big feet since unlike you, I have the ability to laugh at myself.

Do I find humor in a shorter person looking up to me and asking if I play basketball? Absolutely...and so would my former gym teacher.

Do I find humor when a shorter person tells me something I already know? Well that qualifies as a "duh" statement and my dislike of people that do this is universal.

Why not write an article that praises people of all shapes and sizes? To answer that I will turn it around and ask you the same. This is obviously an important issue to you and I bet you might even find it somewhat carthartic (as opposed to the recommended therapy that you eschewed).

Carmine on February 24, 2011:

Hey Spryte, I'm the furthest from an "angry little man," as you say I am. In fact, I'm a happy person 99% of the time. The other 1% sometimes comes after reading articles like this that aren't positive or practical.

According to you I'm lost potential as a man just because I'm short. FYI, I've received the shameful sighs in dissapointment from short and tall women wishing I was taller, just like women who frown at good looking guys who are gay. I don't need a therapist either. I think you may need a therapist if you feel this world is hard on tall people. Heightism is really the last invalidation ideology that is omnipotent in this world of discrimination. You can't deny it and I don't think you could ever understand that because you're not 5'5. Instead you try to find humour at someone else's expense with garbage knowledge of what you think is the hardships of tall people in an alleged, short persons world. You couldn't be more wrong my dear. Tall people have it way easier in life than short people, but I will agree with you that not everyone has it made. You just make it harder for shorter guys because you're perpetuating the negativity that taller women have against us with this stuff. By the way, I did read Rukt's response without hasting. Maybe you should pay particular attention to his response, especially the last sentence. I doubt that you get treated like a little kid by virtue of your height. Again, I'm not an angry person. I'm just trying to stand tall in the midst of the negative attitudes that comes from tall women ranting about their height. Do you find humour in a shorter person commenting on the size of your big feet? Do you find humour in a shorter person looking up to you and asking you if you play basketball? Do you find humour when a shorter person tells you something you all ready know? Gosh you're tall! LOL! Why not write an article that praises PEOPLE of all shapes and sizes?! Thanks for reading!

spryte (author) from Arizona, USA on January 26, 2011:


OMG...I'm almost peeing myself laughing now. I tried to post just a smiley face and I got this back:

"Your comment is rather short."

Cindy Lawson from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on January 09, 2011:

LOL Spryte, you really are a 'case' aren't you :D

spryte (author) from Arizona, USA on January 04, 2011:

LOL! Thanks for defending me, Misty... :) You know you are one of my besties on this hubsite so a big hugs to you. Now look the other way while I have a little fun with Carmine. :)

In your eagerness to defend the maligned Rukt, perhaps you skipped the actual reading of his comment, grabbed your proportionally sized weapon, hopped on your pony and came rushing to his defense simply because the patting on his head comment struck a raw nerve with YOU. :)

While I applaud the use of a quote from my blog, If you were expecting some sort of negative reaction to it...I have to disappoint. I generally don't write something I don't mean so I still stand by the fact that my opinion of my height in comparison to that of a man's IS my issue. However, unlike some people, I can deal with it by looking at it humorously.

You are an angry little man. I can't do anything about your height...and I am not interested at all in your anger. Find a therapist you can trust and pay them to help you work it out.

But hey...thanks for stopping by!

Cindy Lawson from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on December 31, 2010:

Carmine, may I interject here. I know you don't know Spryte (the author of this hub), but I have followed her writings for nearly three years now (and I am one of those 'short' people). Believe me she is a lovely humorous and kind person, not at all arrogant as you seem to have assumed. This kind of hub is written to make people laugh (as I did and many others did too), so please don't pre-judge her, instead read more of her hubs and you will see the real and beautiful person she is.

Carmine on December 29, 2010:

Rukt: Well, I'm not gonna get into some wahhhh contest with you over which is worse. I'll just pat you on the head and say, "There, there little guy, I'm sure things will look up for you soon." :)

Hey Spryte, you must really dislike shorter guys or you've got serious issues with short people plain and simple. I can't say that I'm impressed with your response to Rukt. Pat on the head? There, there little guy?

Even if you're being sarcastic, that's still pretty cheap and insulting as far as I'm concerned. Forgive me, at least you yourself admitted that a short guy's lack of height is YOUR issue and not his. This is promising! Really, it is! In fact, I believe the world would be a much better place if more women proudly wore their insecurities and issues like they boldy wear their high heels! Approaching the right woman means wasting little time on the ones still stuck in the stone age. Tall women with attitude are the worst kind of woman and they need to be cut down to in order to see the light of humanity. You tall ladies think you're so much better than everyone else who doesn't measure up that the only way you communicate is by insulting? Grow up already!! Wait a minute! You can't grow up because your head is so far above the clouds in arrogance that it's clouding your judgement in life.

spryte (author) from Arizona, USA on December 28, 2010:

Misty!!! Well I'm glad you found this one :) High heels are dangerous...but I still miss wearing them. Occasionally I'll sneak off to the office in a pair (after the hubby has left for work of course)...but once I forgot to take them off before walking in the door and the look on his face was like I'd been caught cheating on him. LOL!

Cindy Lawson from Guernsey (Channel Islands) on December 28, 2010:

How did I ever miss this hub when you 1st published it Spryte. I have just enjoyed every second of giggling my way through it. If it is any consolation I have suffered always being fairly short, meaning most trousers or skirts are too long for me, and I am too lazy to buy them and pay for them to be altered. On the plus side I can wear high heels, although wearing them and then getting from our front door to the car on the wonky granite paving our landlord provides can be a near-death experience, especially in the dark!!!

spryte (author) from Arizona, USA on December 28, 2010:

Ash - Awesome attitude! High (real high) five! :)

Ash on December 22, 2010:

I can relate to just about everything. I was always plagued by being the taller girl. I rarely felt feminine in the presence of a shorter man (especially if I actually liked him). I refuse to get into the back seat of a two-door car. I always have to buy the "long" variety of just about any article of clothing. Shirts rarely fit right, either, as the torsos are too short.. and I married a man about an inch shorter than me who likes to stand at the top of inclines or stairs and tell me how short I am.. Sometimes I wish I was 5'2 instead of almost 5'11. But I ultimately enjoy being the intimidating viking of a woman. My height commands attention, unwanted or not.

spryte (author) from Arizona, USA on December 20, 2010:

Rukt: Well, I'm not gonna get into some wahhhh contest with you over which is worse. I'll just pat you on the head and say, "There, there little guy, I'm sure things will look up for you soon." :)

Rukt on December 20, 2010:

Here's the perspective from the short side. Firstly, 5'10" is not that tall. It's average for men; only tall for women. In fact 5'8"-6'0" is the median range for guys. Secondly, I'm a short guy- 5'5" and I have to say that you tall women have it much better in terms of getting dates. Being in the bottom 25% of men, a woman does not have to look for in order to find someone better (taller, since they seem to think tall=better). I have listened to the advice about going after short girls, but that advice has been a catastrophic failure. The little girls (5'3" and below) are either underage, taken by hulks, or demand a guy who is at least 6'0". Besides, I feel like a damn pedo for dating the short girls. The average women aren't good bets either because I stand about eye level with them, which is too short. Tall women are my best bet; at 5'1" and up, you don't have much of a chance of finding a man who is taller than you and they usually know this, thus I have the greatest success with them. Imagine life for the short man; we get treated like kids and can't get dates.

spryte (author) from Arizona, USA on November 15, 2010:

LOL! Farmall - I don't doubt that being petite is just as hairy as being tall...but I still would love to have seen a picture of that hug! Thanks for dropping in :)

FarmallGirl77 on November 14, 2010:

I envy all you tall people out there!! I'm only 5'1 1/2" tall (and it's sad to say that I'm actually one of the taller women in my family). I am thankful though that I'm not nearly as short as my grandma (4'8"). I remember at my graduation party one of my dad's friends Rick; (who's well over 6'10" tall/ more like 7'2") was standing next to Grandma and she hugged Rick (ok, she attemted to hug him) her arms wrapped around his waist and her nose met his Rodeo belt buckle.= D That was the highlight of the party (unfortunately no one got a picture).

spryte (author) from Arizona, USA on September 27, 2010:

Bruce: I had to giggle when you used inches and millimeters in the same statement...but then I noticed you are from Toronto so the fact that you are comfortable with both systems makes perfect sense! (PS - I have visited Toronto several times and still love your city).

I like to tell people that I have three feet of leg. :)

You didn't tell me...oh wait...let me do the math. 12 ft 7 in less 6 ft 2 inc = 6 ft 5 in. LOL! I think I like you very much! Pitch that show...and if you need me for any guest appearances, just drop me a line.

Bruce Brooker on September 27, 2010:


Love your site!

My wife is six foot two inches tall and I love every millimeter of her.

Together, we make up 12 ft. 7in. of people.

We'd like to pitch a TV show..."big people, little world".

We can't change our size, but we can sure have some fun with it.


Bruce and Jay Brooker. Toronto.

Kathy on July 22, 2010:

This article was wonderful to read, I came across it in a search for tall thigh highs...

it's nice to know I'm not the only woman stuck with the extra height... I hit (and yeah it felt like a hit and not a reach =p) 6 feet of height when I was 15, I haven't measured since so I refuse to believe I'm any taller =p though I do wear a 37 inch inseam in jeans now and didn't then (btw is my god-send for cute long jeans that dont expect a lot of girth)

I totally get what you mean with bathtubs, though in my current apartment, the shower head is so high I dont know how "normal" people use them!

I have always felt like I was being too picky because I really don't like to date shorter men either, but really that feeling of being feminine and protected, rather than like you could rest your arm on his head is really nice. My last boyfriend was 6'5" and I'm pretty sure that's the only reason I stayed with him as long as I did =p

I am a sewing fan, so my prom dresses in school were my own creations, which really helped minimize the height problems, not that heels were even an option at the time, but I had to learn how to make my own patterns because sewing patterns allow for length to be added below the bust and dont factor in the extra height naturally above it!

Thank you for making this tall girl feel "normal" =)

spryte (author) from Arizona, USA on June 01, 2010:

Sam - What a great response! As tall as I am, I knew a girl in high school who was several inches taller than me..something like 6'3" or 6'4". Nobody gave her too much attitude because she was rather athletic and would have cheerfully pummeled them. :)

I've heard rumors that girls pretty much stop growing (except for nose and feet) at around age you should be very close to your adult height if you aren't already there. That's a wonderful height childhood friend and I recently got back in touch and she ended up being 6'1" (no half). She makes no apology for it either and even tacks on a few more inches with her badass cowboy boots.

I think you have an awesome attitude...especially for somebody still so young...that I only think life is going to get better and better for you! :) Thanks for responding and bringing a smile to my day.

Sam on June 01, 2010:

This was really great to read. Personally, I'm a 6'1 1/2" (yes, that half is important) girl, and I'm fifteen. Still growing? Maybe I am. You bring to light a LOT of the problems we face, and in a way that actually made me smile, and feel good about my height. It's lovely to read things like this, (I'm actually doing research for school) especially after reading some ignorant idiot's question on the net about "why is this woman as tall as me at 6 foot? What happened to her?"

Attitudes like that really irke on my nerves.

Like this girl in my class (she's around 5'9 herself, and not slim at all) has this horrible obsession with making rude comments about my height. Say, if I reach to the ceiling and manage to put my palm flat against it, she will mutter something intentionally crude about me being a freak.

A year ago her comments would have really hurt me, now not so much. I've accepted the negatives, and realised that I am still entitled to be who I am. Personally, I think that we tall women need to understand that we are still female, and we deserve to be treated as such. It wouldn't be acceptable for me to turn around and call her horribly obese, would it? For some reason it's perfectly fine to bother someone about their height, but not about many other things, such as weight, race, religious belief etc.

Boyfriends are a problem I definitely face. I feel like a pedophile if I like guys who are shorter and littler than me! I know I may be young, but, along with the clothes and the shoes, it's one more teenage thing that I can't just fit in with.

I read Bruce's comment, about him and his tall wife, and their comments, and I definitely think that's one way of getting around it...but usually, if the people aren't strangers then that comes around and bites you because suddenly you've got this name for being "bitter" and "vicious" about it, and are pretty much labelled a bitch, when little petite girls get away with it.

I've started taking it very's surprising how well that puts people off :D

Great article :)

Jessie on November 23, 2009:

haha .. lol this is really funny.. but really true.. i am only 5 feet and 9 inches tall but I do know that there is small problems for taller people and it is harder to find some one taller to be with that you actually like :) and that coment "When somebody says"hey what's the weather like up there, stretch?"

I want to spit and say, "it's rainin". is really funny! and i think i might use it because there are alot of similar coments that people say to me .. but i did get used to it :)

dre on May 27, 2009:

Really fun article.

Except beeing 184 cm and having a 180 girlfriend ( i think thats like 6' at my end and 5'11" at her), i also get my clothes "borrowed" by her. And its not that nice to decide to wear some shirt not to find it, to go for the next one and also not find it. :P Just kidding its really funny having my wardrobe already moving in, plus i really dig the sleazy-sugar-daddy-like vibe a give of when she wears really high heels. Anyway good luck catching that exit door seat you want.

spryte (author) from Arizona, USA on February 10, 2009:


"Wouldn't fit in"! Now that is the height (oops) of rudeness!

and LOL at the spitting idea! Now that you've shared that, every time somebody asks me that I'm going to be so tempted! :)

Thanks for dropping by and sharing! You've made my day!

Bruce Brooker on February 10, 2009:

Small world, TALL people.

I am 6 ft 5, my wife is 6 ft 2. This world is definitely not set up for us. We face many small challenges on a daily basis. We get stares from passersby whilst on a stroll in the neighbourhood.

One day we wanted to go into our friends new basement apartment to have a look. He said, "I don't think so, you just wouldn't fit in". The first thing that came to my mind was that there were some very hip folks down there, listening to John Coltrane or somethin, and we just would be out of place. Then he said, "no, you two won't fit".

Low ceilings. Small airplane seats. No room at the movies. It's a daily struggle to find a comfortable chair in this small world.

But we don't mind. Together we wear our tallness like a badge of honour.

Then there are the comments...

When somebody says"hey what's the weather like up there, stretch?"

I want to spit and say, "it's rainin".

My wife, when someone exclaims "wow, are you ever tall!" always says, "wow, are you ever observant!"

Hey, we have some fun with it, why not? Too bad for them if they can't take a joke.

Yeah, we're taller than "normal"...until we stand next to basketball players, then we're "short".

increase vertical on December 16, 2008:

I was still wondering at your info's ideas..Thanks for sharing the ideas..Its really a pertinent info..Thanks for the great Hub!Such a cool and nice to glance up this site

countrywomen from Washington, USA on October 26, 2008:

I totally agree with you spryte. We don't appreciate what we have until we lose it. The grass always looks greener on the other side. I am sure you had your moments...LOL

spryte (author) from Arizona, USA on October 25, 2008:

Isn't it funny how everyone always wants what they don't have (even if just for a little while) just to see what it's like or because they think perhaps its somehow better? I always envied my sisters their long sleek blonde hair...and didn't find out until many years later they were horribly jealous of my dark natural curls.

Tall has it's moments... :)

countrywomen from Washington, USA on October 25, 2008:

I would love trade places with you(At least for a day people would look up to me)...LOL. I agree about finding more tall men part but I always felt guys secretly desire for the long legged beauty like thyself...hehe

spryte (author) from Arizona, USA on October 25, 2008:

Sigh! I envy you...there are definitely a lot more man taller than you than they were for me! :) How I'd love to know what it is like to be dainty for a day! Thanks for dropping in countrywomen :)

countrywomen from Washington, USA on October 25, 2008:

Well I am 5.3" and always manage to smile at the nearest gentleman around to stove my luggage in the plane. I always wished I was at least 5.5 (now no chance only horizontal growth no vertical growth anymore)..hehe. I have bought a small ladder from home depot which I will cease to use once I get married to my tall dark handsome dream man (mills&boon hangover)...LOL

spryte (author) from Arizona, USA on August 24, 2008:

I bet I'd like your sister, Lazur! :)


Lazur from Netherlands on August 24, 2008:

Great hub:D It's like I hear my sister talk:)

spryte (author) from Arizona, USA on August 23, 2008:

Hi Rochelle -

LOL! What fun would it be pretending to be a tall person? I already know what that is like! :)

I keep a step stool in my own kitchen even at 5'10" height. It also comes in handy if my husband needs something up high and I'm not there to grab it for him. LOL!

Rochelle Frank from California Gold Country on August 23, 2008:

As a Spryte-- I always thought of you as a tiny person.

i'm a little taller than average-- just 5'8-- but i'm always glad to reach something on the grocery shelf for someone-- some of those shelves are almost too high for me.

spryte (author) from Arizona, USA on August 23, 2008:

Aww...thanks GK :)

Georgiakevin from Central Georgia on August 23, 2008:

I am glad to have read your well written article. I never realized just how many challenges tall women face. What is really in your favor is your sense of humor. Somehow I have an idea you never had a shortage of dates before you were married! I also believe your husband is a lucky man!

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