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It End With Us Changed My Perspective on Love

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I am a reader who loves to read and immerse myself in my imagination and also enjoy the magic of reading.

It End With Us shows us that not everything is pink and love can hurt sometimes.

The protagonist Lily, has witnessed the domestic violence that her mother suffered from her father throughout her life.When Lily's father died and she finally stopped witnessing this violence in her life she met Ryle who in a few years became the love of her life but that didn't aged well. Ryle mistreated Lily, beating her and yelling at her. Lily's biggest fear was in front of her. On the other hand there was Atlas, youthful love of Lily that appeared later in her life.


How it made me change my outlook on love?

I have always thought that love was pink as they always say, that once you fall in love your life improves a lot and your better half is filled, but when I read this book I realized that it is not .

Many describe this book as a romance but I think it is more a criticism of domestic violence and its consequences. It encourages silent women to speak up and be strong, to step forward and fight for themselves.

This book has taught me not to settle for an "almost perfect" because Ryle was perfect for Lily but had a flaw and that is that it was very violent. Lily forgave him at first and that had very severe consequences.

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Another thing that this book has taught me is that there is always a way out, it is never too late to leave and this is reflected very well at the end of the book Lily ends up separating from Ryle since I consider it was the best thing to do.

This book also teaches us that there are other options, the world is huge. Lily didn't just have Ryle in her life, she had Atlas, a person who would fit her expectations and make her feel enough. But this is just one example, we can find love in many places not only in a certain person that makes us feel useless and not enough.

A last thing that i learned from this book and made me think a lot is that "if it hurts you is not love". Love has to make you feel full, loved, sufficient etc but not hurt.

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