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How do the girls feel when the boys propose their love? What qualities make the boys propose to girls?

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Very happy. Girl's attractive voice and beautiful face makes a girl to impress the boys.

Joy, zeal, zest; all are with pretty girls. Merry, rejoice, enthusiasm; all are in cute girls. Whatever girls give is happiness for all boys. Girls cute voices are so sweet and melodious. Hence, all boys beg girls to be theirs. The parrots sing and the kingfishers dance for girls' melodious voice and their charm. Girls' utterances are like a cuckoo bird. A girl herself transforms into the blue jay's beauty with an enchanting voice to attract boys. These are nothing but love and passion for boys. A girl who breaths heat waves, in searching for her boyfriend to be her soulmate. A girlfriend's smile is a beautiful boon for a boyfriend.


The wind does its best to spread the fragrance of love.

Whenever she touches the boys with her soft hands, their happiness will know no bounds. Whenever, the boys' touch girlfriends' red cheeks, their hearts get immense joy. Every boy urges his girl to be in his mind and every girl seeks her boy to be in her heart forever. She calls the boys with her enchanting voice and gazes at them with her lotus eyes. She oversees the boys with her beautiful lotus eyes and crescent moon face. She looks like a beautiful goddess, princess, and queen. She blossoms her love as a rose flower and spread her fragrance of love towards boys as an Arabian perfume. She touches the boys with her soft and gentle fingers.

The sun rises and love blossoms. The sun sets but the love expands.

The winds blow the best to spread her love towards boys. Her soft touch is ecstatic. It is always a pleasure for a boy who comes to her doorstep. His mind blinks to touch her cheeks to kiss and sing lullabies for her. She sings as melodious and sweet as a nightingale and dances like a peacock for her boyfriend. The light of her bright eyes flows just like a sunray. Whenever she opens her eyes, it is an amazing scene for the boys. Thousands of eyes are not enough to see her immortal beauty. Some sweet moments in our life are very important and such beautiful moments stay in our lifetime. They are nothing but a girlfriend. Such moments are found in those beautiful eyes.

Lovers are the oceans and the wind. They remain forever.


Lovers have two bodies and a soul.

By hoping for such beautiful thoughts, boys are always awaiting such beautiful moments of their girlfriend's arrival. It's very happy to carry her message to the whole world. Love is an art and it comes from the lover's heart. Love gives every lover joy. If lovers concerned love is magic it gives them lovable music. Lovers should express their feelings to each other. Then only, their love will be successful. Lovers should be grateful to each other. They should be as light in the candle and live like water and milk.


Wind is the lovers best friend to spread their love to each other.

The light spread the whole world to give a send-off to the darkness. Darkness bids goodbye to the brightness. The darkness is nothing but the boys are waiting for their lover's response. The light is the girlfriend's reaction by saying the three magical words, "I Love You." Then the boy's hearts fill with millions of happiness and tons of joy in their mind. The enthusiasm in the minds of the boys is unlimited. They feel that they won the world by winning their beautiful girlfriend's heart. As their girlfriend's step forward, they just follow their footprints.

Love is a coupon to spread the fragrance of love.

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Live to love and love to live.

Vasanthapuri Sravan Kumar (author) from Nalgonda on November 20, 2020:

Love is passion and desire. Love is an emotion that comes from the hearts of lovers. Loving, sharing and spreading is the universal theme of love. Love makes a person to live happily. Love is not blind but the immortal one.