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Is Life Difficult


Every seconds we spend breathing matters. Each day we wake we have new opportunities to make our work perfect, improving on ourselves, increasing our abilities and making us a better person.

Life itself is crude and same time life is amazing. To those that makes use of it well life is amazing while those who refuse to fight life is crude to them.

Most persons will say life is a race but to me Life isn't a race nor a competition. Stop competing with your mate, you aren't running with anyone, but also try and develop yourself each day inorder to hope for the impossibilities and see the possibilities.

Each day when we go out we see alot of person during alot of things for example having a nice girlfriend which I can't have due to the financial state, buying luxury goods, it's made us to cry and feel sad about ourselves like this is the end of the world but it's not. Although you may do more jobs then they and you will be wondering like "why is this thing not working for me". During this times it's really frustrating but don't be "life is difficult" life is not easy we should have it in our mind all the time.

My life was crazy, I cried everyday when I wake, I won't even want to stand up from the bed because I would want to sleep and sleep so I won't be thinking about my failures. I was living like that for a sometime until I met someone that made my life meaningful, he said"failures will keep hurting you like a nightmare" you just have to wake up and fix your life. Life isn't difficult if you are a fighter and so he said! Keep fighting till the end, what is life is we aren't fighters.

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