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Is Liars, Leakers, and Liberals: The Case Against the Anti-Trump Conspiracy by Jeanine Pirro a Good Read?

Vivian observes life and culture and offers truthful insights to introduce balance and normalcy to the crazed sectors of society.

If you watch Justice with Judge Jeanine on Fox News any given Saturday evening, you know Jeanine Pirro doesn’t mince words. During her weekly opening statement, she cuts through political correctness with bold truths you won’t hear from any of the fake news media outlets.

In Liars, Leakers, and Liberals, Jeanine’s unabashed straightforwardness packs a punch with every page. Its eye-opening revelations provide a stark contrast to the fascist mainstream media’s false narrative. In fact, she aptly points out the rule of law has become irrelevant while politically motivated fiction has become truth—in this book, she sets the record straight.


It’s Not Democrat Versus Republican

One of Jeanine’s most astute arguments explains how the real battle in this country isn’t between Democrats and Republicans—it’s not about a political party. The battle is between the Swamp Party and the American people. You have heard about the powerful “Clinton Machine,” but the corruption in Washington isn’t limited to the Clintons. The Deep State is shaken by a transparent president who will not participate in their crooked systems of government. The Deep State is about empowering political leaders and robbing Americans of our freedom, and Trump fights to expose their corruption and return our nation to its former glory. In Jeanine’s words, “The anti-Trump movement is a conspiracy by the powerful and connected to overturn the will of the American people.” Trump is a threat to the abysmal Swamp Party.

Why Does the Left Oppose a Border Wall?

The Left proudly boasts support of sanctuary cities, despite all the statistical evidence proving the criminality of many illegals. Kate Steinle’s story is included in this book—just one of thousands of lives snuffed out too soon by criminal invaders who should not have been here. The Left prioritizes illegal immigrant felons over the safety of American citizens. The establishment refuses to build a wall to stop the flow of 90% of the drugs that flow through our southern border, along with the human trafficking and known terrorists trying to enter. Jeanine humorously notes if any of the establishment lived along our southern border, they would be helping build the wall themselves. The first order of the president and the government is to protect American citizens. We spend $275 billion annually to deal with illegal immigration, which includes the food, education, medicine, jail housing, and other associated drains on our system. In comparison, only $5.7 billion is needed to secure our border and protect our sovereignty. Why doesn’t the Left want to protect us, especially considering many Democratic leaders supported border security in the past? The answer is simple. The bigger the influx of people into this country, the more electoral representation they will have in future elections.

The Real Russia Collusion Story

Jeanine reveals the true Russian collusion story, but the main character isn’t Donald Trump—it’s “high priestess of the Deep State, liar Hillary Clinton.” Secretary of State Clinton used her position for a multitude of pay-to-play schemes, which this book trails for the reader to follow. Hillary sold 20% of our U.S. uranium to Russia, and she didn’t disclose the $2.35 million the Uranium One’s chairman made to the Clinton Foundation—merely a charity front for a money laundering racket. In fact, by the end of the deal, the Clinton Foundation scored $145 million from all entities involved in the Uranium One deal. In case you don’t know, uranium is a key component for building nuclear reactors. The FBI had eyewitness accounts and documents to prove this Clinton Russian collusion, but the Deep State stuck together, and the Obama administration approved the transaction as the Justice Department looked the other way. The Russians even bragged about their connections with the Clintons and knew it was a done deal. Even with all the evidence to back up Hillary’s criminal collusion, there have been crickets from the media and the swamp. Yet, there is zero evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia after a two-year investigation, but the investigation continues. It truly is a witch hunt.

Who Are the Liars?

The chief liar is Hillary Clinton. Jeanine traces Clinton lies about Benghazi, the email server scandal, her reckless handling of Libya, and the Clinton Foundation organized crime machine. During her time as Secretary of State, Bill’s speaking fees quadrupled. Using her influence to coincide with the millions funneling into her bank account is a direct violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Others who have done far less have been criminally prosecuted and convicted, yet Hillary is above the law.

James Comey is another player in the establishment who tainted and politicized the FBI. Changing his original statement of Hillary being “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless” was done purposely to save her from the criminalization under the statute for such wording. He also avoided asking her critical questions that would lead to her indictment if answered truthfully. It’s not that he liked Hillary—it’s that he didn’t want Trump upsetting the cesspool of the swamp. Had she become president, he would have held this information over her head to make sure she never crossed him.

Barack Obama was not ignorant of Hillary’s schemes, but he expected her to preserve his pathetic legacy. Obama also worked to politicize the FBI, CIA, IRS, NSA, and EPA to weaponize them against conservatives—all part of his subversive agenda to “fundamentally” change America.

Peter Strzok engineered the Russia collusion investigation as an insurance policy should Trump win the election to keep Trump on the defense so he couldn’t fulfill his campaign promises. Strzok’s scheme was meant to disenfranchise Trump voters and throw democracy under the bus. The fake dossier was paid for by the DNC and Hillary Clinton and used to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign. Obama knew about it, and his use of national security surveillance against a presidential candidate should have been at least as big as Watergate. This piece of fiction was then used as an excuse to investigate, wiretap, and unmask Americans via the FISA court—a court that is “secret” and unaccountable to the public. It has become a rubber stamp court to authorize establishment players to do whatever they want, including domestic spying.

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Rod Rosenstein, Robert Mueller, and Andrew McCabe all play key roles in the corruption and should, along with Comey and Hillary, be under investigation.

Utter Hypocrisy

Jeanine explores the hypocrisy of the Left. For example, liberals accuse conservatives of waging war on women, yet they criticize Melania’s clothes and her accent. Liberals welcome illegal immigrants, but spurn Melania even though she is an immigrant. Ivanka was once heralded a role model for women because of her independence and success, but now she is demonized. Many retailers have even dropped her clothing line. In other words, the Left tries to suppress what they claim to advance. Jeanine highlights the fact Chelsea Clinton doesn’t receive the same treatment, even though her father is a sexual predator and makes his income from foreign tyrants.

Trump's Accomplishments

Since the mainstream media only spins falsehoods when it comes to Trumps stellar track record of accomplishments, which outpaces any other president in modern history, Jeanine expounds on these kept promises:

  • Border security
  • Better trade deals
  • Record low unemployment
  • Boosted economy
  • Lower taxes
  • Denuclearization of North Korea
  • Dealing with China’s unfair trade practices and intellectual property theft
  • Hostages returned
  • NATO allies to start paying their fair share
  • Bulked up military to achieve peace through strength
  • Appointment of conservative judges to interpret the Constitution as written
  • Elimination of the individual mandate from the disaster of Obamacare
  • Improved American infrastructure
  • Energy independence
  • End to the war on coal
  • Decimation of ISIS
  • Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

Unlike Obama who surrounded himself with race-baiters, bombers, liars, and leakers, Trump has assembled a team who truly fight for Americans and put us first. He is the first president to have the guts to say what the majority of us think.

Who Are the Haters?

This book paints a very clear picture of who the actual haters, obstructionists, and liars are—it’s the liberal Left. Their platform is hatred, and anyone who doesn’t agree with them is the enemy. They don’t believe in anything, but only know what they hate. The Left is at war with America, and violence isn’t beneath them. They would rather see our entire nation fail than to see Trump’s agenda succeed. The Deep State fans the flames of hatred because they are globalists and socialists who would rather see our standard of living decline, our streets filled with crime, and hate speech laws to punish anyone who doesn’t agree with them, as long as they can stay in power. The Deep State sidesteps justice, and it’s time for a reckoning if we want a nation whose government secures our inalienable rights.

A Little About Jeanine Pirro

Jeanine Pirro knows the real Donald Trump because she has been personal friends with him for decades and can attest to his good character. She became a prosecutor, judge, one of the first female district attorneys in the state of New York, a journalist, and is now a host of a weekly television show on Fox News. She believes in and fights for equal justice under the law for everyone.

Her book, Liars, Leakers, and Liberals, is well-researched and documented, direct, and clear-cut. Jeanine unravels the intricate web of Washington corruption very skillfully so anyone can easily grasp the gravity of our nation’s political climate.

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