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Is Being Nice Cool?

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I am an empath which means I can "feel" others emotions and feelings as well as put into words things others would find hard to understand.


Trying to be nice to someone,

doesn't really matter,

they throw your sympathy on the floor,

then your humanity begins to shatter.

Having kind words to say,

seems the civilized thing to do,

but it's like trying to open a door,

when they just won't let you through.

Empathy is only natural,

when similar states exist,

you offer your services,

but the opportunity is missed.

We're all angels with one wing,

we need each other to fly,

it's just music when you refuse to sing,

like it's pointless when you refuse to try.

Offered services seem to stink,

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it's suspicious when offered for nothing,

is there an ulterior motive you think,

or you wonder if they're bluffing.

You lay your heart upon the line,

and seek to offer advice,

but the recipient just wants to whine,

while your heart they gladly slice.

You try your best to be a friend,

and offer your loyal hand,

but the beginning seems to be the end,

the reason why you don't understand.

Being nice just is not cool,

when it's thrown back in your face,

it makes you seem like a fool,

and your hope and trust misplaced.

Some people don't know when they're better off,

when a hand stretches out of the blue,

they sneer and just want to scoff,

then turn their back on you.

So why should I be a giver,

when all the world just takes,

the thought just makes me shiver,

at their obvious mistakes.

Counting shadows fool me,

they evanesce all into one,

distracted light I no longer see,

where the setting sun had shone.

Blurred inscriptions pacify,

though remain inside my head,

garbled nymphs ratify,

phrases that are left unsaid.

© 2020 Mark

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