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Is Adultery a Real Issue or Merely a Sin?

The 7th Commandment

The 7th Commandment

“Thou shalt not commit adultery.” Exodus 20:14

Hebrews 10:16 “This is the covenant that I will make with them after those days, saith the Lord, I will put my laws into their hearts, and in their minds will I write them;” King James Version (KJV)

How will and can one love God with all of their heart, soul, mind, and strength, if those areas being used are full of adulteries? Adult decisions go with being an adult, as a decision is made to do so, as well as the experience. Unrepentant and unrestrained adult decisions pave the path to adulteries, all decisions which do not register as maturity meeting the ability to reason as an adult. Whether you fail or succeed, win or lose, the issues will still require the maturity of reasoning to resolve, those thoughts of reasoning which register on the rector scale of adulthood, and possess caliber and depth.

The idea of putting other gods before God is considered idolatry, the premise is often communicated also as adulterous. Adultery is something man/woman commit, or does not commit, but, one can be accused of just the same. The accusation that puts God in the mix, would be one bearing false witness, therefore giving sin a cloak. What does God have to do with adultery? except the precept is God inspired, "thou shalt not commit adultery" because the influence to commit it is not of God. The law is speaking what the mind of God is concerning each principle, but the doing of it falls upon the shoulders of men and women to perform, each one individually and collectively.

What does this type of adultery have to do with God, unless it is inferred that it is eros being spoken of, the god of lust and passion. Sensuality cannot define adulthood, where there is lust, look for infidelity to show up, not the prescribed passion between man and woman, which is private. Immaturity wants to expose people and their weaknesses, but the incentive of law is to help them rise up, instead of waiting for another indiscretion or fall. What does infidelity have to do with the glory of the true and living God? It is a human problem and must be resolved by man and woman using law as a directive.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the theological is from a Greek persuasion. Theo is the name of god in Greek. Many names beginning with the root "Theo-" derive from the Ancient Greek word theos ( θεός ), which means god. This is when repenting to believe makes the most sense. Suppose you are not referring to "Theo" yet the impact of what you believe comes from that fort. The New Testament has been presented to be written in Greek. It makes sense that I would need a help aid, such as the concordance for a working idea of what the word means in English. Many names beginning with the root "Theo-" derive from the Ancient Greek word theos ( θεός ), which means god,

Eros, in Greek religion, is the god of love. Repentance defines things correctly for me, as to say, when I say God is love, who I am talking about must be clear. The word erotic comes from the idea of eros which is a aspect of love the Greek described as passion between two people, but they believe love comes from their god. This idea sounds much like marriage considering this idea an adult endeavor. Under repentance only can I and will I understand their definition of Agape the love of God. Loving eros and eros loving you, only adults should understand. But it is unfair to transmit that to children before they are able to understand, these things to properly transfer what adultery means, an adult going too far with children. rather with a consenting adult of their choice. Perversion with children is adultery, a bully does those things and that is a sickness using eros as an excuse.

God as an idea is too vast to explore, and discover seeing that nations have a different name for who they believe to be God. The Prophet Moses said to the people of Israel, not to put any god before the God of Israel. The off springs of Israel had major challenges in dealing with so many nations. The Hebrew text is where most go to for instructional things, where the law has more of a foundation, Two languages are used in studying the Scriptures. Repentance would be the path to take prior to discovery for the journey to salvation, not to end up lost when I may not agree with all that I encounter along the way to study respectfully; even when I don't agree with the doctrines I don't understand, not to be willing to cause discord.

Adultery using senses

The senses can and do prove sensuality, ears can prove hearing, eyes can prove seeing, touch can prove touching, the nose can prove smelling, and the mouth can prove tasting, therefore naturally speaking senses can prove sensual and non-sensual things. The senses are supposed to tell me the truth, and not a lie. Sin and unrepentance make this a difficult and tedious task, this is when the Spirit raises the standard, for sensual flooding not to occur and gravitate towards adulteries.

What is adultery? In the dictionary it is a voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and a person who is not his or her spouse: Sexual intercourse is sensual in mature, it involves the sensual part of the body, along with feelings. Only an adult truly qualifies for the experience. What is described as adultery in the context of sensuality involves the deceitfulness of lust, another party is needed for it to be determined an act of infidelity or unfaithfulness, the act of adultery is determined by two adults failing at adulthood.

What about individual, and singular acts of adultery? Not exhibiting adult thoughts, reasoning, emotions which characterize maturity for the sake of adulthood is problematic, this problem is adulterous, yet, hidden under sensuality; which only diagnoses the problem when infidelity is added to the activity. This is the premise mostly represented, and accepted by this idea, however, is this all that the law is articulating concerning it? The light, and law of the spirit informs that it is not, because knowing is in parts, It is man/woman that is involved in this dilemma, only two of them at a time can mend this by communicating with each other, this speaks volume towards adult life. Honest communication being the key to the health of relationships.

The garden dwellers did not commit any infidelity, but they were adults who made a decision which only a reasonable or unreasonable adult could make. This is what an act of adultery looks like without infidelity being the issue. Adultery does not begin with the flesh or body, its end is there, it begins in the mind and heart where the disease causing adultery comes from, and is the product of influence both good and bad, rather than inspiration of good to the highest power of very good, the ultimate in good intended, thought and felt for goodness sake.

This is an adult observation.The focus is more on infidelity, whereas, restraint, respect, and repentance should precede the decision to commit all adult activities and to make adult decisions. Adulthood didn’t come with a warranty, yet, the law guarantees successful adulthood, by admonishing thinking to consider making the decision to avoid what is considered adultery. All who have committed adultery, have also infected and passed it onto the children, the children are making adult decisions before reaching adulthood, and parents are making childish decisions, who are legally adults pass the age of 21. Honor thy mother and thy father, is also addressed by fathers provoke not your children, mothers are hidden away from this admonition, but, if mothers omit themselves from the admonition, this is adulterous not to heed as it pertains to motherhood. There seems to be a provocation to anger followed by discouraged children. It is a type of bullying, why would a father and mother want to provoke to anger who is obviously younger than they are? I am not a parent so, I cannot answer the question.

Colossians 3:21 - “Fathers, provoke not your children to anger, lest they be discouraged.”

The first look at this incentive and principle requires response, there is an inquiry to each reader embedded, will I purposely commit adultery? The reply should always be no, therefore fulfilling the requirements for you not to commit adultery. Why? because you have purposed with the heart you have, where it is written to comply with its counsel. Because I was not made exempt from this temptation. Say I do not commit the act, I am not exempt from living in a world where it is committed, this a reason to repent. I need repentance to forbear under the weight of sin. Sin is heavy weight, but unrepentance weighs even more than sin, and I do not want to carry either.

Jesus told the woman taken in adultery, go and sin no more. How does the mind process go and sin no more correctly, as merely don't commit the sin again! Is that really enough, sin without atonement? You can stop or not stop a sin, but atonement for the committed sin is needed from who committed it. Repentance is the atoning offering needed, not from the priest, but from the offender of the law, not to delve into becoming a repeat offender, committing sin and wanting the cloak of forgiveness as atonement, when repentance is the application and offering needed in atoning.

All sin requires repentance as the atoning grace for sin, trespasses, transgressions, and all lawlessness, (aka) also known as iniquities. When sin emerged from its hidden sphere so did repentance as the remedy. Sin is not a part of creation, repentance is, and is needed to form and for the operation of form.Working out salvation is a work of breath, spirit and soul towards functionality of a sound mind and control of the body. Being a doer of the work, and not a hearer who is only capable of deceiving ones own self. Intercession taught me this quality, because the infirmity of not knowing how to pray as I ought. Moreover, I perceived that I ought to understand how to pray, if I am serious about it. Just like John the Baptist was the forerunner to Jesus, repentance is the forerunner for prayer and salvation. Through John repentance resonated, through Jesus salvation. The two witnesses of promise repentance and salvation. One cannot be saved without repenting and can and must repent to be saved.

So let it be written, and so let it be done.

1 Corinthians 13:11 - When I was a child, I made use of a child's language, I had a child's feelings and a child's thoughts: now that I am a man, I have put away the things of a child.

The Apostle contrasted differences in mindsets using the child, and adult, as to examples to distinguish between the two. He even emphasizes the preference of adulthood for the time appointed, to live in the adult of manhood, he manned up!. Childhood is lived on a level, not necessarily a lower level, inasmuch as it being just a level because age is a factor, along with immaturity, childhood gets filed in the memory bank, and archived until and when reflection is needed, stimulation will occur.

In other words he was saying I will not commit adultery. The use of childhood language, feelings and thoughts for adult issues is an act of not committing adultery without the accusation or threat of infidelity. I’m looking for an adult mind, and when the child shows up, repentance can and will help me correct this mind twist, and change the things I can, and grant me wisdom to understand the difference.

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I had a dream several years ago, in the dream I was involved in intercessory prayer with an elder, there was a man present and he was whispering into the ears of children, I could discern what he was telling them was evil. I don’t remember anything more than this. The children are a concern these days, but I outgrew and developed beyond childhood, and teens, into adulthood, heading into old age these days, but I can remember my childhood in segments. Decades have passed, all the things whispered, or sounded in that day only came through songs mostly, one thing the songs had the potential to do, was make you think what the song was resonating via lyrics and music. I am not sure if the songs today can do the same for the youth or if who writes them even care what the message is through music and lyrics rendered, that they are sending messages to minds. The songs of old were full of adulteries, singers telling adult stories of both woe, joy and chords written in sorrow, fast and slow.

The songs of that time were 90% sensual for the minds of children. Today what a child cannot hear, has not been uttered. In my former days, there were different adulteries spoken in the ears of children. The problem I have come to realize is that the mind was confused by these adult dialogues in and through songs full of adult content peddled like a drug dealer peddled the drugs in the old neighborhoods.

Struggle was a friend, and foe, I don’t really know which one was the victor. My reality understands my childhood, it is my experience, good and bad, the good always outweigh the bad days, so I don’t and won’t complain, adulthood avers working towards the bad eliminated and the good travels to very good everyday and in every way. All of the struggles properties are converted and translated into enemies that are and will be defeated foes, as I deal with sins of omission lurking about.

I challenged myself to remove the idea of the sexual infidelity from the premise, then what is adultery without sex? Is it still the same issue? No, it is an issue taken from another basis; it is adult behavior leaking from a stream of childishness; that if ignored, is a critical issue, not a theory, and this happens when the prerequisite of repentance for the use of restraint before every act is missing. The act of sin alone requires an offering so that the consequences of sin can be dwarfed, and understood correctly. so that judgment, justice, and equity, can prove me, as they are meted out; To measure; to ascertain quantity, dimensions or capacity by any rule or standard, mainly law. The awe of the law grants me comfort and peace.

What has the remedy is the most essential aspect, the ointment of repentance poured out upon sin for healing to materialize. Violence is not the answer for the activity sin produces with rod or staff or stones, repentance and sorrow is. Grief and remorse are followers of that sorrow; guilt cannot be a dwelling place or an abode, it is a rest stop only to feel the sorrow. Guilt is necessary to feel, for the survival of the mind and soul.

Adultery is a Sickness

In times of old adultery was handled as a sin and crime worthy of punishment and consequences instead of a sickness requiring remedy and ointment for a sickness. Grace showed me how mercy is operational. Adultery is a sickness! There is a place to go to prove, improve and get reproof for this mismanagement of man and womanhood. What state or place hasn't man/woman ended up in this life for this disease of adultery, to name a few, church, school, work, jail, mental facilities, rehab, death, murdered, and to the grave. Man and woman are the reason for all the hoods. Fatherhood, motherhood, brotherhood, sisterhood, neighborhoods, adulteries reduce them all to merely a place minorities are found. Where do the majorities who rule dwell? Aren't all men and women as well. then are any exempt from the hoods of family and neighbors.The only remedy left while there is still time left in the hour glass is to repent of adulteries individually whether you believe you are guilty or not, you have to live where it is in session day and night; the multitudes of counsels, and admonishes to start breaking up the fallow ground, and clearing/cleaning the air of toxins, and poisons the breath of repentance houses to shift the atmosphere in order, desire the law, and order. decently, civilly, respectfully, morally and righteously.

The adultery was being housed in the sick head, where diseases and parasites live, not the health, and wholeness the law offers to flee adultery, fornication, or homosexuality, and be healed. Fornication, and homosexuality are committed by adults making these acts of adulteries, Consenting adults in marriage make it harder to believe, it wouldn’t be childlike because these were adults who agreed, and no one would know when they have changed their minds towards each unless they are told.

Generally, the two in the relationship are lacking communication to each other concerning a change in feelings towards each other, and one doesn’t feel it even necessary to tell the other about the change in feelings to talk it out, and resolve the issue, so that the hardness of heart can be a no show. Divorce was offered because of this hardness of the hearts. Now lawyers, judges, and other entities are needed because two people can not resolve their differences, and issues between themselves without needing assistance that only the law can give, not through any other being, the law alone along with the Spirit of the law of liberty. Wrestling not with flesh, and blood, but rather we are wrestling and struggling with principles which need expression within as we wait to exhale, we can inspire others through that breath.

Speaking concerning influence, what can influence adultery? Inferior and childlike thinking and behaviors, because one has lived a very comfortable life in childhood, safety was present until forfeited and information of how a problem was handled previously surfaces which was founded in trauma. Childhood trauma is stemmatic, there is a root cause that makes it not easily solved or resolved, without the understanding, and practical application of law.

If the problem solving technique is drawn from the former, does it come from childhood, teenage, or adulthood. When it is not out of the childhood experience it requires adult supervision and consent. If I am an adult it requires my consent as an adult, out of the reservoir of experiences that qualify and validate adult reasoning and logic, where the activity of adult thought is weighed in the balances. Depending on how successful growth and development is towards adulthood, not behaviors which only adults are qualified and even permitted to commit because of their decision to enter covenant with each other.

John 1:17 - For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.

The features of the law are not easily received but through a soft tone which grace provides to accept the law and to heal brokenness. The law instructs me to do the law by not doing what it is suggesting is the incorrect approach to working out adherence towards fulfilling its goal. It is possibly as an act that all commit adultery every time the response to issues needed are not remedial and on an adult level, but rather house the response a child would give or make.

Children cannot commit adulteries, but, they can be infected by this perversion, they are not adults, the adulterer is the older individual who is at least 21 years of age. Below 21 years of age is premature, nevertheless a concern. Attempting to train a child in not the way they should go; this kind of adultery is looking for a partner for their own adulterous practices; without regard that they are not allowed to use children. Find an adult, stop bullying children out of their childhood, grow up! Whatever happened to them in childhood must be traumatic, only the unholy ghost of who the pervert is, w ould commit what they are incapable of grieving about, and taking it to repentance for the remedy. This is what no remorse looks like! Adult turned pervert, probably is the product of the same perversion it does.

All of this I say concerning the adultery of which it is determined it should not be committed? Under no circumstances, without any excuses. For moral, and civil law issues there are codes of conduct, and behaviors; that must actively be presented which puts each individual in the seat of equity, and justice, or can sit one in the seat of scorn, and not self judgment, looking for someone else to blame and judge them and condemn their own self, judgment only the law is capable of providing for successful endeavors. The law has already judged all sin, we are responsible for keeping it prejudged, lest unrepentance snatches the words and render me useless. Using the law less is less use of it. Useless becomes a status quo, and worth is dwarfed, instead of worth being a core value.

Adultery and the Conscience

Conscience understands the mind, and soul so that it can promote just actions, and prevent unjust ones. How would I be expected to feel guilt as a sinner, if I would be willing to con myself out of the science of who I am? Who am I in intent, motives, desires, imaginations, speech, and action. Guilt is a servant of sin, so that I don’t have to be the servant of guilt. I don’t want guilt as a servant either, sin produced it. Mercy cannot cooperate with guilt, shame and/or blame. Mercy and grace work with the unemployment of guilt.

The commandment not to commit adultery didn’t produce guilt, shame, or blame the sin committed produced it. Sin and guilt are cronies of unrepentance, if you are feeling guilty; look for sin to be lurking around somewhere, and somehow, or delusion maybe settling in, instead of repentance springing forth as an ointment, as well as the option towards healing the guilt ridden mind and soul.

The lust or sexual act alleged to be the cause of adultery is only a part of the problem, the aspect of sex could not be anything other than a sensual act that has and needs use of the body to commit. Adultery begins in the mind, not the body. Did one leer or look at him or her, without determining the eyes to be content to see correctly? The eyes can see, but the features of adulteries come with unidentifiable intents which the seer must validate, is it attraction or a distraction?

If merely attraction, one can look away. It is sensual in nature because the senses are involved and the body will be used; it is adultery because of the decision to depart from the consensual adult decision made with another individual, without bothering to communicate intentions or changed feelings. It is a thought before it becomes an action. The practice of self control speaks volume to restraint to emerge into activity, confident of success, in being a doer of the inner works, written in the heart,not to become just a hearer only deceiving one’s self. Grace and peace be the staff.

3 John 3:2 - 2 Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.

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