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Invited to the Youths Carnival (8)

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


Dreams Fulfilment

It was because I don't have money that I have been withdrawing myself from ladies, because as a person who can barely feed himself, when I get involved with any lady and couldn't support her financially, I won't be happy with myself.

Even the lady I am involved with, I have pushed her away several times but somehow our paths keep crossing again and again. No one tells us before we know that God has something for us.


My Counsel To You, Youths

I have said many things when I started talking to you that you can achieve anything your mind can conceive. However, from what I have said you will discover that you must not be lazy…. God frowns at laziness as well as the culture of the humanity.

You need to be diligent in whatever you are doing. It is of paramount importance that people know you with what you are doing, although, you may yet be struggling to find your feet in whatever you are doing, however be it known to you that no community is built in a day, it is not only Rome that's not built in a day it is all communities of the world, the same with businesses, relationships and so on.

If nothing is built in a day it shows that one needs to be committed to whatever one is doing before one becomes recognised and or make it in that line.

Even if it is online businesses as this is the common trend in the society now for lack of jobs for Youths, yet in those online businesses be consistent and ensure you know the knitty gritties of the work you are doing, by this you shall make unfrittered progress and succeed.

May God bless you, the Youths of our community and bless our country.

Thank you all he said, bowing down his head to them all.

There is loud applause for him from the Youths. Many were talking among themselves about what he has said, saying they have all erred in their judgements of how he made it…. While underground side talks continue, the Youth president gets out to take the microphone from the guest speaker as people also clapped for him.

Clearing his throat, we have all been blessed by the words of the rising star of our community, Mr. Ire, or ain't you all blessed?

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Youths shouted they are all blessed by his words.

Thank you, he has shown us that migrating to another land is not a guarantee to making it and breaking forth in life, what matters is we knowing what we are doing wherever we are. We have known people who traveled out who are yet languishing in poverty because when they got to where they travelled to, they forgot their backgrounds and were left behind by others.

In our speaker's words, "whatever your minds can conceive, you can achieve, even if you are going to be the pioneer of that thing on earth" you can achieve it.

Tell yourself that I can and I will achieve what my heart has conceived, the Youth president says

The audience repeat after him "I can and I will achieve what my heart has conceived"

Repeat it again, the Youth president says as the people started repeating it…. Mr. Ire started leaving the town Hall and the people stand to their feet clapping for him…. His spouse, Rànmílọ́wọ́ has gotten out through the side door to go and meet him as she has said if he leaves she is leaving with him….

Staying by his car, he started talking with the leadership, "whenever and whatever you need my assistance for don't hesitate to contact me and I will try my best for you all" he said as he opened his car door.

"Thank you sir" they chorused.

Entering the car, and his spouse opening the door too, started the engine of the car and they left the place as the Youth Leaderships keep waiving till his car left their view….

In the car putting his right hand on his spouse thigh, you said so and you did so, I was thinking you won't be able to leave with me again…. Rànmílọ́wọ́ smiling, nothing to take there again, if I sit back there, my mind wouldn't be there again, why wasting my time, they all have known us together, nothing to hide again…

(The End)


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