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Invited to the Youths Carnival (7)

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What Noticed

My mother beliefs that when you give you will also receive. It has been in my mind that what would be received would be similar to those things given out, or even more as she used to say that what one gives would be pressed down and shaken together by those who want to give us back so that it will be in overflowing measures.

So I was patiently studying this but it didn't work as I had pictured it in my heart or as my mother has made me to believe.

For before now I discovered that when I give I don't see anyone giving me back. Although someone says the Divine is paying me back in another way, saying my sound health may be due to my life of giving.

I partially agreed to what he has said as a means of comforting myself that what I am doing isn't a waste.

How My Life Changed

When he says this, many Youths adjusted themselves on their seats, for this is what their ears have been itching to hear, they all want to know the source of his wealth.

I have seen and heard different things about my changed status, many have said it was online businesses that brought about my changed status, that I am into Bitcoin trade and others, they keep saying among themselves that you know those people in that kind of businesses hardly tell others in our community because no one will want to show another person the source of how he makes it.

Whenever I hear such, I smile to myself, I want you to know that though, I am computer literate and I make use of computer and internet very well but I am not into any online businesses.

Maybe I would have been into it assuming I have the capital but I didn't have the capital and couldn't venture into it.

It's true that I registered in some of the online businesses but when it gets to the issue of funding my wallet, that's where I usually get stucked. Having tried some and couldn't pursue it, I resort to date, having it in mind that in the future I will do it when I have money that I can spare.

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The Beggar

I was in this situation when I met with a beggar, I have been given her money regularly because she used to sit to ask for alms on the road to my shop.

I have made it a point of duty to keep an amount in my wallet that I will give her when going or coming, anytime because sometimes I won't see her in the morning, but will see her in the evening when returning home.

This day, as I stretched out my hand to give her she asked me to ask of what I want from my Creator that hour. I was shocked, but I asked silently and she said, may God surprise you. Amen I said and left her.

The following day she didn't say something like that, I was expecting maybe she would repeat it but she didn't.

A week after this incident, what I noticed was this, some of the old goods in my shop was what some people started demanding for. In my mind, let me just sell this at any amount and use it to buy foods to eat, but I discovered that, that was what turned everything around for me. By the time I sold those, I have made ample of money which I diverted into buying goods that are recent.

Like this things started changing, everyday, I will make a gain of about 20 percent from those things I am selling. Through that I can project and order for something payeble at specific time and wouldn't fail my suppliers.

When my suppliers saw this, they started giving me some goods on credit and that was how I started my business expansion.

This was simply what happened to me, mine wasn't an online making, I have been divinely visited in what I am doing and known for.

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