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Invited to the Youths Carnival (6)

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Programme Starts

The Youths are overwhelmed by the support they received from Mr. Ire for he officially assisted them and unofficially as he has said with his spouse.

The three days programme was fun filled and since that day the programme becomes one of the programmes every Youth within the community looks forward to.

Learn From Me

Mr Ire talked to the youths that they can become anything they aspire to become in life as long as they are alive. "Whatever your heart can conceive, they are attainable by you" that's why your heart has conceived it but not someone else.

What you conceived in your heart could come in different forms, sleeping and dreaming or just viewing into the world and picturing how some things should be, what should be here but not there, seeing yourself doing some things differently from how others are doing them, those are what you have conceived. They are like pregnancies being carried by women in their uteruses some for fear would not be able to carry the baby to term, some for some other reasons wouldn't be able to carry their fetuses to term while some will carry them to term and would not be able to deliver the babies, some will give birth to deformed babies….

This is akin to our dreams, visions and those things we have conceived we all must have the confidence in us that this dream I have, I shall actualize it, and it they are many dreams because a dream could give birth to some other dreams, believe in yourself that you will actualize them all.

It has been in my mind since when I was a child that I shall be a philanthropist, this is because I detest suffering. Whenever I see anyone suffering for something and I have the thing, even if it's the only thing I have, I prefer giving the person than holding on to it. This I have been doing from my youthful days.

It wasn't as if I am raised by a wealth parents, infact I am not. My father died when I was 5 years old, therefore, I did not know my father unlike many of us who enjoyed the presence of our fathers.


After my father's demise, my siblings and I were being catered for by our mother. She later told us that her husband's family members advised she remarry the same with her siblings and family members because she was young when the incident happened, the death of her Lover and Crown but she said she wouldn't remarry because she has girls and boys, for the Supreme Being has blessed my mother with three boys and two girls.

There is no much spacings among us the children and my mother married my father early. Although my father according to her was about seventeen years older than her. It was because my father married relatively late that he did not space the children like others, although some may not believe this, but that was what Mama told me, he says her husband says, they should do everything quick and settle down to raise the children afterwards. Which never did happen.

After his death, the little that my father had which was kept from others but revealed to my Mum was what she started off with, she started her own business.

During the course of this business she ensures that she passed a message across to us by her actions and it is the message of giving. She can give anyone anything, even her eyes she can pluck out for people in need.

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All of us, her children, has inculcated this into us.

I remember an incident that happened one day before her death, we were left with a tuber of yam in our house and a woman came knocking, asked for assistance, my mother told her she doesn't have money can give her something that she will feed on with her two sons.

The woman replied that's all she wanted for even if she gives her the money she will use it to buy what she and her children will eat.

I was the only one at home that day for others have gone to our Aunt place to return in the evening.

My mother called me to bring the Yam for the woman.

As a rule, whenever you are asked to give something to anyone you must not frown your face you must happily and joyously give the person.

Sympathetic hormones in me well up, but I had to calm myself down before I appeared to the woman so it took me a while before getting out to them at the living room. I have composed myself before reaching them.

Happily I gave the woman, as my mother added about one dollar to the food that she should use that to buy other things she will eat the Yam with.

After the woman left, and I confirmed that she has walked far, couldn't hear our conversation, we started talking, told her we have nothing at home again and how are we going to feed ourselves. She said I shouldn't worry, Holy Book has said we should not worry, our heavenly Father knows our needs.

She has nothing on her again as she has given all out to a woman who can't repay us back at least not in the immediate.

To cut the story short, none of us take anything that night we slept on empty stomachs.

We started complaining that she wastes so much money and things giving out to people, but she continues to say, you will understand in the future.

As from that incident, I decided that I won't be a fool like my mother, I won't do what she is doing, but I discovered that I can't do that when I grow up, as I would have found myself giving things out before thinking it was as if the act of giving is located in the subcortical region of my brain.

Having discovered this, I decided not to shy away from it.

(To be continued)


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