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Invited to the Youths Carnival (5)

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


Rànmílọ́wọ́, after the Youth leaders left her spouse arrived and asked about his meeting with the Youth Leaderships. He told her what they have come for which surprised her. Where we want to plant cocoa seedlings we found cocoa plants there. Good thing she said.

"What does that mean?" He asks.

"I have been begging you to support the Youths financially before and now that they have contacted you directly it shows they are expecting your financial support" she said.

"Well, they have not said anything close to that" he responded

"I know sire, but we can definitely not leave them alone financially", she said.

"I see. But since no mention of that has been made, it's you I will still use for that unofficial gifts, you make inquiries into some of the things they will be spending money on from the social Media groups of the Youths and feed me back."

"Will certainly do that, because I want this Youth Carnival to be first of its kind in the community. It's our time, let people say during our own time things started changing" she replied him.


"After you have gotten Inklings into how much those things will cost, you will give the Youth Leaderships and if the leaders again contacted me, I will also do that officially at least by that the Youth Group will have money in her account" he concludes.

Kneeling down "thank you my lord"

"There is nothing to thank me for there, this that we are doing is for the benefit of the community now and in the future, I am not doing it for you, I am doing it for us…"

"I know but assuming you did not consent to my suggestion what would I have done? Me, a young "girl" with no experience, no money yet you still tolerate me and listen to me"

"No sensible person will turn down good suggestions either it comes from infants or aged. Age is not directly related to wisdom, it's God that gives wisdom and he can give anyone irrespective of age or position", he enthused…. Standing to go to where the water heater jug is… she also followed him, asking, "what do you want to do?"

"I want to make us some Green tea" he says

"That's not your office" she says, pulling him by his left hand "you need someone who operates fully in that office to operate there, this is not business, it's "cooking", and it's my office, I won't allow anyone to take over my office from me", she said jovially

"Okay oh, Madame office, when you are not around would I be waiting for you?"

"That's different my Joy, when I am not around or when you travel for meetings with your foreign partners, you can do that, but whenever I am around, it's my office and your responsibility is to tell me to get us what we shall take or prepare for you what you like to take" she said smiling.

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"Okay Madame"

"Go and attend to other things, everything will soon be done" she says.

"What of if I wanted to stay by you and be watching how my Heartbeat beats the Green teas out of their bags?"

"That would be wonderful. You know it's always delightful for lovers doings together and especially intriguing when one's partner watches his partner prepare meals they will eat"

"Is that so? But you said you have no experience? How come you know this?"

"Through my parents, their discussions. What I also feel when my siblings are with me cooking"

"Uhm! I see"

"My Love?" She called as if she wanted to say something serious.

"I am here with you, for you, forever"

"Can you do me a favour please?"

"If it is not harmful, I will, you know that"

"Okay? Promise me"

"I promised" he replied

"Please don't say it to my hearing that I am the one who hindered you from attending to other pressing needs"

"You are not serious, have been thinking you are…"

"I am damn serious" laughing

"Please, hurry up and get this thing done"

(To be continued)


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