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Invited to the Youths Carnival (4)

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Executive Meeting

While the executives of the Youths were meeting on how to organise the programme that year, they have resolved to cut their expenses that year, and one of the means of cutting down their expenses is getting a resource person within the community.

Some of the Youths on their social Media groups have suggested they use people within the community as their resource persons during the programme.

The executives have keyed into this counsel and are trying to figure out who they shall contact.

Several names have been suggested, however at last they resolved to contact Mr. Ire for this, if he will be willing to attend.

He lives within the town and his fame is on the rise everyday, Youths need to learn one or two things from him now they said.

Some of the executives who know that he is close with Rànmílọ́wọ́, one of their members have suggested they send her to him, but the President of the Youths has said it doesn't speak well, they need to go to him directly, if he now does not want to accept, then maybe we can use her to influence his decision and change his mind to attend.

They agreed with him. It is dignifying to go to him on the name of the group as that would show they value him.


Meeting With Him

The Youth Leaderships agreed to send representatives to him to see if he will chanced to meet with them during their convention days.

They couldn't meet him the first day they went to his office. However, they were counseled by his secretary to check back certain day for that day is the day he used to attend to people. He does attend to people everyday, but that's the official day he has set aside to meet with people who come to him for one thing or another that's official in nature.

The secretary also promised to brief him of their visit when he arrives.

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When he arrived office late that day, his fianceé, Rànmílọ́wọ́, was sitting with the secretary talking.

Few minutes after an office bell rang and the secretary entered the office to brief him about the news he had.

Rànmílọ́wọ́ entered after the secretary left and he asks her if he knows about the Youths visitation, she replied she doesn't know anything about it neither has she been informed of such meeting by the secretary she concluded.

The secretary has said about four of the youths executives came around to see me, the secretary said she has told them when to call back. Although that's the day, I will be visiting my physician for monthly check up, I hope my physician would arrive early that day.

They arrived early that day, but he was yet to be around, however, he has instructed the secretary to tell them he won't be long as he has been attended to by the physician and on his way.

Soon enough he arrived and apologized for keeping them waiting, "health is wealth" he says, today is my clinic day, I went for my routine monthly check up.


He Agreed To Be There

They discussed with him what brought them to the place and he agreed to be at the programme and to speak to the Youths at the programme.

He emphasized the need to be on time as he as a businessman keeps to time. Time is money, money is time. A businessman has no time to waste he says.

The promised they will keep to time.

They were given transport money back to their bases.

(To be continued)


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