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Invited to the Youths Carnival (3)

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His Interest

Having known that he has interest in the Youths welfare for he has sent his fianceé, Rànmílọ́wọ́, to different Youths on different occasions the Youths also decided to invite him as the chief Guest Speaker during their yearly event.

Unlike in the time pasts that the Youths used to hold their yearly event at one of the High School Sports Pavilion, they have decided to use the recently completed community's Town Hall for the event that year.

During the yearly event, the Youths executives used to bring a resource person to talk to them about entrepreneurship or any other thing that they can venture into which would transform their lives limiting or reducing their dependence on their parents or guardians to the barest minimum.

They have been bringing resource people from other communities, people who have carved a niche for themselves in the world.

However, inviting resource persons from other communities usually gulp their money


Prior Invitation

Before Ire was invited to the programme, his fianceé, Rànmílọ́wọ́, has been talking to him that he will need to financially support the Youths for their programme that year, and he has agreed.

After agreeing to support the Youths, she has taken another step of telling him that she wants him and her to attend a section of the programme.

He has been reluctant in answering her on this, saying she knows that she is a businessman and needs to monitor his business very well, it is not all customers that his workers can handle well, some customers if they don't see me, they wouldn't want to buy things from my staff he has replied.

Putting her arms around his neck, please Honey, create time for me to attend a section of the programme she has said looking him eye to eye, or maybe you don't want me to attend the programme too, she said looking downcast.

Why wouldn't I? He replied with his arms around her waist, drawing her closer to himself, I want you to, you know if I don't want you to, I would have said or better still my actions would have said that.

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"Uhm uhm" she said

All the fibers in my being want you there honestly, putting her head on her tummy, using his lips to make some sounds with her tummy

She likes the sensation running through her nerves as he is doing that with her tummy. "I had thought you didn't want me to, because of what you said".

If we shall be going I won't spend more than an hour there, he said

"That's more than enough for me" she said smiling, giving him a peck on the cheek.

"If the section is not ended by then I will stylishly leave the venue, leaving you there" he said.

"Uhm! If you leave, I leave. We are going together when you stand up. There is nothing I am taking there without you" she said, sitting on his laps now

"You may want to play with your friends you know, I can leave the car key with you while leaving, at least you have your learner's logo inside the car, you will hang it and drive back…"

"No oh, I won't stay back when you are leaving, tortoise and its shell move together, and as per driving you know I am yet to be an expert, the place would be crowded I won't want to create any scene there…"

"But you can get someone to drive you here among your friends who can drive…" he is using hair-brush to brush her plaited hair

"When you leave, I leave", end of discussion she says.

"Okay. Whatever you say. As you want it. I will work towards it. Let me know when the programme will hold" he said. Romantically and gently using his lips to take part of her skin few millimetres beneath her hair

(The End)


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