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Invited to the Youths Carnival (2)

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


Landlord's Tension Doused

This was the situation of Ire then. However, suddenly people noticed that his life changed, not only was he able to pay his rent dues, he also moved out of the house to his own apartment and has his business expanded.

This caused uneasiness among the Youths and people within the community, how his life got transformed within space of 6 months baffled them.

And like the ancient story being read in the Holy Book of a man called Obed-Edom whose life was changed within the space of 3 months people too have been trying to know how this come about.

When he got to his landlord to pay his rent, Pa. Pression was surprised and thanked him for being able to raise the money to pay his rent dues.

When he heard of other developments about the middle aged man, Pa. Pression cannot but invite him into his apartment to talk with him, asking him of how he comes about the changes because he knows his worth at least about 6 months ago.

As a businessman who is diligent, dedicated and disciplined he knows he can't do any shady thing, nonetheless, no one can be trusted because anyone can change at any time, poverty like wealthy changes people. He may have been forced to change his view about life recently because of the fianancial challenges he has experienced he thought and invited him to discuss with him.

He told Pa. Pression that he cannot indulge in any shady businesses because of his upbringing, as it is being said that "little that one has with peace of mind is better than having plenty without peace of mind", it is simply God's miracles he replied Mr. Pression, when it's time that God will change one's life he will do that either one likes it or not. God doesn't mind enemies presence when he wants to change ones life, he says, therefore the holy book says, he sets a table before us even in the presence of our enemies.

I am asking of this because I don't want a situation whereby those Economic and Financial Monitorers would come and harass you, Mr. Pression says.

I understand you perfectly well sir, but I want to tell you that none of that will happen, he replied.

Pa. Pression prayed for him that God will continue to bless him and he will move from one blessing to another. When someone who is hardworking receives visitations from the Supreme Being, people like me are always happy because it shows that there is no one that the Supreme Being has forgotten, what matters is for each person to wait for his or her time of manifestations which only he can determine, he enthused.

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Ire appreciated him and left his apartment.


Not Hidden

What's happening to him has become open thing to the people of the community of Ilẹ̀kùn, it can no longer be contained as people from other communities started patronising his business enterprise.

This has generated open and close discussions among the people. To cap it all, Mr. Ire, who prior this moment has no lady in his life is now seen with a beautiful lady and people know she is none of his relatives, she definitely is in a romantic relationship with him.

Many have thought him to be impotent but now they know he has been withdrawing himself from ladies because of lack of money.


Lady Romantically Involved With

The lady he is in romantic involvement with is very Young Damsel, people doubt if the lady has any experience about relationship prior that moment. She belongs to one of the Youths in the community.

Many have asked her to know about the source of her spouse's wealth, but she cannot answer them satisfactorily other than saying, I know he is a businessman.

His sudden turnaround is more than ordinary "buying and selling" things, there is a secret there which she doesn't know, nor has he, Ire, himself been able to share with anyone.

Therefore, the Youths of the community decide that they need to know this, and in getting to this root, they need to invite him to their yearly programme, after all he is becoming famous person within and without as can be attested to by all not excluding the media.

(To be continued)


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