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Invited to the Youths Carnival (1)

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People's View

In the community of Ilẹ̀kùn, people have been wondering of what could have led to the sudden turnaround of the life of a man called Ire.

We are in the world of digital businesses, people reasoning amongst themselves, he must have been enrolled in one of those electronic businesses or another. Maybe he is into the bitcoin business or cryptocurrencies or even games "betting" because he likes football.

This has been a discussion going on among the people of the community in the recent times because of the total turnaround noticed in the life of Ire.

People cannot but be surprised indeed of the sudden change that happened in his life, because this was a man who about 6 months ago was begging people for money when he couldn't pay his rent dues.

His tenancy got expired about 10 months prior this time and because the landlord of the house was an old man and a magnanimous man, he was patient with Ire saying he also has children in other parts of the world who haven't built house they are also renting apartments where they are living, having patience with him and other tenants will also make his children to receive mercy wherever they are living he has always opined as it is said, anyone that shows mercy would also receive mercy.


Landlord Pression is known in the community for his tenderness, kindness and hospitality. However, he does not want people to take him for granted.

At the expiration of the ninth month, one of his children called him to support him because the agents of the house he lives in asks him to pay his rent dues which he hasn't been able to pay because the government hasn't paid the staff salaries. To avoid embarrassment, he called his father for assistance.

Mr. Pression who solely depends on his children and the income from his house had to write all his tenants who are yet to pay to come and pay him lest he flung their properties out of his house.

When the letter got to Ire he became restless, recently because of the situation of the country there is no sales in his shop, in fact he has been spending the capital of the business because of low sales. He can barely feed himself and most of the times he had to ask friends for assistance to go to shop.

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He would have preferred staying at home on some instances but what he has been told was that no one knows when there would be huge sales. It was because of this that he has been forcing himself to go to his shop.

Apart from that some of his friends have seen him as a dependant and there are friends who have been avoiding him.

He sees this as a slap on his integrity and he was psychologically affected by this. Therefore, so that he would not be a total dependant he keeps going to his shop spending the money he makes trying to balance the situation but the truth is it cannot be balanced as the expenses surpassed the income.

In this situation he has gone to the landlord to explain the situation of things with him to him and the man has said he understood but he needs to work on the money as he knows that's what he also depends on at his old age.

He was trying to work on this but things have not leveled up.

When he received the letter he knows that "there is fire on the dried leaves" and he needs to act fast lest he be embarrassed.

In the process of taking actions he had to jettison the idea of people mocking him and started contacting different people for assistance.

As one of the proverbs of the community that says that "the infection that afflicts forty people is the same infection that betides others", those people who he has contacted too cannot be of help because of the situation of the country.

Though people pitied him but what one does not have one cannot give. He would not relent in his contacts because he believed he will soon meet with someone who will be able to assist him with something.

(To be continued)


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