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Intrusive Thoughts Poem

I Know But I Don't

I think, I can't think,

Because if I do then I won't,

Or maybe I will for the thrill,

Yet my conscience says don't,

If I haven't, then I have,

Just further down the line,

Is the illusion of contusions,

In this illicit prediction of mine,

I can close, yet stay open,

In the room just with you,

Telling Lies to my eyes,

In an attempt to alter the view,

I act, so I don't act,

On this scene I have rehearsed,

Which is confined to my mind,

Something that is never to be conversed,

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I am me but not me,

More a character in play,

In this fiction, that is an addiction,

Or an obsession some would say,

I see but I don't see,

What to most is just a thought,

Is a combination of ruminations,

That my net has just caught.


© 2017 John Brotherton


John Brotherton (author) from United Kingdom on November 26, 2017:

Ram thank you for your kind words.

Ram Ramakrishnan on November 25, 2017:

Very well said, John.

I get

your point of view,

you bet!

Tracy Lambert on August 20, 2017:

Lovely poem john, very talented.

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