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Introduce Your Young Reader to Activities That Help Our Environment With Colorful Picture Book

Cindy Hewitt is a retired teacher with a passion for children's literature. Read-aloud stories add quality to a child's life experiences.

Preschoolers Can Help to Care for Our Earth


Changing Behavior Helps Our Earth to Thrive

Sophie Beer's colorful picture book Change Starts With Us in board book form is a great choice in reading with your preschooler to start a conversation about ways that we can help our environment stay healthy. There are many activities that our preschoolers can engage in with their parents and older siblings to help care for our earth. It is never too early to teach these skills. Many teachers who teach in preschool classrooms can incorporate these learning activities as presented in this fun picture book into their daily classroom schedule.

Planting trees is one idea from the book that children can engage in. Many schools have a garden space for planting and neighborhood parks are also available for planting trees. Arbor Day is always a popular day for parents to plant a tree in a selected area, even your own back yard, and engage their preschooler in the activity. How does your family save water? Changing our behavior in the use of water at home is an activity that preschoolers can engage in. Preschoolers always have their own water bottle and children can learn to fill their own water bottle from a fountain when available. Bike riding is also an activity for your preschooler to learn to save gas for the family. These are just a few of the ideas in this colorful picture book.

Change Starts With Us is written in simple and short text for each page. Each page is filled with colorful illustrations that are engaging with many details for your young reader to learn from. Sophie Beer believes that illlustrations should never be boring and the illustrations for her Change Starts With Us are especially brightly colored for her young readers.

Change Starts With Us is the perfect choice for introducing your preschooler to helping our environment. It was publlshed by Dial Books for Young Readers, a division of Penguin/Random House. It is recommended for ages 3-6 and has an ISBN of 9780593406106.

Brightly Colored Illustrations Make Reading Fun

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Bring Learning Activities With Change Starts With Us Into Your Preschool Classroom

I always kept a variety of board books in my preschool and kindergarten classrooms. Picture books were always my go-to-tool for introducing concepts to my young students. Sophie Beer's Change Starts With Us is an especially colorful and fun picture book to begin teaching activities that are socially responsible for helping our earth.

*Read Change Starts With Us in a story time session.

*Call attention to the first illustration that features planting a tree. Many teachers celebrate Arbor Day and planting a tree is a fun activity for children to engage in on this special day.

*Call attention to the illustration that features the concept of shopping local. Take photos of shops in your neighborhood and take a class poll of how many children have been with their parents to the local stores in their community. Farmers' Markets are a popular local shop in many communities. Fresh vegetables and fruits can be purchased locally. Bring in some choices of fruits and vegetables that the children can taste that you have purchased at a local market. Engage children in a discussion of how buying locally helps our community.

*Call attention to the illustration that features the concept of recycling. Introduce this concept to children by setting up a recycling area in your classroom. Have children bring in something from home that can be recycled.

*Call attention to the illustration that features the concept of picking up litter. organize a class walk for children to collect litter in small bags that they have decorated for this purpose in a class activity. Young children can learn to keep their playground clean in order to help our earth.

*Call attention to the illustration that features the concept of saving electricity. Take a class poll of the number of children who help turn off the lights at home in order to save electricity.

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