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Intimacy Before Love

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Intimacy or sexual relationship between two persons is a physical requirement and it could be one sided or mutual but it is only limited to the fulfilment of lust or desire and nothing more than that. Love is entirely different than that in the sense that people in love can enjoy each others company with or without sex. In this story I have tried to analyse these feelings and emotions in the adult people and of course this story also tries to depict a situation when occasionally love follows the physical act.

One night stand

Year 1987:

Ramsey spotted her near the lamp post, leaning against it and waiting for the customers. Ramsey was well aware of this part of the Paris City and often came here in search of a girl for one night stand. This lane and a few roads in this area were generally dotted with these girls who came here in the evening to earn quick money from the interested customers. These girls were either from low income families or sometimes were the college girls interested to make some quick bucks overnight. Ramsey used to visit here once a fortnight or so and picked up a girl to his apartment in the Eastern part of the city and either released her in the night itself or some time in the morning.

Ramsey slowed down his car and stopped just a few yards ahead of her and she gave him a faint smile and once he smiled back she came near and saw in his eyes.

"Please come in," Ramsey indicated her to take the adjacent seat and pushed the front door to outside.

"Monsieur, 600 francs," she said and waited outside.

"Ya, okay, I know," Ramsey assured her.

Girl's face beamed up and she slid inside the car.

Ramsey sped up and the girl tightened her seat belt.

"I am Leena," she said in a soft voice.

"Ramsey," he retorted back.

When Ramsey saw her leaning at the lamp post she looked quite young but now she was looking still younger, may be she is a student. Ramsey did not like to ask such details which were generally made to kill the time in hand.


Ramsey was born in London, England in 1950. His father was having a small shop in western part of London and was somehow able to make a living. Ramsey was the eldest child in the family followed by a sister and a brother. Ramsey was very bright in studies and did his graduation with honours and got a job in a computer concern. Later, he was shifted to the IT group which was expanding with a fast pace. Ramsey was happy with his job. He helped his father financially and also helped the younger brother and sister to settle in their career. His brother got married to a girl working in his office while sister got married to her school time boyfriend. Ramsey remained unmarried as Ramsey believed that life was not to be devoted or dedicated to anyone and wanted to be a free bird.

Year 1984:

Ramsey got another job and oportunity to work in an IT company in France and as the package was very attractive, Ramsey left his job in London and reached Paris and settled in the job. He took an apartment on rent in the Eastern part of Paris.

Paris was the place of choice of people like Ramsey and he enjoyed it fully. He soon picked up quite a friends and had parties and other gatherings with them. Many girls attracted to Ramsey but as per his ideology he did not encourage them to go beyond a limit even after being intimate with them. They are all alike, Ramsey used to think.

Once a week or fortnight Ramsey took his car to this part of Paris where there were lanes having peep shows and other entertainments almost throughout the night and had many eating joints to take food and drinks and this was the place that Ramsey liked much and he knew in great details as where and in which lanes, he could pick up a girl.

The intimacy

Ramsey was driving the car carefully as they were going through the increased traffic and as it would take at least 25-30 minutes to reach the apartment, he thought that he should speak to the girl as a matter of courtesy.

"You are student?" Ramsey asked making a wild guess.

"Ya," she said in a matter of fact tone and continued, "I want to complete my graduation and this is my part time job only. Once I get a job, I quit this."

Ramsey saw towards her and nodded in an agreeing gesture.

They were reaching near the apartment building and Ramsey took the car to the basement parking. His apartment was on second floor and then the girl simply followed him and entered the apartment along with him.

Ramsey always kept drinks and food items in the fridge which were so useful during such times and offered the girl some goodies and prepared coffee. The girl wished to go back only in the morning and would take a cab or ride the morning city bus back to her house.

"Feel free and freshen up yourself. The bathroom is to that side," Ramsey told her. He went to another bathroom attached to his bedroom.

Ramsey had a pleasurable night and he liked the girl. She was so young and robust and reciprocated to his moves well. Ramsey had such experiences with many girls earlier and he never forget to tip them if he felt happy. She deserves a tip, no doubt, Ramsey told to himself.

By the time Ramsey got up the girl had already left and Ramsey was just thinking the jobs he had to do. This being a Sunday, Ramsey was going to try to do many things that he enjoyed doing on weekends.


Ramsey was busy doing many pending jobs and then he took his lunch by preparing eggs, salad, and toasts and was feeling full and wanted to take a nap before he goes out for an evening walk in the nearby garden.

Ramsey had a nap for hardly 15 minutes and he got up and made coffee for himself and then he just remembered about the girl. She was too modest and did not talk much and obeyed him as if he was her master.

She was nice to me but I also paid her and gave tip also. What is the big deal if she was sober with me, he thought.

Ramsey never remembered about the girls he met and always considered them as a thing to use. He was not experienced to the subtle sentiments which people generally have. He considered every thing as business only.

In the evening, Ramsey came back from the walk and again the girl came in his thoughts. What is happening to me, he thought. She was an average looking girl and nothing special about her so why he was even thinking about that. Did he wanted to have sex with her again? No, nothing like that. In fact he was sure that he does not want a girl now for at least a week. Then what was it? Why that longing for her? Ramsey started worrying. This was a new thing and it never happened to him earlier.

The search

Ramsey was feeling disturbed. It was not that he was attracted to the girl or was impressed by her. Nothing like that. Ramsey was not the common lot but today he was feeling insane. The image of the girl was lingering in his mind. What would he do even if he meets her. He was not sure. May be her company for some time. Ramsey liked the idea. He can ask the girl to give her company for some time. Ramsey felt released. You are a genius, Ramsey told to himself.

Next few days, Ramsey started to go to that area where lanes were dotted with girls in the evening and was looking for the girl. She was nowhere to be seen. By weekend, Ramsey again drove there and saw the girl standing near the same lamp post. Ramsey stopped near her and she quickly entered the car. She knew the customer so why waste time.

Ramsey told her that he only wanted her for company for a few hours and that was all. Leena, the girl, looked disappointed. "I would lose the business Today," she murmured.

"Do not worry. I will compensate it," Ramsey told.

The girl beamed with happiness. "Thanks Monsieur," she uttered.

"Would you like to have a cup of coffee," Ramsey asked.

"Sure," the girl appeared relaxed.


Leena lived in the main city area in Paris in her paternal house. His father died long back due to prolonged illness and she lived with her mother. Her mother was working as secretary in a small business unit nearby and was somehow sustaining herself and the daughter. Leena had to do petty works for earning her pocket money but now she was earning good amount through her customers and was able to manage her studies and also many other expenses.


Ramsey took the girl to a nearby restaurant and ordered some coffee and eatables. He enjoyed the company of the girl. She also appeared feeling comfortable with him and soon became frank with him telling all about herself, her family and her difficulties. Ramsey was now getting impressed with the simplicity of the girl and when she smiled Ramsey felt as if some old friend came to meet him. Why he was so much attracted to her, this Ramsey was asking himself but not getting any answer.

It was about 10 PM that Ramsey thought he should ask the girl for dinner. They had dinner and Ramsey told her that he would drop her home. She was surprised, "No, no Monsieur, I would go myself. It is nearby only."

Ramsey insisted that he would drop her and finally she agreed. It was hardly next 10 minutes that the girl navigated him to the road where in one of the lanes she lived. Ramsey stopped just at the mouth of the lane and then opened his purse to pay the girl.

"No, Monsieur. May be next time," she told in a respectful way.

Ramsey felt a bit humiliated. How can she refuse the money. I am paying for the company she gave, he murmured himself.

Leena got down from the car and waved him bye and quickly disappeared in the lane.

The kiss

Life was terrible for Ramsey. He had no interest in sex now. He did not go to that area also for 2-3 days. Most of the time he thought of Leena, her simplicity and her smile.

Ramsey was not able to decide the next course of action. He generally enjoyed to become physical with the girls but this was going to be quite different experience. He was having softer feelings for Leena. Is he becoming weak? Or he is not able to understand the situation. Whatever it was Ramsey wanted to meet her.

He decided to go to Leena's house by afternoon and catch her before she ventures out in the evening. Accordingly he came down from his apartment and took the car towards Leena's house. He parked the car on the main road and entered the lane. Some old ladies and a few gents were sitting outside their houses.

Ramsey took few steps here and there in the depth of the lane and then turned to an elderly person and asked him where Leena lived. That person indicated to a grey gate about three buildings away and Ramsey found it as a smalll house adjacent to the big building. Ramsey unlatched the gate and opened it to enter the passage. He closed the gate and proceeded to the verandah. The sound of the gate made someone to come out and as soon as the door opened, Ramsey found the girl standing there and she was really surprised much to see him.

"Oh, Monsieur! Come in please," she made way for him to enter.

"Leena, sorry to disturb you but I wanted to meet you and have your company," Ramsey clarified.

"Be comfortable Monsieur, I make coffee for you," Leena went to kitchen. She was still not believing to see the customer here. It was unprecedented. One reason why she wanted to go to kitchen hurriedly was she wanted some time alone to think about the strange behaviour of this person who called himself Ramsey.

Ramsey was looking around and found that they were having old furniture and everything was telling stories of their poor financial conditions.

Anyway, Ramsey was happy and feeling good. Simply seeing Leena made him comfortable and free of unwanted worries.

Leena came with coffee and served him. They took coffee.

"Where is your mother Leena?" Ramsey asked.

"She would be back by 7 PM," Leena told.

"Leena, I want to go out with you to pass time and have your company."

Leena kept silent for a while and then spoke, "Ok, Monsieur, as you wish."

Leena went inside and came after a few minutes ready to go with Ramsey.

Ramsey took her to a park and they walked together. Then Ramsey asked her if she had any special liking for some food or drinks to which Leena told that she was not very specific and liked most of the items served in this part of the country. They talked so many things and took dinner in a small cafe and by 10 PM, Ramsey realised that it is time to drop Leena at her house.

They drove back and Ramsey dropped her but this time he accompanied her up to the gate. He said good night to her and turned back towards his car. A few steps and Ramsey turned back to see Leena and found Leena not opening the gate but seeing towards him.

Ramsey stopped and went back to her and took her face in his hands and put his lips on her lips and Leena closed her eyes. This was the first passionate kiss that Ramsey made in his life and Leena knew it.

Year 1987

Next day Ramsey met Leena and her mother and told them that now Leena need not go out in the evenings and can continue her education. He also proposed to Leena and promised that he would be a good husband caring for her. Leena's eyes were wet with so many good things falling into her lap and Ramsey was also happy that he got introduced to that elusive word 'love'.

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Umesh Chandra Bhatt (author) from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on May 09, 2021:

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Umesh Chandra Bhatt (author) from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on May 09, 2021:

Lady Dazy, thanks for going through. Highly appreciate.

Lady Dazy from UK on May 09, 2021:

This was an interesting story, I enjoyed reading it.

Umesh Chandra Bhatt (author) from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on May 08, 2021:

DreamerMeg, you have made a beautiful observation. Thanks.

Umesh Chandra Bhatt (author) from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on May 08, 2021:

Flourish, thanks for going through the story so minutely. Appreciate. Blessings.

FlourishAnyway from USA on May 08, 2021:

Couples meet in strange ways. I wonder what they told other people about how they met?

DreamerMeg from Northern Ireland on May 08, 2021:

It's strange how feelings can change over time and maybe just even in an instant!

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