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Interview With Kaylin McFarren

Reading is a series of human emotions. Writing is the gift of sharing these emotions.


1. How did you come up with your pseudonym?

Actually, I use my grandmother’s Irish name. She has long passed and she always wanted to be an author, so I use her name to honor her.

2. Which of your books is closest to your heart and why?

Q: You have written many awesome novels and I love them all because you always bring new flavor to your book every single time. Which of your books is closest to your heart and why?

A: I loved writing Buried Threads because I based this story on people I’ve actually met and wanted to give my readers an introduction to all aspects of Japanese culture. Years ago, my husband introduced me to an “enlightened” monk who has the gift of prophecy and the ability to see past lives. This fascinated me to no end and got my creative juices flowing. I’ve been to the Maiko quarters many times and know a real Mama-San. My husband is also a sword master and 8th degree black belt, so I included a fight scene in this book. While riding the bullet train on one of my trips in Japan, I closed my eyes and listened to sounds and inhaled smells so I could give readers a full experience whether they have traveled to Japan or not. I absolutely love it there and wanted readers to enjoy it too.

3. As a multi-genre author, which genre is the most comfortable or easier to write?

Definitely thrillers. I enjoy creating twists and turns in a story and leaving my readers shocked or guessing over what might come next.

4. Which genre is the hardest for you to write?

Romance and family issues. Flaherty’s Crossing was one of the hardest books to write because it was based on my strained relationship with my father, and I truly struggled with completing it after he died. Ultimately, this book gave me closure during a difficult time in my life.

5. If you will be recommending one book to readers who haven't read any of your books, which one would you recommend?

That’s a hard question, since I write in so many genres. I would have to say start with Severed Threads if you like treasure hunting stories or read Soul Seeker if you prefer paranormal books.

6. How long does it take for you to write a book?

It takes me five to six months to write a story then my editors take over. When they finish, my book is ready to read, so I would have to say 9-12 months.

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7. Are you a pantser, or a plotter?

Definitely a pantser. I develop my stories and plots as I write.

8. How do you keep yourself motivated to write?

That’s easy. I read A LOT.

9. Have you ever had unfinished novels that you would like to get back to finishing someday?

Nope. I could never write a story without an ending in mind.

10. Which time of the day do you normally write and why?

Usually in the mornings, after coffee and toast and answering emails. What drives me crazy is having a great idea for a story while I’m in the shower, which happens all the time.

11. What can readers expect from all your books?

Action, suspense, drama, the unexpected and sometimes romance.

12. Do you have any message that you'd like to tell your readers?

Be sure to visit my website to discover the new project I’m currently working on!

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Kaylin is one of the very few multi-genre authors I know whose books never fail to keep me on the edge of my seat! She has written romance, adventure, fantasy, occult horror, paranormal, suspense, and action-packed thrillers! Name it, she has written it! I've read all her books and they are all amazing with shocking plot twists! My most favorite are her Threads series: Severed Threads, Buried Threads, Banished Threads, and Twisted Threads. I highly recommend this book series to anyone who loves suspense and action thriller. They will be hard to put down once you start reading!

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