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Interview With Catalina Dubois

Reading is a series of human emotions. Writing is the gift of sharing these emotions.



Catalina Dubois is the author of the Infinity series, and two other books that I’ve read of the same genre, which is historical romance. So far, the books that I have read by her are Book of Matthew: House of Whispers, Revelations: The Colburn Curse, and from the Infinity series, I have read The Fifth Bride of Pharoah, A Crown of Golden Leaves, and Quest for the Holy Grail. I gave a 5-star rating to each of these books because they are exactly my type of genre and every story is very compelling. When it comes to historical romance and thriller, Catalina Dubois never fails to amaze me with her great world building and intriguing characters, so I am ecstatic to be given a chance to do this interview!

1. Where did you get the idea of creating such extraordinary stories for star-crossed lovers who met and fell in love in multiple lifetimes?

The day I met my husband he felt oddly familiar. I have never experienced that sensation with any other person. It seemed like every decision and circumstance in my life had built up to that moment and I was finally in the right place at the right time.

2. I doubt that you have received negative reviews, but we all know that we can’t please everyone. How do you react to negative feedback?

It depends on the source of the feedback. If a reader leaves a reply on my website or emails me because they experienced technical difficulty downloading a book, I reply promptly and do everything in my power to find a solution. If there is a negative review left on review platforms, I ignore and dismiss it.

3. My favorite book from your Infinity series is Quest for the Holy Grail. Which of your own books is you most favorite and why?

I love them all for different reasons. I felt that Revelations: The Colburn Curse had the best plot twists and the best villains. Infinity: The Fifth Bride of Pharaoh had the best romance. Infinity: A Crown of Golden Leaves had the best back story. Infinity: Quest for the Holy Grail had the best adventure. Infinity: Detroit Nights was special because it was the only story where Matthew and Sarah were bad guys, deeply embroiled in the criminal underworld of the prohibition era. Book of Matthew: House of Whispers I loved because it was the first slave era story, I had ever read with slave main characters. Usually the slaves are faceless, one dimensional victims that serve as little more than a background for white main characters. They have no depth and they are utterly unrelatable. I sought to change this with Sarah. As for an overall favorite, probably Revelations.

4. Are your characters based from real people or do you completely create your character’s attributes from your own imagination?

Most of my characters are based on real people. They come out more genuine and relatable when I interview people rather than invent them.

5. The names of the characters in your books stand out because they are easy to remember. How do you normally come up with names?

I simply allow the person the character is based on to choose their own name.

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6. Is being a writer your part-time or full-time job?

Before the Corona Virus writing was my full-time job. Now my full-time job is homeschooling my eight-year-old daughter. I have very little time to write.

7. Does your family support your writing career?

Only a few people did initially. Now most of them are pretty supportive.

8. What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

My characters are influenced by real people but my scenes are influenced by music. I often put a song on repeat for hours until I’ve succeeded in writing the scene it reminds me of.

9. Can you relate to any of your characters? If yes, which character can you most relate to?

Much like Sarah, I can relate to being underestimated and discriminated against. I can also relate to shattering stereotypes and exceeding expectations. Like Pharaoh, I can relate to having a wall built around me while being a sensitive person on the inside.

10. What is your current project and what would you like to say to your readers?

My current project is Book of Matthew II: Ancient Evil. It will be available for free download on Halloween 2020. Sarah and Matthew are at the center of another murder plot while America is intrenched in Civil War. It’s going to be an explosive ride. I post new stories every other month. Follow my page for updates. Thank you for being a reader.

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Infinity: Quest for the Holy Grail

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