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Intelligence is sexy.

Intelligence rules.


Having brains, is the best stimulation

I love people who have a high intelligence, and actual sit there and explain things.

But the most intelligent people, are the ones intelligent enough to know how to explain things, where people, understand what they are saying.

I must say the biggest turn on for myself, is when a man is intelligent.

I love learning.

People that can teach me things, it helps to expand my mind and my individual growth.

Especially things that I want to know about.

I use to be surrounded by the most unintelligent people and I was never able to grow.

I think people would have rather seen their, waste line grow than their minds.

Yes I know we all come in different shapes and sizes, that is a good thing.

But what I am referring to are lazy people, and people that wanted things handed to them,
or they used people just so they would not have to do things themselves.

Then they ended up blaming everyone else for their unhappiness and that is indeed are
the most unintelligent people.

Since surrounding myself with the most intelligent people, I tend to notice they are very well rounded. It isn't just their brains, they workout, it is their bodies, spirits and their hearts.

These people are of different backgrounds, but are successful in their own ways.

I also know that successful people have people who hate on them, for no reason at all.

At least these successful people actually work, and deserve all the happiness of their success.

For example, ever know when women that actually workout to get a body, and are in shape, but end up having haters, cause they are in shape?

Well some women, never get plastic surgery, or operations, but actually work their butt off,
just to be in great shape, and so people end up hating.

When the haters, have no idea, how hard the women that workout, who have
sweated their butt's off, to get in shape. Basically they sit around and complain,
and do nothing, but complain.

I actually do know women who do it all. They actually have families, work and workout,
and get the body they want.

I know some people do have to have operations, in life threatening situations, so it is something that is necessary.

The problem once again, has to do with intelligence.

Just because you lose weight, from a stomach operation, it doesn't make you
a smarter person to make smarter decisions, it just helps you lose weight, but a reality check,
you actually have to change the way you think, in order to keep the weight off.

I think it is a cycle, that you have to break.

I do know about cycles and when you do break bad "cycles" well that is a good thing.

Sometimes that is hard to do, but if you have the will enough to do it, you can.

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