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Inspiration of Our Life

Hi, If you can't show a person that you genuinely care about them, do you think you will be able to inspire them. Life is really a miracle.


Truth may be hidden for a moment behind reality

The people we constantly see in our society and think of them as unsuccessful are in fact the real bearers and carriers of our culture. They are the backbone of our culture. Relying on them was the beginning of our success. The foundations of which have brought us to the present situation are the ideals of our society. We can ignore them and never again deny their efforts and existence any time.

Maybe in doing so we never feel the slightest hesitation in our minds because the only thing we can say is that we have not the slightest effort to remove the stigma that lies on our knowledge and eyes. We sometimes feel like we've got what we want, but why bother? The crisis of our existence starts from here. Truth may be hidden for a moment behind reality, but we have neither the courage nor the strength to deny it.

If anyone thinks that he abuses his power and deceives others with his strength, and is proud of his strength, I will say that it is his weakness. Because power can never be applied to the weak. The victory of power comes only when someone overcomes the stronger than him, or achieves the impossible. Creation is the real identity of energy, never destruction.

I think those who can take everyone along without losing others are really capable and heroic. Carrying along does not mean indulging in injustice. Those who resist injustice are the worshipers and true devotee of Satyam- Shivam -Sundaram,” meaning “Truth-Godliness-Beauty.” They are the bearers and carriers of the real society. They are always devoted to us.


The test of life is very hard

The test of life is very hard and tough all the time. We can't move away from that test even if we want to. A lot of adverse energy works for that altogether and we stand alone so we feel very weak and helpless. When a situation goes beyond our reach that we know very little about, we rely on the unknown beliefs hidden in our minds to find our personal identity. That belief can be our religion or the people we love or the parents-friends we can trust or rely on. Those who always help us to get out of difficult situations. But when no help comes to us, we blame fate and say that fate is responsible for everything we do. In fact, we cannot blame anyone else for our situation because we directly or indirectly suffer the consequences of our actions.

If the preparation before the test is satisfactory, then the test can be faced fearlessly. Similarly, life planning is less likely to go wrong if done carefully. But there is one exception that we cannot deny is an unseen accident. Of course, no one can be blamed for such a situation it is our destiny we are just for the sake of it. To inspire others we often say learn to rely on yourself but there can be debate about how authentic that object or advice is at all.

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Every effort is always commendable

People are dependent on others from the first day of birth, no one can ever grow up without the help of others. May be we grew up on our own, but we never denied the help of others. At every moment it is our turn to grow up in the shadow of nature and mother. Then the situation around us. reliance on others, knowingly or unknowingly, is a sure thing. For instance to grow of a small tree seedlings, water, air, soil and care are required. We are also not beyond that natural rule.

If you want to avoid an important issue or problem, you can't because that issue or problem will follow you. The situation is never to be avoided, one has to face a problem from the front to solve it. The sooner the real truth is realized is better. There is nothing personal about each of our activities to always remember something that has a direct or indirect effect on our daily lives.

Even if you don't understand the real situation by looking around us, you always get an unseen indication that something is happening around us that affects us. It can be many successes or failures & imagination but they are examples of our lives. Every effort is always commendable, nothing is in vain. You always learn from your mistakes and are proud of the victory.


Never be guilty of learning from your mistakes

Sometimes we become very happy and sometimes not and become very upset because of our unexpected failure. What could be more proud than knowing the fact that you cannot achieve satisfactory results and have prepared yourself for the situation? Even specific failures never distract you from the path to your intended goal. You have shown enough courage for your achievement and the success of life. That is not ends ,rather a beginning of a new successful journey of one's life.

Mistake is the main reason for our failure. Always remember with conviction that our hard work is the only satisfying and desirable way to get something. Undoubtedly giving one hundred percent makes sense everywhere. Without one hundred percent we cannot expect to achieve any expected result in our life. The key is to prepare yourself. If you want to get something for which you must constantly strive. You will get the fruits for the use of your knowledge and intellect which will take you on many paths of life in the journey of truth and light. It's a bit like rowing a boat in the middle of the water.

Before concluding, I can’t explain my perspective on the inspiration of our lives without sharing the story. If I think back to that day, I can say it was a life-changing inspirational experience. Whenever we miss something, of course destiny indirectly chooses a different path for us. Luckily or by chance we can never get rid of it but Destiny never compromises on any direction that it always focuses on fulfilling the predetermined aspect. We can never realize but destiny exists. We are only a soldier to obey his orders.

That day, I missed my bus and felt very guilty about my fate. Surprisingly walking half a mile, no car changed but a car dashed me but kept me safe for my luck. There is no one to save me but fate has saved my life. That experience inspired me a lot. I never share it with anyone but the long fifteen years later one day when I lost my whole life earning that day I realized from my combined experience that God had forced me to do something else. So, never be guilty of learning from your mistakes and always be prepared to face any situation. In the words of P.B Shelley, "Oh, the wind. When winter comes, can spring be far behind?"

© 2021 Piklu Chanda


Piklu Chanda (author) from Agartala on June 10, 2021:

That is the beauty of life to see the dedications & effort which brightens our day and fills us with joy & happiness.

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