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Indonesian Folk Tale : Talaga Warna (The Lake Of Colors)

translation by Lanthanoider

Once upon a time there was a kingdom in West Java. There used to live a wise and kind king named His Majesty Prabu and his wife, the queen. The kingdom was very prosperous under his rule.

Everything went perfect in the kingdom. But there was one thing that made Prabu and the queen sad. They had not a single child. Many people suggested them to adopt a child, but they did not want to as they believed their own son or daughter was better than any adopted child.

The queen got very sad and often cried. Seeing his desperate wife, Prabu decided to leave for the jungle to pray to God. He prayed so that he and her wife could be gifted a child. Somehow, God heard his prayer and made his dream come true. A few months later after his prayer, the queen got pregnant. Everybody in the kingdom was glad to hear that. Their beloved king was finally gifted a child. To express their happiness, they sent His Majesty lots of presents for the baby.

Nine months had passed and a princess was born. The baby later became a very beautiful teenager. Prabu and the queen really loved her. They always fulfilled whatever the princess wanted. Because of that, the princess became a very spoiled girl. Her every wish had to be fulfilled, if not she would be very angry. She became ruder and behaved worse as she started to say bad things. She was not like a true princess at all. Even though, their parents and all the people in the kingdom still loved her.

When she almost turned 17, she became more and more beautiful. No girl could compete her beauty against her. Prabu and the queen had arranged a birthday party, inviting all people in the kingdom to the palace. Hearing that, the people sent lots of presents for her. Prabu stored them in a building and only took some gold and jewels. He later went to the goldsmith and asked him to make the best necklace ever. The goldsmith, of course, gave his best to make the best necklace as he also loved the princess.

The day came where the princess turned 17. All people gathered on the palace field to celebrate her birthday. Prabu and the queen were already out when the princess with her fabulous pretty face appeared, enchanting all the people with her beauty. Then a lady came with a pillow in her hands, a very beautiful necklace on it. Prabu took the necklace and addressed it to the princess. "My beloved daughter, today I give you this necklace as a birthday gift. This necklace is given by all the people in this country. They love you so much. Please, wear this.”, said Prabu. She too the necklace and looked at it for a while. The princess response was unbelieveable. She did not like it. “I don’t want to wear this thing! It’s so ugly!”, she cried and threw the necklace away. It landed on the ground – broken – and its jewels and gold spread on the floor.

All the people were astonished. They could not believe what the princess had done. They could not believe that the princess would do such a cruel thing. It hurt their hearts, also the king’s and the queen’s. In the silence they heard the queen crying. Later, all women started crying. Then, everybody cried. It was not long until a miracle happened. The Earth was also crying. Suddenly, a from the underground, a spring emerged. It made a pool of water and filled the whole place. The whole kingdom sank and soon the place became a very big lake.

Nowadays, the lake still exists, but not as big as it was before anymore. It is located in Puncak, West Java. On a very sunny day, the lake is full of beautiful and amazing colors. The colors actually come from the shadows of forest, plants, flowers, and the sky around the lake. But many people believe it is the jewels of the necklace that bring the colors. So is the lake called “Talaga Warna” or “The Lake of Colors”.


Lol on October 06, 2019:


Lanthanoider (author) on September 10, 2010:

thank you!

oh...it's a name in Poland? Talaga or telaga basically means 'lake' in indonesian :D

Talaga on September 09, 2010:

Nice story. Have to learn it.

Talaga is a popular name in Poland.

Lanthanoider (author) on June 23, 2010:

thank you! didn't know Indonesian folk stories are harmonizing with classical music... :)

Shakespeare-in-Love on April 07, 2010:

this was really good. try reading it while listening to Ludovico Einaudi's 'Le Onde'. the song really helps to set the mood of the story.

Lanthanoider (author) on November 18, 2009:

thank you!

Bbudoyono on November 18, 2009:

Good hub.

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