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Indian literature Definition and spread of love modern Indian literature

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Indian literature love and love and love definition of love what is meaning of love

Love and love and love


Love and love and love

definition of love :

From the creation of this world to the present, and ultimately the only existence for which living beings strive, is true love or love. Everything except love in this world fades away.

God, at the time of creation, gave the living being a mind. Which is not a limb, yet every limb is numb without this mind. And the satisfaction of that mind is the only love. There are many types of people in this world. Rich - poor, violent, greedy, saint...

But no matter what, the fulfillment of his human life comes only through love. Other creatures like humans are not exempt from this rule. The only satisfaction of a ferocious tiger is to get the shikar at the right time. That is, searching for food is the only love of his life. Falling like rain, flying like clouds, etc.

Types of love:

I have bodely delivered this love into three parts...

1/materialistic love 2/Love to give and take

3/Love for God.

Materialistic Love

  • Suppose your little girl had a beautiful little doll. It somehow broke. You'll see that little kid then get crushed by the broken doll. Or suppose your friend had a beautiful watch. It was somehow stolen or broken. Then you will also feel sorrow for that inanimate object. But why? Because you are addicted to materialistic love. We are addicted to everything in this world in one way or another. That is, we are all attracted to this inanimate entity of the world.

The two components of this love are vision and feeling. The predominance of the five senses can be observed here. That is, we can touch, see and feel him. In fact this love is born out of the feeling produced by the senses. Here the satisfaction is not physical, but the satisfaction of vision and feeling. That is why our flesh and blood body is in one way or another in love with the greenness of this world, hills, mountains, rain, flowers, etc. all inanimate objects.

love to give and take:

The theme of this love is give and take. All the creatures of the living world are intoxicated with this love. Here mainly the influence of different genders can be observed. That is, women are addicted to men and men are addicted to women. Although there is passion in this love, it is mixed with interest. It is basically an important part of earthly life.

If any man gets the right love at the right time, his life pattern also changes. Suppose if a man is able to choose the partner of his choice at the right age, then there will be success in his life. So success, victory and defeat of human life depends on this love.

This love is definitely body dependent. Physical touch is of considerable importance here. This love is the bearer and bearer of civilization.

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In other words, procreation prevails in this love.

But this love is much more sad than happy. The intense pain of not getting makes people unsuccessful in many ways.

You have to suffer the most in this love. This love ends after the death of two people of opposite sex.

This love must come in every human life. It is the greatest gift of the Supreme Lord to the living beings.

Love for god:

The greatest love is the love of God. Touch does not exist here. There is only feeling. This love is characterized by our profound respect for a great, powerful creator.

Love him blindly without knowing anything. Laying life at his feet. Great God created us. So we should be addicted to God.

That is, whatever we do in the worldly world, our sole purpose is to love God. The body is not required. Tears are needed.

We are all children of God. That is, through this love we can pay respect to our true parents.

This love is our heavenly wealth.

He is everything in this world. God is mighty. God is infinite. His birth and death are nothing. He cannot be caught, cannot be touched. can only be felt. This love teaches us to feel that.

Whatever is happening in this world, the only reason for whatever happens is God Himself. Everything happens in this world by God's will. So we should all love God.

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare

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