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Traditional Indian literature Ramayana influence Indian culture what is Ramayana about

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traditional Indian literatureImportance of Ramayana Indian Society and the Ramayana what is Ramayana about



Importance of Ramayana in Indian society

Ramayana is the world's greatest epic. Indian society is intimately connected with this epic. Our economy, politics, rituals are all coming from Ramayana. If the question is who is the best king of India? everyone will admit in one sentence Shri Ram Chandra. Sri Ramachandra is our best king for ages. So even today the dream of Indians is to establish Rama kingdom.

Ramayana was written by epic poet Valmiki. Ramayana basically has 24 thousand slokas. It is divided into seven sections. Bal Kanda, Ayodhya Kanda, Aranya Kanda, Krisshindha Kanda, Sundar Kanda, Lanka Kanda and Uttara Kanda.

The original poet Valmiki wrote this Ramayana at the behest of Brahma. At the time of writing, Goddess Saraswati was dominant in the language of Valmiki.

Ramayana is the pride of us Indians. the importance of Ramayana, written in ancient times, remains equal even today.

Impact of Ramayana on Indian Society:-

India is an emotional country for the whole world. Various foreign powers have repeatedly visited this country for a long time. Our country's property has been confiscated. he cheated us again and again. But still India is equally important to every country in the world today. Because we believe that the whole world is our relative. And this is what Ramayana taught us.

Let me give an example. Swami Vivekananda attended the Chicago Dharma Conference in America. but no one could accept him because of his clothes. At that time our country was also under British rule. But through the efforts of sister Nivedita and some American people, Vivekananda was allowed to speak. The first sentence Vivekananda uttered was "America Basi, my brother and sister". then all is history. This teaching gave us the Ramayana. Ramayana teaches us that the whole world is our friend. India is still financially poor. But India's greatest wealth --- Ramayana, Mahabharata, Gita, Bhagavad Gita, Puranas etc. Any one of these books can enrich a nation for ages.

Character Analysis:------

Ram :----

Ram chandra is the hero of Ramayana. We find Ram as the ideal son of the Father. He is an avatar of Vishnu in Hinduism. In India, Nepal and many countries in South Asia, Ram is worshiped as a deity. Ram's birthplace is Ayodhya, India.

Ram was Purushottam. Indians follow his character as an ideal character. He is the only child in the whole world who spent 14 years in the forest for his father. During the reign of Ram, the citizens lived very happily and peacefully.
The citizens were given priority in every case. The citizens expressed doubts about mother Sita's chastity. Then Ram chandra sent sita to the ashram.
In fact Ram was an ideal man of the world.


Mother Sita was the daughter of King Janaka. After marriage, she left the royal happiness and went to exile with her husband. He was abducted by Ravan, king of Lanka, while living in the forest. Even though mother Sita is imprisoned in Lanka, Ravana can never touch her. However, he had to pass the ordeal.

In fact, Sita of Ramayana is the embodiment of Indian women. Every woman in India wants to be characterful, intelligent and tolerant like Sita. All that Sita endured in her life would not have been possible without the goddess. Sita is the soul of Mother India. Every woman in India is similar to Sita.


Lakshman was Ramachandra's brother. He was an ideal brother. No one in this world can be like Lakshmana brother. He gave up his happiness for his grandfather. He defeated Ravana's son Meghnad in the battle of Lanka.

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Laxman was the epitome of brotherly love. Ramachandra was lucky to have such a brother. In fact, we can learn from Ramayana how the relationship between brother and brother should be.


Hanuman is one of the characters of Ramayana. He is revered by Hindus as Pavan's son. Hanuman is the best devotee. There is no other devotee like him in this world.

Hanuman is considered, in Sanatana Dharma, as the eleventh incarnation of Lord Shiva. He was celibate and a devoted devotee of Rama. It is said that if one wants to get Hanuman's grace, he must worship Lord Rama. Because Hanuman was happy hearing Lord Rama's name.

Lord Rama might not have been able to rescue mother Sita from Lanka without Hanuman in Ramayana. This Hanuman built a bridge across the great ocean between India and Sri Lanka. Hanuman burnt Ravan's lanka.

In fact, Hanuman played the main guardian role in the main events of Ramayana. where is he not? Wherever Lord Rama, Mother Sita, Brother Lakshmana, Rama's two sons Lob and Kush are in danger....Hanuman is there. That's why we Indians call Hanuman the Crisis reliever.

If one can understand Hanuman's overall character, I think his life is worthwhile. That is why Tulsi Das wrote Hanuman Chalisha. If one recites this Hanuman Chalisha with devotion, all obstacles are removed from his life. It is very true.

There are many other important characters in Ramayana. So to know Ramayana one has to read Ramayana patiently.

I can say only one thing, "There is no such epic in this world, nor will it be". May India be great for ages in Ramayana and Mahabharata. This is India's greatest gift to all nations, to the whole world. Let's read Ramayana. Life will change. Thoughts will change.

(Jai Sriram)

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