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Faraz Khan , Indian Youngest Founder and CEO of The Times World

Who is Faraz Firoz Khan ?

Faraz Firoz Pathan an Youngster Of Maharashtra India transformed himself as Youngest Founder and CEO of his own Company The Times World. Where the Times World Online Media Portal Serve the Readers Latest News , Blogs and Magazines where the Articles for this Sites are Published on Various RSS Feed as well as Google News.

What Faraz Firoz Khan Says :

Its was not all Good Ready and Fixed To Go for The Times World. Everything Started from being Courageous and Not Stepping Back and Being Positive towards Business Ideas. This News Portal made me Self-Confident on my Skills and They I should Work.

Idea Behind The Times World

As per Founder , Its was just an Business Ideas to Take Press Media to another Level. The Founder started to come up with something new which No One has tried Yet of his Age and Founder also described the fun going all through this Business Game setting up new Features for Good Readers along a Good Writers. Faraz Khan Officially Said "Soon I'll take this Company a Step forward within a Months as I confirm all Official Things Done. Until Thanks for Staying Connected. Love From The Times World".

The Times World Logo

The Times World Logo

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