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Indecision - Arc Review

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It begins

Title : Indecision

Author : Evelyn Montgomery

Publicaton Date : December 10, 2021

Page count :225


Eva has dreams. Dreams that have room for love and a man. That was until she met him. Noah a southern boy with those southern charms that drive a girl crazy is still suffering from a bad break up and fears falling in love. When the two meet by chance, their worlds flip upside down and no one was prepared for this sudden romance.

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The review

Indecision is a short romance story about two people falling in love. Unlike some romance stories, it does hit on some topics every one of us can relate to. Romance is never easy and sometimes we have to make decisions that aren't easy to make. We see Noah and Eva take risks, that not only are hard to take, but also hard to recover from. They come from different back grounds, which is already pretty rough. Eva has a background of money, where Noah is not. Not to mention they have their owns goals and dreams, that do not have romance and love involved. So when these two very different people meet, it is exciting and new. Though, it isn't always easy.

I actually loved the fact it isn't always easy for them. It portrays love as it truly is. How being apart can make the hearts grow fonder, how communication or lack of it can cause riffs, and how some plans we make for ourselves doesn't always stay the same if we happen to find happiness in someone else. The realness of this story sparks so many emotions in me. I found myself crying at a few parts for our lovers, knowing exactly what they are feeling, having felt it myself at one point in my life or another. I can't help but hope the best for these fictional characters that cute me deep.

Even if it is shorter novel than I normally like to part take in, I found it hits deeply and reminds you to take time and really enjoy life. Especially, when you are in love with someone. The way this novel hits you, it is easily reminding you sometimes we have to take a road that we weren't planning and enjoy the scenery along the way, with the person we love. I dare to say, it made me appreciate the life I have now, more than I had thought I was. Not because of being a strong person who has achieved many goals, but because I have someone who loves me with the intensity Noah loves Eva. Sometimes the road that we are on, can definitely change and bring us brighter pastors than the one we originally planned on taking.

Due to all of that, I find Indecision a must read for those of us who are finding ourselves a little lost in that romance department. It helped me look around and see that what I have is amazing, and I hope it does it to you as well. It is an easy read that will make you love romance more than you did before. I will go out on a limb and even say it has got to be the first book I felt completed aligned with how romance and love tends to be in life. It isn't spicy, so if you are looking for spicy, well you are in the wrong spot, but it is an amazing story none the less. I rate this one five stars out of five stars. Not just because how beautifully it is written, but also because how easy I find it to relate to the characters. Indecision is one of the best short romance reads I have ever read and I pleased I was able to get to read it.

Disclaimer : I got a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review of it.

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