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The Relationship Between the Three Worlds in Which We Dwell!

Miss Sanskruti Swayam Pragya Panda, a poet, singer, blogger, and writer, runs a YouTube channel and worked with IIM Udaipur on a research

An Introduction

Everything that we pass through in this uncertain world is an element of stability with uncertainty as to its companion. Being a part of this vastly undiscovered universe, our life cycle, and presence are diverse in the world we exist in.

The life we get is a cycle of birth and death, and we come here to perform our destined part.

Some Great lines:

As, Shakespeare the Great, quotes, "All the world is a stage, and all the men and women are merely players." They have their existence and their entrances, and one, in his time, plays many parts. "

The lines depicted by the greatest novelist of the time back then in his writing justify our existence to be that of an actor. The actors are born to perform their roles assigned in the theater of life and are released to death as soon as the role that one is destined for gets over.

Certainly, we might not be able to travel back and forward to the world in which we have and are going to dwell, which is not in our hands for obvious reasons of life. But these three worlds, i.e., our past, present, and future, are interconnected to each other; the one where we have already come out; the one in which we are living, and the final one where we may not be going or going, which is uncertain; that is, the future.

Just like this article, which is a continuous flow of words that I am writing on; all these three stages also enter just in the same way, one after another.

What Philosophy says:

According to Hindu philosophy, these are the "chakras" with regard to which our body, mind, time, soul, and the entire lifecycle work together or are aligned together. As completely different human beings, we see things through different lenses. For some, these are all the same. For others, they are all distributed and diversified. But these things are chained as per the proper sequence, and that’s how it works.

Another Great saying:

Another great line from Shakespeare is, "The web of our life is of a mingled yarn, good or ill together"; from this statement, I can clearly relate to how much he focused on the life of a layman, the life that perfectly shows the complications, which suggests that both the good and bad amalgamate into one so that these three phases are properly chained together, interconnected with one another.

We can co-relate all these things with the range of perspectives that one must have because our mind is not limited; it is infinite. Let us see these three worlds in which we dwell, and we will understand the core relationship between them, one by one. One must be aware of this saying that states, "Time is God." Is the time that has already passed part of the plan? All these three spaces are a means to get along in life.

The Past!

Can you describe the past? We've all had this experience, but we rarely look at it, value it, or even take it into account to sit back and think about it. How it structures our present is what we all must do up to and beyond the next phase of life.

It can also be defined as the world, which is a cycle of chains. Our present has been crafted according to the sketch we drew in the past and the more that is going to be built in the future. Each one relies on the other as each minute passes by, making a new present in the hope of a new future.

As there is a saying, "Growth is the only constant in nature." From an inch-measured seed to a big, humongous tree, from a newborn baby to old age, everything grows, evolution happens, and in the time we have experienced now, we analyze it in a unique way. In its turmoil, what we accumulate, what we do and think at a given point in time.

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The world in which we live!

The past—the done time, the world where we dwell, the storehouse of memories, the world from where we relate, the present, the world where knowledge and wisdom are stored to be used in the present scenario. It can be considered a bucket of wholesome.

From a literal point of view, we imagine, relate, connect, and gather everything that we have stored in the bucket of wholesome as it was given to us and given us an attribute to have. It can be illustrated in various ways, with various theories of concepts.

We always consider the past as a world that has already passed away, but the reality is that it is still there to give us perspective. Our world is infused with a huge amount of data that we implement irrespective of what we are doing.

What is the difference between the Past, Present, and Future?

There is a whole struggle within the human mind. One important thing is that people misunderstand their psychological realities as existential. That is now what thoughts happen within you. We are a consequence of the memories that we carry that are pleasant and unpleasant; good or bad, it doesn’t matter. What actually matters is that today's thought is essentially a consequence, a happening of yesterday’s memory or our life’s past.

The present is here to experience; the future we must create. If this has to happen, this is the nature of life. If your life must be in tune with the fundamental nature where the past has already happened, we cannot change the present, which is already happening. One can only own it. The future has yet to happen, so we can create it the way we want.

Being human is possible if we understand that our psychological processes are entirely a consequence of the past, that we hold, and that the past does not exist right now. We are dabbling with non-existence and probably messing up existence right now. At this moment, what we are experiencing is existentially true.

The Three Stages:

What we are remembering is only psychologically true. What we are imagining is also psychologically true, and it could manifest tomorrow. So, it is important to understand that the past is something we stand on.

It is a stage in life. If we stand on the stage, we can do our present dance, but if we sink into the stage, it’s like a quick stand. It just sucks!

If we allow it to happen, it's important to realize that whatever is in the past or whatever is our thought, it is the consequence of past memories. As we know, yesterday is over. We can only experience it. We can live fully in the present moment of the world, which will then determine the future.

We have the biggest weapon, which is the mind, which stores millions of memories and experiences that are natural, and it will, as we experience this phase completely, one after another, reflect and define our life and what keeps on capturing in the mind.

To Conclude:

Hence, we dwell in these three phases and our presence is at this phase accordingly, similarly to the three seasons that accelerate. There is a great illustration of the three illusions of life or the three worlds to dwell, on; that is, the past, present, and future

Dwelling in these three worlds of happiness is the key to pushing ourselves to one day definitively establish our genuine existence.

© 2022 Sanskruti Swayam Prajna Panda

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