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In Love With Teachers


In love with teachers
The ideal persons of our time,
Sometimes smooth and sweet and at times as sour as a lime.
They stand so caring and generous among the rest,
And for teaching and child development, I bet they are the best.
Their care, smiles and patience, is the least virtue of their fame,
And for the wildest student do they easily tame.
That’s why we sing of their glorious name.
“#Facilitators #Lecturers”the stars drawn across our pictures,
They are simple, friendly and very discipline in nature.
With their same success story,
Do they foretell and assures us not to worry.
For their instructions and stern corrections,
Are meant to instill in us perfection.
They’re meant to prepare us for the future dreams,
Yet they insist that our future is now and not later.
And no matter your confusion on a subject their jolly and comics will catapult you to understand beyond measure,
God bless all facilitators and lecturers.
To the school they are a great treasure,
To every graduated class our manager and destiny helper,
To me ; they are worth my mentor, counselor, preacher and admirer,
And if you can read and write then I guess you should consider them your lover.
Oh yes indeed! I’m in love with teachers.
So to our dear teachers, I say a very big thank you and God richly bless you.

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