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Imagine a Happy Moment

Some good old things

Everything that happened today started to end, now it feel like this.

No longer imagined what was once every moment.

It was not that would ever be so low and inconsolable life.

If he would have made the first call, he would have tried to do something.

Now his sorrow is over, but what is there is more than his regret.

Whoever went, think whether it was a dream world or a miracle.

There was no grandeur even at that time but if you think it was nothing less than a miracle.

No one was special but whatever he was valuable.

No, that time was just incomparable.

What was that, now it is only in the memory and the memory it self is strange.

But what has passed was very wonderful and unique, which comes again and again.

Imagine what was so beautiful, no complaint, no sorrow, just happiness.

What were the days, that too was life, then why this stage is like this.

Would something happen or change but change as the person change.

When the situation changes, does the nature of the person change too?

Why does he get so innocent and so aggressive and helpless?

He can't stay cheerful like a playful child for the rest of his life.

Why does he become so cruel and logistic in nature?

Life remains the same, a person changes by his changing situation.

In childhood, he used to live like a flying bird, he would become imprisoned.

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The chains of bondage would hold him in their chains.

And becomes helpless, helpless and weak in the cycle of his life.

His dreams change, his imagination and all the ways of living.

He remains only and his unfulfilled desire which is not fulfilled.

Now all has passed, that carefree life does not come.

Every moment in life I would have to face a new battle, which would have been very difficult.

Day by day she would move and do her blows in which all would end.

Circumstances change, life becomes limited elsewhere.

Now it remains only to live for the sake of the world not just anything wonderful.

He would not have been free from bondage and stuck in difficult problems.

Problems weaken his dreams and he becomes helpless.

His dreams would have changed his way of living he would have been helpless.

His base would have been weak then he would have remained standing on the ground.

Can see in dreams what was in me and what happened.

What did you think of being beyond yourself and alien to yourself?

Remembering in memory would have been happy and would have laughed, remembering the old days.

The memory of by gone days is also so priceless, it Pilates the mind in these days.

Those were not the days, there were miraculous moments, when you remember the firefly.

Their light and brightness are so bright that even a burdened life becomes bright.

Only for a few moments or time , but a shining spark for the whole life.

From the life of those happy moments, there would be light in the life of sorrows.

Tired life gets no light from those lights.

With these new light, then the morning of the burden some life would be full of bright lights.

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