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"The Little Blue Christmas Candle Lights up, and Saves the Night."

My Father always read exciting books to me as a child. Seeing a child's eyes light up, from taking a journey through a book is rewarding.

Nine Year Old Susie Hall


The Candle [Store] Shop On Happy Street


Welcome To Miracle Town

  • Once upon a time in a little town called Miracle Town, there lived a little girl by, the name of Susie Hall. She lived with her Mother and Father, and a big shaggy dog, named Cramer.
  • Susie was a happy precocious, intelligent, nine year old little girl. Who loved to draw pictures, for her mother to post on the fridge? Becky Hall called them, "Susie's Refrigerator Master Pieces," She also had a passion for ice cream, homemade made chocolate chip cookies, and running, and playing, outside with her best friend, Cramer.
  • Christmas was her favorite time of the year. And It was only two weeks away; and the anticipation of its arrival was felt in the air. There was hustling, and bustling going on, as joyful Christmas Carols were being song for all to hear.
  • The stocking were hung over the fire place, Mistletoe were scattered about. Chestnuts were roosting, on an open fire, and the aroma of freshly baked Gingerbread houses hung in the air, tickling noses from far and near.
  • Miracle Towns biggest Christmas tree was the main attraction. It stood in the center of town, shining with bold, bright tinsel's and enticing, red candy canes hanging from every limb, only to disappear, becoming a tasty treat for every passerby.
  • Every shop, and especially the candle shop on Happy Street, were filled with people running back, and forth, like Santa's Elves. They ran too and foe, dressed in bright scarves and colorful warm mittens. Carrying big boxes, wrapped up tight, and tied with big red bows.
  • Excitement, had come to Miracle Town. It was a busy time for the candle shop, nestled away on Happy Street. The little bell hanging on the shop's door jiggled, and jangled, like a fine tuned Christmas bell, announcing all its visitors, who came and went, searching for a special candle to put in the window for old Santa to see.
  • It was a tradition in their little town, to put a candle in the window on the night before Christmas. Just as the clock struck midnight, every house lit up like a star lite night, helping to guide old St. Nichols around the little storybook town.
  • The candle in the windows was a coded message to Santa and it said, "a child lives here." "The Chimney has been swept, and its safe to come down, and milk and cookies are around."
  • Santa's helpers the Elves, went to work early, to make sure Santa Clause had the names of every child in Miracle Town. He shook it once, and checked it twice. To make sure he filled every child's special request, before he and Rudolph, the red nose Reindeer made the long journey across the sky.
  • To spread joy, love, laughter, and happiness, to all the children in Miracle Town.They waited with bated breath, enthused with delight, and shouting with glee. As their candles stood in the window as a beam of light, helping old St. Nichols land just right.
  • Now come a little closer, "hush, hush." let me tell you a secret. Santa will not be surprised to see The Little Blue Candle standing in, Susie's Grandmothers window. He knows it well, and its special gifts.
  • You see, the Little Blue Candle found it's way from Santa's workshop, to the candle shop, on Happy street.

Grandmothers House

  • Susie loved going to Grand-mothers house. Especially during the Christmas Holiday, her kitchen always smelled of Apple pie, Pumpkin pie, Gingerbread and Peppermint cookies, Chocolate cake,Turkey, and surely Goose, with all the trimmings. She also got a thrill, out of tagging along with Dad, to Granddad's Christmas tree farm, to cut down their very own special tree
  • Susie and Cramer enjoyed spending time in the attic with Granddad, not only to bring down the Christmas ornament's, but it was her special time to treasure hunt. Susie dressed she and Cramer as Pirates, and played a game, called the [Pirates Treasures from the Attic]. She found great treasures for her next yard sale.
  • "Cramer, we have to add Granddad's, and Grandma's, attic to our list of favorite things," Susie said to her best friend, as they both struggled to see out from under their Pirates eye patches.
  • Susie's family would happily gather around and decorate the tree, listen to beautiful music, watch old Christmas movies. And enjoy Granddad's hot Apple Cider, and Eggnog, in front of a warm fire, thanks to the huge big stone wall fireplace.
  • Susie was unconcerned about her house being dark on Christmas Eve, and With out a candle in the window. She knew Santa would find her, no matter were she was, he knew the way to Grandma's house. And Rudolph, with his bright and shiny red nose, would guide him all the way.
  • This was her favorite time of the year. She was looking forward to enjoying her family, the snow, and all of her Grandmothers delicious and savory food. But, most of all her best friend Crame, and now her new friend, The Little Blue Candle.

[Susie Hall, The Artists] Depiction Of "Miracle Town"


From Susie's Collection's Of "Refrigerator Master Pieces"


Cramer,The Big Shaggy Dog...And Susie's Best Friend


Hopeing And wishing

  • The Little Blue Candle stood in the candles shop's window looking out in excitement at all the shopper's, who strolled in, and out. "Buy me, buy me, won't you please take a chance on me," It wanted to scream out.
  • But no one thought of buying a blue candle for Christmas, it just wasn't done in Miracle Town. But it wasn't phased by it, nor did it stop the little candle from hoping, and wishing. So, in the meantime, it waived goodbye with pure delight, to all the other candles, as they went out the door, on their way to shine, and bring light into someone's life.
  • "Well, there is always tomorrow," it sighed happily, staying hopeful. "I will never give up, I will never give up." The Little Blue Candle, whistled a happy tune.
  • Deep down within, the Little Blue Candle knew it was just a matter of time before someone took a chance on it. And it would happily [Lite Up], some ones home, life, and even the world, because it believed in its gift. The little candle lifted its wick, and stood tall, with high hopes, and a strong desire, to one day prove itself, and show the world what it was capable of doing.
  • One day The Little Blue Candle stood, peering through the crowd at all the shoppers hurrying by. And suddenly, it saw a little red headed girl holding her Mothers hand, and peeping at it through the shop's window.
  • "Oh look, look, she's looking at me," the Blue Candle said to the red candle, in excitement. "No, I believe she's looking at me, you've been here long enough to know, everyone buy's a red candle, and never a blue candle for Christmas," the red candle, chuckled.

Susie's Beautiful Discovery

  • "Mommy, look at the blue candle, it's so beautiful." "I've never seen a more adorable, alluring, blue candle, it is so captivating, there is something angelic about it." Susie said, as her bright eyes danced, in awe of the candle. "Can we please, buy it." Susie pleaded, with her mother.
  • "Oh no honey, we don't need a blue candle, its Christmas, and we always buy red candles." Mrs. Hall said, pulling Susie away from the window, and entering the candle shop, to buy a red candle.

The Jolly Old Shop Keeper

  • The Jolly old shop keeper, greeted Susie with a big grin. She's a fine one she is, but no one buys her," the jolly old man said in a deep Irish voice. "Why?" Susie asked, thinking Mr. O' Conner looked like Santa Clause.
  • With his long white beard, and snow white hair. And ever time he laughed his belly shook like jello. "Its a sad day when everyone thinks they should have a red candle for Christmas." "She's a special one you know, who ever buy her is in for a surprised." The Jolly old shop keeper said, winking an eye at Susie, before walking away to help other customers.
  • Susie was awe struck by the beauty of the clear sky blue, little candle. She leaned down and whispered, "I just know you are special, and I promise to come back and buy you," she said before being called away by her Mother.
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Let It Snow, Let it Snow

  • Susie got her wish, it snowed none stop the whole weekend before Christmas. She and Cramer stood glued to the window, most of the day. She was excited, and happy, watching everything in its path turn white as a sheet. And the only thing on her mind was, the sledge ride on Boomers Hill.
  • "Looks like is going to snow all day Cramer, that's good, I got my wish." Susie said. "We better find something to do, Mom don't want us going outside today." "Would you like me to read your favorite book, "Mattie The Talking Dog," Susie asked? Cramer barked and held out his right front paw in agreement.
  • Susie was thrilled, "Boomers Hill, here we come," she shrieked with excitement "The snow ls so beautiful, it makes everything look like a Winter Wonderland." "Wow! Cramer, we'll have to add snow to our list of favorite things," she smiled, and he barked again.

Hot Off The Press, And Front Page News: The Miracle Warriors Sledge Team, Conquers BOOMERS HILL!

  • "Today's the big day Cramer, the gang and I are going to Conquer Boomers Hill." Susie said, brushing Cramer's shiny coat. Cramer barked twice and wagged his tail, it was his way of showing her how excited he was.
  • Susie had something else to be excited, and happy about. She'd worked and made enough money to buy the Little Blue Candle. Her Dad told her just this morning at breakfast, how proud he was of her. Susie didn't know it, but her Mom and Dad put something extra special in her Christmas stocking, for all of her hard work.

Taking Home The Trophy

  • Susie snuggled in bed under a blanket of covers, It was the end of a long and fun filled day. She smiled, thinking about the awesome sledge ride on Boomers Hill. Her team "The Miracle Warriors," took home the Trophy again, for the title of the, "Fastest Teammate's to Conquer Boomers Hill." This was their six straight win. Every year Boomers Hill gets better and better.
  • The snowball fight was awesome. And Lizzie and Mike won a blue ribbon for the best snow Angels. And Kathy and Skip won first prize for their Butternut Cinnamon cookies.
  • She stuffed herself, on root beer floats, hot chocolate, hamburgers, hot dogs, cupcakes and roasted marshmallows. While Cramer munched on doggies treats. She and her friends ended the night, sitting around the big warm barn fire. Listing to their schools Principal, Mr. Lucky tell ghost stories.
  • "Gosh Cramer, we'll have to add the sledge ride, Boomers Hill, and Mr. Lucky's ghost stories, to our list of favorite things." "He tells the best ghost stories." Susie said yearning, closing her eyes looking for sleep, as Cramer stirred at the foot of her bed.

The Little Blue Candle On Its Way To The Basement

  • It was 7 o'clock in the morning. Mr. O' Conner was at the shop bright and early, packing-up old candles to store in the basement. He needed room for the new red candles. The Little Blue Candle would soon have a new home. It screamed "No, no, please don't pack me away. I just know the little red headed girl is going to buy me." The little blue candle insisted.
  • Mr. O' Conner heard its cry and felt its pain, but he had to do what was best for his business, and his customers. He quietly wished for the Miracle of [The Unknown Stranger]. Who just happens to happen by, and scoops up the little candle, and take it home for Christmas. After all this is Miracle Town, and he is Santa Clause?

The Little Blue Christmas Candles, Message to all Children: [Don't Play With Fire]. The Little Candle and the other candles don't need fire to shine.


Three Questions From The Desk Of Nine Year Old Susie Hall

From Susie and Cramer~~ Thank you, for reading about Miracle Town, and [The Little Blue Candle], we will see you soon. AND REMEMBER~~DON'T EVER GIVE UP ON YOUR HOPES AND DREAMS.

Have you ever been bullied by someone?



Would you buy a red or blue candle for Christmas?



Can you speak dog language or cat langua

Dog language

Cat language

Susie's List Of Favorite Things

  1. Going to Grandmothers house
  2. Christmas
  3. Snow
  4. Mr. Lucky's ghost stories
  5. The Sledge ride
  6. Santa Clause and all his Reindeer's
  7. Granddad's and Grandma's attic
  8. Boomers Hill
  9. Mr. O' Conner
  10. The Little Blue Candle

Susie keeps Her Promise To The Little Blue Candle

  • The first time the Little Blue Candle lite up was the night of the big storm. Every light in Miracle Town went out in a tinkling of an eye. The candle shop was a shadowed of black. The other candles felt helpless, because there was no one around to plug them into the wall. So the Little Blue Candle stepped up, and prevailed in darkness, bringing light back to the shop, it had no other choice, but to lit up and help and bring comfort it's friends.
  • Now all the candles in the shop respected the little candle.They knew it had a special gift, and didn't belong in the basement.
  • The other candles wanted to help the blue candle, but it was no use. Mr. O' Conner had no choice but to pack the old candles away.
  • It's a Good day For "The Little Blue Candle," Susie, And The Jolly Old Shop Keeper

  • "Good morning Mr. O' Conner, I came to buy the Little Blue Candle," "I don't see it," Susie asked, looking troubled.
  • "Oh, I packed her away in the basement this morning." Mr. O' Conner responded, in his heavy Irish accent. "Oh, but I came to buy it, please, please, can we find it," Susie pleaded.
  • "Well child I'm not sure, I have a lot of work to do, but if you came to buy her, I guess [she's a'] worth having." "Now if I can figure out where I put her," he said scratching his head. "Oh! Please Mr. O' Conner we have to find it, I want to take it to Grandmothers house for Christmas," Susie said looking disappointed.
  • "Here she be," Mr. O' Conner called out from across the room, buried under boxes and candles. "Oh! Mr. O' Conner thank you." Susie exclaimed, as she begin to danced around the shop, while the Jolly old candle shop owner laughed with a deep Santa Clause laugh [ho, ho, ho, ho], causing his belly to shake like jello.
  • They were both happy, but not as happy as the Little Blue Candle. It was on its way to light up people's, lives, homes, and even the world. It would very soon "light-up," and save the night.

Excitement In The Car

  • Susie and Cramer sat in the backseat excited to finally be on their way to Grandmothers house. The snow was coming down steadily. She curled up beside Cramer, falling asleep. "Are we there yet"? She asked in a sleepy voice, only to hear her Father, say to her Mother, "I'm looking for a place to pull over, we have to stop." "The snow is coming down too hard, and I can't see the road clearly." Big huge snow flakes had begun to fall, and It resembled a thick bowl of heavy pea soup, making it impossible to drive.
  • "Bill we can't pull over, it's to cold to sit in the car until it stops snowing." "We could be here all night trapped in the car, under a blanket of snow." Betsy Hall her husband, sounding very worried and afraid. "Honey, we have to stop, it's too dangerous to continue on" Bill Hall responded in a firm voice.
  • Suddenly, the car lit up, like a full moon on a dark winter night.The light was so bright, it could be seen for miles. "Oh! Mom, Dad, look I just knew it was special, I knew it." Susie said, beaming.
  • "Yes, it is special," Mr and Mrs Hall said, smiling. The Little Blue Candle took its place out front on the hood of the car, shining bright. And lighting up the road, like a big spot light, for all to see, taking them safely to Grandmothers house.
  • And its light never went out, and the light was unbothered by the wet snow. Because its special gift was to light up lives, homes, and the world.

On Dasher, On Dancer, On Prancer, On Vixen, On Comet, On Cupid, On Blitz-en, On Olive, on Rudolph

  • Susie and Cramer were Happy to be at Granddad's and Grandma's. They snaked out of bed, to get a peek at Old St. Nicolas.They stood beside the Little Blue Candle, looking out the window, searching the sky, to catch a gimps of Santa Clause and his Reindeer's. They saw him flash across the sky, on his big red sledge, Rudolph was in front and leading the bunch.
  • With his nose so bright, lighting up the skye's, for all the children in Miracle Town to see. She heard old Santa call out, "on Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer, on Vixen, on Comet, on Cupid, on Blitz-en, on Olive, on Rudolph. They heard him shout, as he flashed out of sight. [Ho, ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a goodnight].
  • Gee-wiz Cramer! What a night, I just bet the gangs not having a night like we are." "I think we should add Santa Clause and all his Reindeer's to our list of favorite things, don't you." And of course Mr. O' Conner, I believe He is Santa Clause, what do you think?" Susie asked Cramer, and the little candle. Cramer jumped up on her wagging his tail, and the Little Blue Candle blinked twice in agreement.
  • What do you think, is Mr. O' Conner Santa Clause?
  • THE END!

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