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I'm Free Now

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A woman says she bought a smartphone with a fingerprint sensor. That night I installed the Twin app and did it from my "husband's" inbox.
The answer is no. The next day at office time came the reply of "Walalaikum Salam".
I kept smiling and texting.
"Sir I have done a master's in fashion designing but can't get a job"
"Who guided you to me?"
I knew his office staff. He wrote that your computer operator Ali Hayat's younger sister is my friend.
I wrote "small" on purpose.
He said, “Please drop your CV at my office in the morning.
"Well, I'll send my younger sister tomorrow," I said.
In a second came the reply "No, you came yourself."
I smiled again

"I'm free now, anyway," he said.
"I'm free too. Come on."
The impatience was palpable.
"But it will take me a long time to come from Gulberg. By then, office hours will be over."
I frowned.
"And you've been going this way for a while?"
hey how many
"Gloria Jeans is right next door to my house."
I named it the most expensive cafe.
"Hey my meeting is over there, when can you come?"
Hey, I'm gonna die.
"If you can reach me in ten minutes," she smiled for the fourth time.
"ok send your cell number"
My mother-in-law tightened her grip.
"hey sir"
I sent my "Babylon Number" number. I don't know, he boarded a plane from Lalzar in ten minutes and reached Gloria Jane's. This is accomplished. After ten minutes I said what are you talking about?
At the time, I was wearing the burqa and niqab of my friend who lived in the flat with me, and I was wearing eye shades that I borrowed from her. Tissues were draped and placed under the mask to shape the nose, heighten the nose and elongate the eyes with liner. It took another half an hour to reach Gloria Jeans. He used to take an auto instead of his car. Meanwhile, the husband sent seventeen messages. And I used to smile at every message.
"How are you?" First question.
I never forget this style at home.
In "Ji Sir Mein Thak" she speaks in the voice and style of Peruvian expert Rani Mukherjee.
"What will you take?"
You never asked me. My heart was pounding and burning.
"Creme Brulee"
I ordered french fries.

The husband ordered the waiter.
A limit is someone who completely avoids sweet foods and has full-size severe diabetes.
A snake lived inside. Every time I go out the excuse is "the budget is tight this month" and today came Gloria Jean's job offer. Cream roll on top. My patience is exhausted. But think of crème brûlée. As soon as I arrived, I returned the mask with a smile. Maya became a star. I was busy emptying my Tumblr. He is sitting quietly.
"Give me the key," I said emptying the cup. He quietly took out the key and placed it on the table.
"You come by car," I said as Gloria stepped out of her jeans. Came home late at night and then

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