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I'm Not A Billionaire Yet, But I Remember (The Testament)

E. David John is a seasoned writer with passion to unite words in a special order to give readers a zenith of interpretations of each theme.



Billionaires dine and wine at dream places,

They dress up all shiny with butterflies and braces,
Special gifts for loved ones and friends,
Brand new cars, private jets, yachts and best of every trends,
In one city today and another in the summer,
I'm not a billionaire yet, but I remember.


The days, I went hungry, no breakfast, brunch or lunch,
How about the days of enduring a classmate's painful punch?
The street I just walked passed, is the same news came of a sporadic shoot out that left many dead,
Or those times creditors swore there'll have me locked up for debts unpaid,
I had made a resolutions I didn't keep, but by grace I still see December,
I'm not a billionaire yet, but I remember.


I remember everything, and my tears wild with joy,
All the escapes I made through enemies snare and ploy,
How you love me from infant, till now after 11,680 sun smiles on my face,
Yes, I remember that Bike that knocked me down and dragged me on yet I'm alive, I still remember that moment and place,
How you have shield the family away from the evil ones plot to break asunder,
I'm not a billionaire yet, but I remember.


Life is short if we count in years and neglect days,
How can I thank You enough for all Your love and grace?
For the days of bread, air, strength, water and sight,
In the days of my mental, physical and spiritual war, You are my might,
Oh, the abundance of life that you give and add no sorrow,
Not as the world gives, but that I may prosper even as my soul prospers till tomorrow,

I still find peace in You, when they said I won't last if to the sanctum I don't belong or become a member,

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I'm not a billionaire yet, whether or not I become one, still your unmerited abundant love, grace and favour, I'll always remember.

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