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I'm Complete "With You". a Poetic Message.

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The greatest pleasure is the feeling that one is adored and loved. Everyone becomes a poet at the contact of love,. However, trying to put words to that sense of love can be challenging at times. Whether you're in the middle of a developing infatuation or attempting to express your love for your partner, perhaps one of the most beautiful lines ever written will convey exactly what you're trying to say in this short poem. So, send this poem as message to your loved ones and let them fall for you again in a poetic way. ;)

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"With You"

Dear diamonds, if not beaming

are worthless and futile

of no delight

when they are apart

the diamonds, the shine

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I'm too, intact

and charming

of fullness and fondness ,

as diamonds of shines

of you ,from you ,with you


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