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If I Were Invisible.....

Vexing Questions....

There are a few things I would consider about a power such as this. My first questions involve HOW you become invisible. What would trigger it to happen? Would your clothes still be visible? How would you be able to turn back? Would there be a time limit as to how LONG you can be invisible?


My Theories on Types of Invisibility

I feel that invisibility could have multiple ways this could be done.

  1. Shadow-travel. Who knows good, old Nightcrawler, from the Marvel series? How many have seen Dragonheart 3, where the dragon was teaching Gareth how to shadow jump? To me, this is a FORM of invisibility, even if it is within second's time. While the downside is being unable to escape at long points in time, your advantages would be the ability to "jump" unexpectedly at your opponent.
  2. Invisibility, based on emotions. Remember the Incredibles? Violet held the ability to become invisible, based on her emotions. Her disadvantages revealed a great deal when talking to a boy, within that movie. Her nerves went haywire, causing her to start disappearing in front of him. Another disadvantage is how clothes would be unable to be invisible, WHILE you are. On the plus side, if you want people to leave you alone, there's a chance your emotions would allow you to be naked and invisible, until you are ready to appear (You would just have to make sure to bring a spare pair of clothes).

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