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If I Could Design a City!

Alan is a civil engineer by profession and a dreamer by passion!



This is a hypothetical article on if I were to plan or design a city. I want my city to be a happy and peaceful one where everyone lives in harmony. When visualizing about a city, a concrete jungle is what comes to our mind, right? But my city would be a different one, I wish! I want 20% open spaces as parks, play grounds , forests, botanical gardens in my city. More than GDP, we would be preferring Happiness index of the inhabitants. Minimal Tax, minimal burden and Zero corruption. Gender equality and women safety at its best. Apart from revolutionary policies, we focus on aesthetic beauty of the city. We no longer depend on skyscrapers for the elegance , rather our dream city would be an eco-friendly one, one close to nature! I have some model cities in mind to shape my dream one. Venice from Italy, Oslo from Norway, Dubai, New York, Bangalore from India are the cities which I took as my models.



The major way of transportation in my city would be water way transportation. There would be various boat services depending upon the users and purpose like passenger boat service for working people and students. Special tourist boat service exclusively for tourists connecting all major tourist spots. What is more aesthetic than a journey through backwaters?

We support and promote waterway transport for economic reasons too. Water metros will be an added advantage for transiting within a short duration. All boats would be equipped with sufficient life jackets and GPS sensors. Sufficient road, rail and air transportation would be there, but water transportation would be promoted for obvious reasons. All taxi , public transport and Goods vehicles would be insisted to install GPS trackers and speed controller for the public safety. Zero thefts of vehicles is our policy. Every resident will be provided with a transportation card which he could use to check in to drive a private vehicle or hire a taxi. These details will be stored inside the hard disc of the vehicle. Safety at its best!


Green Spaces

We would allocate at least 20% of the total land as open / green spaces like parks, playing ground, stadiums and botanical gardens. There would be enough space for rain water and flood water to flow. Instead of Zoological gardens, we would boost safari parks. Who loves to see animals in a locked up cage? As a city, we have our limitations, but within our limits, we would set up safari parks, botanical gardens, play grounds, etc.


Healthcare & Education

The healthcare section would be totally taken over by the government. This would create more job under government sector and a unified rates for healthcare facilities. All Out Patient treatment would be free and minimal charges for In patient treatments. Our city would be self sufficient in medicines and health care related equipment. A separate Research and development wing would be working for this section. All major hospitals will be having helipads for emergency situations.

Entire school expense up to High school level would be covered by the government . 70% of the total seats would be taken by the government schools and Universities. Students would be allowed to do part time work within the campus at flexible timing.


Community Kitchen

City government will be providing free and nutritious lunches to all the residents and tourists. The lunch will be served to schools and colleges and selected outlets within the city. This initiative will be raised as a vision for a hunger free city. (This idea was inspired from Indian state Kerala. They provided free food to those who has no access for cooking food during covis-19 pandemic)

Women Friendly City!

For make this city a safer place for kids and women, CCTV cameras and street lights would be installed in every corner of the city. Feeding rooms will be installed near bus bays , office complexes, shopping malls etc. Taxis run by women would be empowered to provide safer journeys.


30 % of our city’s energy would be from Solar and Wind energy. Rest of the energy would be from hydro electric power plant. A part of Airports, hospitals, campuses would be powered using solar panels. To reduce consumption of petroleum fuels, we would promote electric vehicles and provide sufficient subsidies.

Solar panels in Cochin International Airport, India

Solar panels in Cochin International Airport, India


Research and Development

Our city would be having research and development team for each sector. With cutting edge technology, we rule the world! We would be selling our technology and the service of our professionals to all parts of the world. Technology for nurturing the natural resources is our motto. Fuel efficient cars, low radiation emitting mobiles, heat and sound absorbing building materials, weather forecasting software are some of our products to hit the world market.


My city would be a tourist friendly city. For a city, tourist destinations would be limited, but we ensure excellent resorts and affordable lodging facilities. As long as they check in to the city, a unique ID card will be issued which they can use for transportation, dining, lodging facilities etc. Exploring the city via hot air balloons is our attraction.


Our city is not mere exporting spices or any food products, we would focus on exporting technology. From electric vehicles to life saving medicines, our city would be exporting anything magical in the worlds eyes. Narcotics is a dirty business! Strictly no drug exports!


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Georgy Alexander on February 15, 2021:

Well written Article.