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It's me expressing about the exceptional India VS Australia Test Series in a poetic form.


An ODI series win for Australia at home,

A T20 series win next for India, in reply, to make their presence known,
The overall fate of the tour & to know about which country's doing the best,
All was left to the real cricketing format that is 'Test' !

The 36 all out debacle for India at Adelaide wasn't the best start,
Plus, The Indian Captain, due to personal reasons soon left the cart.
India's brilliant bowling performance in the 1st Innings will forever be overshadowed and ignored,
All credit to the excellent Australian bowlers, who like lions, roared!

Hopes were grim as the Indian fans were left with the loss leaving itching scars,
Experts said that odds suggested that a whitewash was very much on the cards.
Melbourne next, with expectations hitting an all time low,
Who knew back then that it was the time for the "Ajinkya Rahane Show!"

In both these innings, the bowlers striked,
Be it his fielding, bowling or batting, Sir Ravindra Jadeja was equally liked!
The Australian ship, this time around, had sunk,
For India, it was a comeback with a big slam dunk!

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The controversial Sydney Cricket Ground was the setting now,
Steven Smith's Batting on Day 1 made everyone go 'wow'!
2 Catches dropped by Pant that day, he was once again dissed,
World's Greatest Wicket-Keeper ever to grace the game, India's own Mahi was yet again missed!

Be it Smith's run out to Jadeja's rocket throw,
Or be it Pujara & Gill going against the Australian bowlers, toe to toe!
The 1st innings had many talking points,
By the time of the 2nd innings, injuries mounted for the Indian players from their hamstrings to joints.

Aussies yet again batted extremely well and proved their game,
However, an incident on Day 3 put the gentleman's game to shame,
As Siraj faced racist chants by Australian fans,
Once again, our society's ideologies had to be put to scans.

'407' was the mammoth target to be chased,
The Hitman, Young Gill and Pujara yet again blazed.
Day 1's villain, Rishabh Pant was the hero now,
Nathan Lyon couldn't do anything about it anyhow!

The Man Of The Match, Smith, removing Pant's guard was the villain this time around,
Helpless Kangaroos resorted to sledging again, for something that they're truly renowned.
Jadeja sat in the stands ready to bat even with a broken thumb,
While Hanuma Vihari faced each bowler with a hamstring, numb.

Tim Paine, from behind the stumps, kept giving his quack-quack,
He stopped only when our Ravichandran Ashwin, personally to him, gave it back.
The already wounded Indians showed a warrior spirit that eventually drew the match,
With limitless setbacks, this fighting spirit of our countrymen was the real catch!

Onto the riveting decider then in Brisbane,
Sadly though, initially interrupted by rain,
India's injuries meant forced changes,
Plus Labuschagne had shots of all ranges!

A tough inning followed by a great bowling display,
The fate of the whole tour then was to be decided on the last day!
For the Border-Gavaskar Trophy itself, for India, a draw would've sufficed,
But doing it with a win was the thing by which the ICT got enticed!

Pujara even after deadly bouncers had our innings knighted,
Meanwhile, Gill, Pant & Sundar absolutely had The Gabba lighted!
Predictions of these sorts after the 1st test would've been considered insane,
Jaws dropped, Hearts danced as India was paving a way to the winning lane!

Captain Rahane eventually lifted the trophy in a historical manner!
A win it was in the end, as once again, flying high was Our Indian banner!
Even Siraj's dad, from the heavens, would've smiled,
Writing off any team due to any reason in this beautiful game has once again been exiled!

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